HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Patch 3.3 Resto Druid Gear
for the Casual/10 Man Raider


10 players face off against the first boss in Icecrown Citadel: Lord Marrowgar

Patch 3.3 has brought the final raid instance for the current WoW expansion, Icecrown Citadel. With the release of 3.3 Restoration Druids have also experienced a significant change to how we benefit from Haste and our Haste cap has changed. This means re-evaluating what gear is available to help us perform our best through Icecrown Citadel.

While Icecrown Citadel has been gated, most gear and boss details have already been data mined which is great because we can start planning and making decisions about what gear upgrades are most achievable even before the bosses are available. Something to keep in mind is that the gear you gather at this final step of raiding will probably also form your leveling set when Cataclysm is released.

As with the patch 3.2 gear guide, I’m also splitting this into two parts: this one focusing on 10 man/casual raiders and a follow up will contain a 25 Man raider list (I’ll post that one in the near future). I define the 10 man/casual raider as:

1. The fairly serious 10 man raider who sometimes PUGs the easy 25s
2. The 25 man raider who is trying to gear up a Resto alt or dual spec set
3. The casual player who knows their stuff, runs heroics with friends and PUGs easy 25 mans
4. The player who has just come back from a break and wants to get back into 25 man raiding


  • All options included here are leather armor and from normal (non-heroic) difficulty modes.
  • You can download an excel spreadsheet with the top 20ish pieces per slot based on this list if you prefer. I like keep a printed copy on my desk so I can quickly and easily decide if I should spend my hard earned DKP on an item when it drops.
  • This spreadsheet is purely based on the best stats for Restoration Druids so you will see the occasional +Hit or Balance item in the list.
  • The weightings behind these gear options can be found here, and a full loot rank template here.
  • I define PUGable 25 Mans as: Naxxramas, Obsidium Sanctum: 0 Drakes, Eye Of Eternity, Onyxia and Trial of the Crusader
  • If you are uncomfortable with the though of PUGing but you have plenty of gold, consider looking for a GDKP run on your server so that you don’t have to worry about performance as much.
  • With the new dungeon finder, being a casual player and having access to fantastic gear has never been easier. Make sure you try to run the random heroic daily for your Emblem of Frost and always make an effort to get into a group for the weekly raid quest, these are generally easy bosses and a reward you with 5 Emblems of Frost.

3.3 Restoration Druid Haste Cap

Druids now need 856 haste to hit haste cap without taking talent points in Celestial Focus, or still a high 735 haste with a CF build. When researching and determining your gear upgrades you need to take that into consideration.

Restoration Tier 10 – Lasherweave Garb

When you are spending your Emblem of Frost and you can choose between a Lasherweave Tier 10 ilvl251 piece and a stand alone item I would strongly recommend taking the Tier item if you intend to spend any time in ICC 25 before the expansion ends. Once you have purchased your base level 251 Tier gear, you only need to win a token from a 25 man raid boss in order to upgrade this item to a much better piece (ilvl 264).

Boss Raid
Helm of Abundant Growth 75 x Emblem of Triumph Emblem of Triumph Vendor
Lasherweave Helmet 95 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Stormrage Crown Onyxia Onyxia’s Lair 25
Sister Svalna’s Spangenhelm Valithria Dreamwalker Icecrown Citadel Raid 10

Boss Raid
Choker of Filthy Diamonds Rotface Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Soulcleave Pendant Deathbringer Saurfang Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Wail of the Val’kyr Twin Val’kyr Coliseum 25
Love’s Prisoner Bronjahm The Forge of Souls H

Shoulder Boss Raid
Shoulderpads of the Searing Kiss Blood-Queen Lana’thel Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Lasherweave Pauldrons 60 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Malfurion’s Spaulders of Conquest 30 x Emblem of Triumph Emblem of Triumph Vendor

Back Boss Raid
Volde’s Cloak of the Night Sky 50 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Heartsick Mender’s Cape The Blood Princes Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Shawl of the Refreshing Winds Northrend Beasts Coliseum 25
Lich Wrappings Valithria Dreamwalker Icecrown Citadel Raid 10

Chest Boss Raid
Vestments of Spruce and Fir 95 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Vestments of the Shattered Fellowship Faction Champions Coliseum 25
Lasherweave Robes 95 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Lunar Eclipse Robes Crafted N/A
Chestguard of the Failed Experiment Rotface Icecrown Citadel Raid 10

Hands Boss Raid
Gloves of the Great Horned Owl 60 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Icicle Shapers Sindragosa Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Lasherweave Gauntlets 60 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Malfurion’s Gloves of Triumph 45 x Emblems & 1 x Trophy Coliseum 25/10H

Wrist Boss Raid
Bracers of the Autumn Willow Jaraxxus Coliseum 25
Moonshadow Armguards Crafted N/A
Wrists of Septic Shock Festergut Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Bracers of the Broodmother Razorscale Ulduar 25

Waist Boss Raid
Belt of Petrified Ivy 60 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Cord of Pale Thorns Twin Val’kyr Coliseum 25
Cord of Dark Suffering Gunship Battle Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Belt of Arctic Life Crafted N/A

Legs Boss Raid
Legwraps of Unleashed Nature Crafted N/A
Leggings of Unrelenting Blood Deathbringer Saurfang Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Lasherweave Legplates 95 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Malfurion’s Leggings of Conquest 50 x Emblem of Triumph Emblem of Triumph Vendor

Feet Boss Raid
Blessed Cenarion Boots Crafted N/A
Boots of the Frozen Seed Lady Deathwhisper Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Boots of the Unrelenting Storm Northrend Beasts Coliseum 25
Boots of Wintry Endurance Crafted N/A

Finger Boss Raid
Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom Ashen Verdict Quartermaster Icecrown
Signet of Putrefaction Festergut Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Band of the Invoker 35 x Emblem of Triumph Emblem of Triumph Vendor
Ring of the Darkmender Jaraxxus Coliseum 25

Trinket Boss Raid
Solace of the Defeated Jaraxxus Coliseum 25
Sliver of Pure Ice Lord Marrowgar Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Purified Lunar Dust 60 x Emblem of Frost Emblem of Frost Vendor
Spark of Hope Kologarn Ulduar 10

Stave (2 Hand)
Boss Raid
Mag’hari Chieftain’s Staff Deathbringer Saurfang Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Abracadaver Festergut Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Sister Svalna’s Aether Staff Valithria Dreamwalker Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Enlightenment Twin Val’kyr Coliseum 10
Main Hand (1 Hand)
Boss Raid
Lockjaw Rotface Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Midnight Sun Gunship Battle Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Hammer of Purified Flame Battered Hilt Quel’Delar Quest Chain
Bleak Coldarra Carver Sindragosa Icecrown Citadel Raid 10
Off Hand (with 1 Hand weapons)
Boss Raid
Chalice of Searing Light Twin Val’kyr Coliseum 25
Ironmender Kologarn Ulduar 25
Chalice of Benedictus Twin Val’kyr Coliseum 10
Shriveled Heart Wrath of the Lich King Event Halls of Reflection H

Good luck in Icecrown!

17 Responses to “Patch 3.3 Resto Druid Gear
for the Casual/10 Man Raider”

  1. AppockNo Gravatar says

    Wow, thanks for getting this list together! 10 man raiding is all my guild does so this helps a ton!

  2. AzoraneNo Gravatar says

    Do you recommend leaving behind tier9 4 piece bonus? With all those new non tier piece from icc10 and even old pieces like Helm of Growth i can easily cap my haste but i’ll oose tier bonus….

  3. lissannaNo Gravatar says

    Casual/10-man raiders will probably want to spec for Celestial Focus to make up some of the haste difference, especially when they are first trying to gear up.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      @Azorane it really depends on your play style and other gear. I decided to spec into CF and re-gem to hit the 735 haste cap because I didn’t want to lose my 4 piece set bonus. I’m planning on keeping my 4 piece tier 9 until I have at least 2 pieces of tier 10 and other better haste options to replace my current 4 pieces of tier 9, if that helps you at all! If you have the bag space, what I do is alternate gear for different fights just to get a feel for how much of a difference losing the set bonuses makes – that’s what I did when first going into TOC and upgrading from tier 8 to tier 9.

      @Lissanna I’m not casual and have a few 258 pieces including the juicy Vestments of the Shattered Fellowship and I still took CF as well! I did re-edit the post and include the CF build haste cap too to make it clearer how much is required for that option.

  4. BalokNo Gravatar says

    I think the epherimal snowflake trinket that drops in HoR heroic is worth mentioning too.

  5. MyselfNo Gravatar says

    I downloaded and extracted the spreadsheet you linked but having trouble viewing the XML doc…. what program should I use and what file should i be opening incase im opening the wrong one… Currently have Excel 07

  6. LathereNo Gravatar says

    @Myself Try downloading this again now. I’ve reattached in a different excel format that should work for all versions now!

  7. PaotemeNo Gravatar says

    Thanks so much for putting together all of this valuable information!! Extremely helpful.

  8. JorgeNo Gravatar says

    Hi, I have some issues with my gear and i dont know where i seem to be going wrong, I know that i am trying to go raise my haste to close to 856 which i managed just fine when i picked some pieces but its gotten to the point where the other resto druid in the raid who has 300 less haste is doing a lot better job in the meters than i am. And i dont expect to be top heals but I am not even close.

    I know you guys said up there i should pick a tier piece over a single piece but i fear that ill lose haste in the process, but the way things stand out i just dont know what i am doing wrong to not be using that haste efficiently. Should i go for 4 pieces T10 set and stop waiting on the chieftain staff to drop and just pick one of those one handers that usually drop like the trauma mace.

    Here is my gear link

    This frustrating. Help.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      @jorge Ok I’ll have a looksie at your gear and shoot you an email with some questions. It may be more of a healing style thing than gear between yourself and the other resto druid.

      • JorgeNo Gravatar says

        hi i still waiting for your email. but now its worse now i changed the way i heal with rejuv and wildgrowth and the ocassional regrowth , but according the recount and logs i am doing way worse than the other resto druid. I seriously dont know what is wrong and i have tried talking to the other resto druid but its like talking to a wall. I just cant pinpoint what i am doing wrong. Specially in a fight like Sindagosa. If you can help me out any way you can, I would really appreciate it. Thank you


      • LathereNo Gravatar says

        Hi Jorge

        Do you have any World of Logs parses at all that I can have a look at? I checked out your gear and it seems more than fine in terms of the choices you have made.

        One of the other resto druids in my guild had this same problem – gear was good however would rank considerably lower on the metres to myself and our other resto druid. When I looked closely at the parses it became clear that I was casting in a Blood Queen fight (less than 6 minutes) approximately 200 additional rejuvenations and 50 additional Wild Growths.

        After talking to him about it I worked out that he was worried about over healing and instead of casting proactively he was waiting for incoming damage and then reactively healing. The other issue we discovered was that his computer was much older and he was sitting about about 10 FPS during an attempt while I constantly have between 40-60 FPS.

        Basically every global cooldown should have a cast – in Sindragosa 25 I have a rejuvenation on 2.5 groups at all times and am hitting Wild Growth every time it comes of cool down (obviously not when I have unchanged magic!). I have Miks Scrolling Battle Text which tells me when this comes off and makes a little noise though to be honest I’ve hit it so often now that I have an internal timer and don’t find myself needing the visual/verbal queues so much anymore.

        I’d really like to see a combat parse to get a good look at both you and the other resto druid still to better pinpoint if you can either link here or email me at that would be great!

      • BestlaNo Gravatar says

        Just wondering about the ranking how did you determine this. Cerise Coiled ring missing from ICC10N, and why would a resto need hit rating (abracadaver staff)?

      • LathereNo Gravatar says

        As mentioned in the post, the gear was determined from Elitist Jerks weightings plugged into Loot Rank. I had a quick look at the Cerise Coiled Ring, and personally I would stick with Band of the Invoker before switching to it. Spell Power is the same on both but you lose haste at the gain of Crit by going with your choice. By all means if you have hit haste cap and don’t need that extra 15 haste then wear the higher ilevel item, but I wouldn’t bother with it otherwise.

        Some options like the staff had very few options available and in order to give variety the fabulous Abracadaver is included. The stats on this baby are pretty sweet – 136 haste isn’t something I would sneer at just because of the hit factor if your chances of getting an alternative staff weren’t high.

  9. DooriaGotNo Gravatar says

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  10. ^_^ Great read. Thanks.

  11. AdeleNo Gravatar says

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    I’m looking for. Does one offer guest writers to write content for you personally?
    I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write in relation to here.

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