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We Interupt this Program

First set of Furious Gladiator's gear bought out of... boredom

First set of Furious Gladiator's gear bought out of... boredom?

The lead up to Christmas is a crazy, frantic and busy time of year. Just as the teenagers get released from school for the holidays and suddenly have heaps of free time, the 9-to-5ers squeeze in party after party at night time and try and fit shopping and family commitments in during the day.

Routine? What’s that?

At the time when my guild officers announced that we were taking a break from scheduled raiding over the holidays I was relieved. During the last week of scheduled raids (mid December) I think I only was able to make one of the four raiding nights that week. There was no way I was going to skip parties but I felt a bit guilty at how quickly I abandoned my raid commitments at a time when it’s particularly difficult to fill 25 raid spots.

I’ve got family staying with me for a few weeks so I tend to log in and play when I feel like it. And I usually feel like playing when the house isn’t too hot, when everyone is watching TV, when I need a break from planning menus or worrying about how much milk is in the fridge and when nobody is asking me to make tea or coffee… and the distractions and conditions in which it’s okay to play go on and on. So yeah, at odd times of day for shorter periods of time. Definitely nothing like my regular play time!

When I do log in I like to do the random Heroic on a couple of my characters, play the Auction House and gather herbs. I also decided to buy all the Furious Gladiator gear for Cassandri (I thought it was a new clothes design, not just Deadly Gladiator’s Armor recolored in khaki and red – ugh). And it’s just not cutting it for me.

By Christmas night, not 2 weeks into my raiding break, I was climbing the walls. I found myself hanging out in Dalaran, considering joining any raid that needed just 1 more… Ulduar, ToC, Naxx, you name it. I listed my name for every single raid, 10 or 25, Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King in the new Raid Finder (which nobody appeared to be using except me). I just wanted to raid.

I did manage to join a Vault of Archavon 25 man PuG that night. I don’t actually need any gear from there so at best I figured that it might be a 0 wipe exercise. At worst a 20-30g repair bill. Raiding something, a 25 man at that, was better than nothing.

Two days later and I’ve managed to PuG Trial of the Crusader 10 and 25 man and I’ve won the final item on my ToC wish list. I’ve also done Obsidian Sanctum on 10 and 25 man. And Icecrown Citadel on 25 man. There are now tentative plans to do a guild run of ICC10 tomorrow evening for those not saved and it’s great to know that I can look forward to that… assuming that no social plans crop up in the meantime that take precedence.

If you took raiding out of the game, and I could only play like I have been the last couple weeks, running Heroics and working the professions and Aucion House, I don’t think I would keep playing at all. Suspend my subscription, please.

The good news is that I have experienced two absolutely fabulous cross-server heroics in the last week. The first one just had an absolutely amazing tank, like amazing! He was considerate in all the ways that counted (via actions) even though he said little. He was also just a very good tank and the one time that I pulled threat with Fade on cooldown he had taunted back the mob just as it raised its axe in the air to hit me. He also didn’t do silly or pushy things like run out of healer range or pull when I had no mana. I can’t quite remember the Paladin’s name… but I hope that if I somehow group up with that particular Paladin from Deth’ramar again I’ll remember.

The second absolutely fabulous cross-server heroic experience was for Heroic Halls of Stone and I queued with 2 friends. The Mage that joined immediately announced in party chat that he was just getting started in Heroics and apologised if his DPS wasn’t what it could be. Everyone was very nice during the run and when we finished the last boss the Mage asked “how did I do?” and when a damage meter was posted he made a comment about doing more “reading” and seemed a bit dissapointed that he hadn’t pulled higher numbers on the DPS charts. Unfortunately neither I or my friends in the group could offer any real advice on Mage-crafting but it was just so great to hear this attitude from a player anyway. Chances are there is always something you can learn, research, test or improve in your game play no matter how much you play or how experienced/inexperienced you are.

Is your guild taking a break from raiding? What are you doing to fill the time these holidays?

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  1. Our guild has taken a break for two weeks, after which there’s been a lot of talk of making it more progression oriented. My schedule still won’t let me consistently raid, but it will be nice to work with them on the off-nights.

    I’m pretty much taking the holidays as an excuse to get away from my main and make some twinks, which has been awesome fun. I’m learning how to tank the lower instances as a Warrior and I can only hope that I’ll become as good of a tank as the one you ran with.
    .-= Cynwise of Stormwind’s last blog … The Christmas Truce =-.

  2. KithainNo Gravatar says

    Our guild is also officially on break for the holidays, we’re raiding again once the new ICC bosses are released. I think a lot of guilds are doing that at the moment. Been pugging heroics a lot on my pally tank, and doing all the required heroics and raids for frost emblems on my main spriest. It’s kind of nice, though I really can’t wait til proper raiding begins again. :D

  3. Not really, none of the holidays have fallen on our raid days. What we wound up doing was basically a two week attendance amnesty, where the guild continues to raid it’s scheduled hours, but if someone couldn’t make it, it was not held against them. It gave me an opportunity to take a good look at some of the bench players we have.
    .-= The Renaissance Man’s last blog … Merry Christmas! =-.

  4. VokNo Gravatar says

    We’re on a week and a half break and I’m logging in and trying to figure and what to do with my time. Three months ago, I hated raiding. Now I’m crawling out of my skin for it….
    .-= Vok’s last blog … The Best MMOs never made =-.

  5. OleanderNo Gravatar says

    Putting together a new bear set and trying to remember how to tank heroics. I love having four forms on one character.

  6. PayceNo Gravatar says

    Yep, we’re taking a break. Too many people living on laptops over the festive period simply destroys our roster, and let’s be honest – it’s more fun eating huge dinners and drinking beer with half your family, enjoying parties and sleeping that extra hour each morning anyway.

    We’ll be back for Putricide!
    .-= Payce’s last blog … A reality check on PuGs. =-.

  7. captkumquatNo Gravatar says

    hi, new reader here, got linked from, love your work. :)

    I have the opposite problem with my time: I tend to have a lot more time during the holiday season than I normally would (due to work hours and whatnot), and being on break leaves me feeling frustrated sometimes when there’s nothing going on and I have extra days off from work and I’ve done all my family stuff. But yeah, my old guild always took a break during the holidays, leaving everyone to PuG to their heart’s content. :p

  8. AwaggzNo Gravatar says

    Paladin from Dath’Remar? Could have been me :)

  9. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Awaggz Maybe it was! Wouldn’t that be hilarious? Actually I can’t remember the name at all now. So I doubt I would recognise it even if I was grouped up with them again.

  10. AwaggzNo Gravatar says

    I’ve been chain running heroics quite a bit on my pally, and I don’t say much, maybe a hey when we start and a cheers when we end, but I try to be the best little dwarf tank/party leader I can when doing it. I don’t mind carrying people and certainly don’t mind doing a big portion of the damage, but I nearly find it unbearable to use the Dungeon Finder as a dps, and not very much more as a healer. There’s some reallly reallllllly bad folks out there who are clueless and being the tank gives me more control of the run and help ensure it goes smoothly.

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