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Patch 3.3 & I’m Not Ready

I Know, wrong expansion but LATH IS NOT PREPARED!

I know, I know, wrong expansion but LATH IS NOT PREPARED!

This week has seen a number of posts pop up around the blogosphere about all the upcoming changes and the preparation bloggers have put into making sure they are ready for patch 3.3′s release. I am so woefully unprepared for this new tier of raiding that I’m actually sitting here in front of my computer a bit mopey about it all. I’ve decided to stop avoiding it and instead outline for your entertainment all those things I have managed not to do in time for 3.3.

Note: This is a list I’ve put together off the top of my head and it consists of a random mix of personal, character and guild related un-accomplishments.

1. Not Enough Haste

I love my gear, I really do.  In fact I love it so much that I couldn’t really find any pieces I wanted to change in order to get remotely close to our ridiculous new haste cap in preparation for the rework to Gift of the Earth Mother. I’m sliding into Icecrown with a grand total of 503 haste and don’t ask me where I’m going to magically pull another 250 haste out of my branches.

2. Working Out What The Hell Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation Is All About

So I’ve read the tooltip explanation, I’ve read Lissanna’s posts on druid changes for 3.3 and I still don’t really get how much it will impact me and whether or not it will be useful.  I know it’s not really that complicated but I appear to have hit my knowledge cap for this expansion and am unable to take in anymore druid changes/nerfs/spells – you name it, I don’t really want to know about it.  This tree is hitting middle age and she’s comfortable with how things are!

Ok, ignoring the minor tanty I just had, even though I don’t really get the glyph I’m taking Liss’s advice and switching it into my secondary resto spec. I’m still a bit dubious over how beneficial it will be.

3. Buying Up Gems & Enchanting Mats For My New Gear

Nope, didn’t even think about it and will instead pay a small fortune for these must have items if I win any new loot tomorrow. Am I a sucker or what? People that play the auction house must absolutely love players like me!

4. Research Icecrown Boss Fights

I have no idea what the bosses are in Icecrown, I have absolutely no idea which ones are released tomorrow. Normally I would carry out my research during my lunch break but being so close to Christmas there is a vast number of Christmas lunches and parties in the calendar. Instead of researching I will be out at lunch having a nice glass of wine so here’s hoping someone more organised then me puts together some ideas for healing assignments and strategies otherwise I’m just going to wing it.

5. Determining Any Gear Upgrades

I normally go into each patch with a rough idea of any good gear drops off the first couple of bosses.  I try to have a spreadsheet ready to go printed out on paper by my desk because our GM does our bidding countdown from 5 -> 1 in what feels like a split second. The very thought of me not giving MBC (one of my fellow trees with way to much DKP) a run for his money is just so wrong!  Tomorrow night I’ll be going in pretty blind so I’ve decide to live fast and loose by the following rule:

If leather spellpower gear drops and it has more haste on it than my current item then I want it bad!

6. Anub’arak on Hard Mode

This is frustrating for the most part because my guild hasn’t been motivated enough to bother showing up for scheduled raid nights.  One of my guildies told me that most of the world first guilds took approximately 200 – 250 attempts to get this sucker down (he’s a numbers man, so I’m not even bothering to check those facts).  I think we have perhaps mustered up 100 attempts if that. We finally succeeded in getting to phase 3 consistently this Sunday, to only have 22 guildies online for last nights raid.   As a healer you only really get to practice the hard stuff once you hit phase 3, so to get a chance to experience that and then have it taken away was pretty demoralizing.

7. Having My Guildies Kiss & Make Up (You Know Who You Are)

The thing I love most about WoW is getting to meet all different kinds of people. Whats even more amazing is when you actually find among those millions of WoW players, a group of  people that your genuinely like talking to and can respect.  It’s upsetting when you find out that no matter how much you might love them all to pieces, when you get 3 strong willed stubborn people not seeing eye to eye, nothing you say is going to make them changes their minds or convince them to handle things differently. In the spirit of the coming holidays, Christmas and Patch 3.3, here’s hoping they can put aside their differences and we can try tackling Icecrown as the solid team we are.  Remember guys we work well together just as much because of our differences as our shared goals and attitudes.

For all my unpreparedness I am still very much looking forward to this last big patch for Wrath.  We’ve been working our way towards Arthas over the last 12 months and just like a good book, you just can’t put it down as you reach those final chapters.  TOGC has been a nice filler and sub plot but it’s time for the finale and no matter how much I didn’t get Lath ready for this patch, I definitely plan on facing it front and centre tomorrow!

33 Responses to “Patch 3.3 & I’m Not Ready”

  1. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    Well, the patch notes seem to indicate that Rejuvenation will remain at 15 seconds instead of going to 12, which I heard a lot of trees rustle about. This is a good thing ™.

    As for the glyph, it is similar to what Warlocks get (Glyph of Rapid Decay I believe) and Shadowpriests get in their Shadowform: it allows Haste to affect this spell.

    For Rejuvenation, at 15 seconds and 0 haste, it ticks every 3 seconds, so you get 5 ticks of Rejuvenation. If you had 100% haste, you would cut the time of Rejuvenation in half; over 7.5 seconds it would heal as much as a normal Rejuvenation in 15 seconds.

    What it also does is make sure that it still ticks 5 times, by reducing the time in between the ticks by the same amount (this is just easy bookkeeping).

    So, in summary:

    0% haste: 15 seconds rejuvenation, 1 tick per 3 seconds, heals X
    100% haste: 7.5 seconds rejuvenation, 1 tick per 1.5 seconds, still heals X

    Extra benefit: certain Tier bonuses that cause Crits or spread your Rejuvenation around just got better, as did the idol that gives spellpower on Rejuvenate ticks. Hell, anything that could trigger from a Rejuv tick will happen more often (Internal Cooldown Restrictions notwithstanding).

    Also, about the Haste…

    The good news is that GotEM will also affect your Regrowth, Nourish, Healing Touch, Tranquility, Rebirth, Entangling Roots and Cyclone. So while you might feel a bit slower on the HoTs, everything else just sped up!

    Whew. Wall of Text over, retreating into box now. ^_^
    .-= Natarumah’s last blog … Preparations for 3.3 =-.

  2. lissannaNo Gravatar says

    With the amount of haste on gear, basically think of the glyph as making rejuv tick every two seconds instead of every one second. More healing done in a shorter amount of time! The drawback is that the spell’s total duration is shorter – which makes this unappealing for the WG/Rejuv raid spamming in 25-mans.
    .-= lissanna’s last blog … Patch 3.3 changes – Druid Roundup =-.

  3. InfinitumNo Gravatar says

    I am re-gemming my gear for haste in an attempt to bypass Celestial Focus (Once you reach/get close to the 856 haste soft cap, Nature’s Grace looses its luster and Brambles is meh). With the GCD at 1 sec I already feel like I am in slow motion… the thought of increasing that by a tenth of a second or so just won’t fly, plus a consistent 1 second Nourish is awesome.
    .-= Infinitum’s last blog … News | Re: Pest Control =-.

  4. YaneNo Gravatar says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t bothered to prepare for the patch. It’s part of my recent “play the game like a game and not a job” mantra.
    .-= Yane’s last blog … Patch 3.3 : BoA cross faction =-.

  5. lissannaNo Gravatar says

    Also, with talents, rejuv starts at 18 seconds with 6 ticks.
    .-= lissanna’s last blog … Blog 3.3 healing guide now updated! =-.

  6. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Yane I’m with you. Don’t know anything about the bosses in ICC and don’t want to. I’ll meet one tonight anyway.

    I’ve got a Haste Shadow Priest set (that I’ve been using for Anub) that doesn’t sacrifice Haste for Spellpower, but has Haste instead of Critical Strike. So I’ll just give things a go in both my normal and Hasted set and see which I prefer.

    As for the Enchanting/Gems… hahahahahahahah (evil laugh) you’re not getting any of mine, Lath!

  7. RobNo Gravatar says

    I asked this to Lissanna, thought i would post here.

    A question that you may get asked alot. I just got my four piece T9 set. It’s probably going to last me until cataclysm unless some miracle happens. With that in mind, how should I go about regemming? I have all spellpower gems at the moment. I heard one tree go with all intellect gems, but now that the glyph of rejuv is out, I can see all haste being good (I only have 450ish haste right now). Thanks.

    Also any source of theorycraffting?
    .-= Rob’s last blog … Post 3.3 =-.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      @Rob I thought originally I would wait for new gear and not change any of my gems from spell power. After 1 night in ICC 25 I changed my mind and switch yellow gems to pure haste and then the other sockets to spell power/haste gems I lost about 200 spell power. I know that Bell from 4 Haelz recommends against it but I just found it too frustrating and was spamming my mouse button trying to get rejuvenation to hurry up while trying to blanket the raid in 25 man. I’m also in a bit of 258 gear so I don’t expect to easily have upgrades available to me until all of Icecrown is out, another reason I felt regemming was the right thing in my case.

      For 10 mans and dungeons I have a 2ndary healing spec which also has the Glyph of Rapid Rejuv and having the extra haste (I’m at 733) is great because I use a lot of Nourish and Regrowth still in those smaller groups.

      The other 2 trees in my 25 man raid how gone different paths again and we are all in tier 9 with 4 piece bonus. One changed gems and some gear and hit 856 haste cap so didn’t go for a CF build, I went CF build and changed gems and the last resto druid decided to switch 2 pieces for haste but hasn’t regemmed at all and has about 550 haste. All 3 of us still sit pretty closely in the healing meters so I think this really emphasizes that you can do without the haste if you don’t want to fork out the gold and regem. Even if you wont be raiding ICC, perhaps see if you can do the weekly raid quest or daily 5 mans for the emblems of frost. 2 of the tier 10 pieces have haste on them which you can purchase with straight badges so this might be a way to push up your haste number.

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