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Breaking Down Gnomeregan

The Dormitory: Just because it has a mailbox doesn't mean it's habitable

The Dormitory: One mailbox does not make a city.

… a menace rose up from the bowels of the earth and invaded Gnomergan… The surviving Gnomes fled to the safety of the Dwarven stronghold, Ironforge. There they remained devising strategies to retake their city.

If you’ve ever started a Gnome and listened to the voice over, you’ve probably wondered why a few of the elites in Ironforge just walk down the road and retake the goddamn city?

There must be some other reason why the Gnomes still choose to hang out in Tinker Town in Ironforge. I believe the reason is simple: They don’t really want it back. And why would they? The Domitory must be the most uninhabitable living quarters I’ve ever seen.

The Guide

For level 20 somethings, you’ll be dropped using the Dungeon Finder right inside the portal. I’m going to assume that’s your starting point. There’s actually a back entrance you could use on subsequent runs and some quest stuff located just outside the instance portal.

I’ll leave those out of my basic Map, which is intended for players who get handed Gnomeregan when they queue for a classic dungeon. I’ll do my best to help you out with the quests later on in the guide.

The Map

The only way I could map the travel path through the instance was by breaking it down into 4 layers/levels. Which makes for a very long map. It’s like Oculus in reverse – starts at the top and works down level by level.

Map of Gnomeregan - with bosses and travel path marked. Click to enlarge.

Map of Gnomeregan - with bosses and travel path marked.

View/download the full size map here:

The bosses are:

  1. Grubbis When you arrive, talk to the friendly litte Gnome to start an event that ends with killing Grubbis. Some groups will demand that everyone jumps at the very beginning of the instance, thus skipping this guy. Jumping that distance is dangerous and a waste of loot in my opinion.
  2. Viscous Fallout A corrupted water elemental. He patrols along a wide circle around the room.
  3. Electrocutioner 6000 Drops the workshop key as well as loot.
  4. Crowd Pummeler 9-60 There are a few different ways to reach Pummeler. I’ve marked my preferred path because even though it looks complicated (you down to the lowest level only to take a lift back up to reach the boss) it’s less mobs because you’re clearing towards the last boss then taking a brief detour. If the group is getting a bit tired you can just skip him at the last moment.
  5. Mekgineer Thermaplugg If you killed Pummeler you’ll need to back track to that main south-west leading wide corridor. Once you’re on that stretch he’s easy to find. Congratulations!

The Graveyard Run

Spirit Running to Gnomeregan as Horde

Spirit Running to Gnomeregan as Horde

Your group wiped. I’m so sorry. Here’s how to find your way back to the instant portal from the closest graveyard. As far as I can tell it’s pretty much the same run for Horde and Alliance:

  1. Run directly west over the lake. Take the main path down the tunnel into Gnomeregan.
  2. Follow the tunnel down and down until you reach a circular room with no other way out. Stand on the lift in the center of the room, alternatively wait for 30 seconds or so until the lift arrives, and you’ll drop down one level further.
  3. Once you reach the Train Depot you can either turn north or west. Take the upper path heading west and continue along the curve until you reach the instance portal.

Preparation and Quests for Alliance

Normally I wouldn’t bother doing all the Gnomeregan quests. However, if you’re using the Dungeon Finder tool almost exclusively to level up (it’s becoming a popular method of earning XP) then it might be worth spending some time preparing for your first Gnomeregan run.

There are a heck of a lot of Gnomeregan quests. I’ll make some suggestions on the tricky ones here that might stump members of your group.

In addition to all the quests given out in Tinker Town:

Pre-queue Quest 1, Solo: Save Techbot’s Brain!

You’ll need to head down to Gnomeregan to start this one before using the Dungeon Finder. Pick up Data Rescue aswell because you start that in the same place.

Head to Gnomeregan in Dun Morogh and once you’ve taken the lift down head keep heading north (ignoring the west corridor which leads to the instance portal) into the Train Depot.

In a small room to the west of the central platform you’ll find Techbot. He’s not an elite and is definitely solo-able.

By the way, the northern corridor from the Train Depot leads to a back door into the instance if you have the Workshop Key and means you could, if not with a cross-realm party, shortcut to the last 2 bosses in the instance.

Pre-queue Quest 2, Solo first part: Data Rescue AKA The Punch Cards One

As above, head into the Train Depot inside Gnomeregan. Make sure you loot each kill until you loot a White Punch Card from one of the Lepers.

Before leaving the Train Depot find one of the little machines around the place, they’re called Matrix Punchographs, and click it to turn your White Punch Card into a Yellow Punch Card.

Now that you have an Yellow Punch Card you’re ready to join a Dungeon Finder run for Gnomeregan. If you follow the path mapped out above and kill all bosses, click on a Matrix Punchograph found near each boss to upgrade it. The Matrix Punchographs near Pummeller/Thermaplugg on the lowest floor should spit out a Prismatic Punch Card and complete the quest for you.

18 Responses to “Breaking Down Gnomeregan”

  1. AneaNo Gravatar says

    THIS is an instance that has always given me trouble and puts me at the mercy of whatever person happens to be leading the group, which of course means that the Rig Wars quest doesn’t get done and I don’t get my blue reward, since all anyone wants to do is kill the achievement boss and get out.

    Thanks for posting this!
    .-= Anea’s last blog … Ponderings =-.

  2. CaylebNo Gravatar says

    I just wanted to say thanks for putting these low-level walkthroughs together. I’m about to start Dungeon Finding my way to 80 with a mage alt, so these will be really helpful to brush off the cobwebs on content I haven’t seen in months or years in some cases.
    .-= Cayleb’s last blog … Raid Report: ICC 10 =-.

  3. lissannaNo Gravatar says

    Can I suggest one of these for wailing caverns? It’s confusing as heck!
    .-= lissanna’s last blog … Possible small moonkin buff on the radar =-.

  4. ArgonNo Gravatar says

    Jame (of wow pro) has a good walkthrough for Wailing Caverns (just google for Jame Wailing Caverns).

    This Gnomergan guide looks great! I’ve bookmarked it for when my little warrior gets high enough in level to use it. I got lost in it at 80, I shudder to think how confusing it could be when you have to actually struggle to kill mobs.

  5. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Thanks for the encouragement guys! I’ve had some feedback (good and bad) about whether or not these instance guides are taking over the blog and I can assure you that’s not the intention!

    @Lissanna Lath definitely wants to do a map for Wailing Caverns because we both still get lost there.

    Other than that the instances that I probably will map are only the ones that still confused me after multiple runs over several years: Mauradon, Uldaman, Sunken Temple, Razorfen Downs (did that one this morning – whoa!) and Blackrock Depths.

    Once I hit the Outland dungeons I think they’re much more straightforward.

  6. Here I am wondering why I am getting hits from here…

    Post about Gnomeregan.. and on side bar my last post.. “State of the Gnomes”

    That explains it.

    Great guide, love the maps, “flat maps are the pits!”.

    Don’t worry we will reclaim it, once we overthrow our Human and Dwarven overlords!

    Why we must reclaim Gnomeregan
    .-= Gnomeaggedon’s last blog … State of the Gnomes =-.

  7. CalrisianNo Gravatar says

    Great post .. I am enjoying the walkthroughs, I have only been playing a year or so and when I started all my buds who were playing were 80 or well on their way so I only ever ran stocks and deadmines, now that I hit 80, started an alt and with lfd have been enjoying playing the original content.. I have to say I like the way original dungeons are large with multiple mini bosses.. and puzzles .. so much better then the 5 mans in wrath imho..
    .-= Calrisian’s last blog … Its A good day to die part 2 =-.

  8. RadesNo Gravatar says

    I’ve always played Horde, but I have always made a point of visiting Gnomeregan (via the teleporter thingy in Booty Bay to warp there) just to kill Viscous Fallout to get the Hydrocane which lets you breathe underwater. So very useful!

  9. EuphratiNo Gravatar says

    Great guide it is a terrible place and WoW’s maps/minimaps hardly ever help when something is over many different levels.

    As for why haven’t the Gnomes taken it back (especially with the number of level 80 pc gnomes around) I think our guild master explains it best when playing his Gnomish Tank (one of two main tanks of the guild really and yes he has gone in by himself retaken the city and named himself King of Gnomeragan).

    He adopts the thousand yard stare and in a traumatised voice says “You weren’t there man! You weren’t there! …. They just kept coming, you kill them but they just keep coming!”. We’re not even in a roleplay server but I can imagine so many Gnomes and allies who were there who have Gnomeregan flashbacks and post traumatic stress disorder over it.

  10. ArgonNo Gravatar says

    Hi, I just used this today for a Dungeon Finder run through Gnomeregan and it worked out really well! Thanks!

  11. PsynisterNo Gravatar says

    I can get through Wailing Caverns blindfolded, both hands tied behind my back, and both my keyboard and mouse disabled. Gnomer though, I just run around killing crap until everything I can find is dead. I’ve done it enough to always down four of the bosses, but I never seem to stumble across the Crowd Pummeler. Now I know why. ;)

    Excellent write up, Cass. I think my wandering days are finally done.
    .-= Psynister’s last blog … Real PUGs of Failure: Mr. All I Can Do Is Auto-Attack Guy =-.

  12. Dang. I wish I knew about this last weekend as I stumbled through the place doing quest for rep. I was quickly reminded how much I don’t like the place. I hope the gnomes learn something from the dwarves and fix the place up right once they get it back.
    .-= Nochecazador’s last blog … Want to Make Halls of Reflection Easier? =-.

  13. ElkagorasaNo Gravatar says

    Last time I ran this instance (about 3 months ago) I got dreadfully lost and took over an hour to finally give up on finding the first boss. No mount and having to run! Ugh. With the Dungeon Finder plopping me down inside the instance, maybe it’s about time to run this again..

    Thanks for the guide.
    .-= Elkagorasa’s last blog … Warcraft Backgrounds =-.

  14. MichelleNo Gravatar says

    Hi, I just found this site today when I Googled “Gnomeregan walkthrough” and was so glad there was a link leading me here. I’m always eager to read good blogs on WOW and I’m surprised I’ve never seen or heard of this site before–but I’m pleasantly surprised!

    IMO, this site looks really professional: great layout, nice colors, everything is well organized, there’s detailed information for different topics, the views from two different classes, and info from your other alts too.

    I downloaded the Gnomer map and will read the info while I use my level 80 to run my 28 alt through…and a couple friends’ alts if they’re lucky enough to be online lol. This place is a nightmare for a full, regular group but I’m relieved I can go through by myself now (and complete the whole thing) while using the info you’ve generously shared here. Thank you! :-)

    I’m definitely going to be coming to this site on a regular basis! :thumbsup:

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Thank you for all your kind comments :) And good luck on your Gnomeregan runs!

  15. BelgantNo Gravatar says

    Thanks for the soloing techbot tip. You can also solo Shoni’s Robo-mechanical Guts quest in the same place (I managed as a lvl 27 warlock so any one should be able to)

  16. SoulsbaenNo Gravatar says

    This is great. But, since the removed the teleport from Booty Bay, I don’t remember where the rear entrance is from the outside.

  17. caberetNo Gravatar says

    Hi, Awesome posting caberet. Likely to situation with your internet site around traveler, might follow through? Internet explorer even now could be the sector main and a large part regarding people can miss the great composing for this reason problem.


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