HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Naughty or Nice on Mannoroth

Bizzul's Demise: Noxn vs his guildie by playing as Lipstick (Alliance)

Bizzul's Demise: Noxn (as Lipstick) gets the better of a fellow guildie

It’s almost Christmas and if you’re anything like me you’re way too busy to squeeze in much time playing World of Warcraft. So it’s just a very short post today, featuring two videos, but I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

Noxn, an Undead Shadow Priest (who also plays a Dwarf Shadow Priest and Blood Elf Death Knight) on Mannoroth, has created two great World PVP videos. In the first video he griefs a guild member as his Alliance Shadow Priest. Unfortunately the guild member has no idea that Lipstick is Noxn and the guild chat included in the video is priceless. In the second he stalks a Night Elf Druid with a bounty on his head.

Video 1 – Bizzul’s Demise

Download Bizzul’s Demise by Noxn from Filefront

From Noxn’s blog – The 8 Steps to Making Friends on WoW:

Step 1: Don’t be a downy when it comes to PvP.
Step 2: Have an 80 character on the opposite faction.
Step 3: Double box your main and your opposite-faction alt.
Step 4: Pay attention to guild chat and spam your “o” tab, figure out where people in your guild are and what they are doing.
Step 5: Find someone in an open PvP area.
Step 6: Eliminate them swiftly.
Step 7: Listen to them cry about it in guild chat, not knowing it’s you.
Step 8: Make a video out of it.

Video 2 – Furtastic‘s Demise

Download Furtastic’s Demise by Noxn from Filefront

When Furtastic, a Night Elf Druid, posted a message on the Mannoroth forums to say that he would kill anyone who dared attack him, he inadvertently put a bounty on his own head. The first reply said succinctly:

50g for each unique screenshot of this kids corpse

I guess Noxn took up the challenge. And this video is even more fun than the first because, well, Noxn describes it best:

To scout him out, I stuck to my strengths: manipulation and lying. Unfortunately, not everything went as I had originally planned, but they were pretty close.

By the way, the Death Knight in the video is Noxn (Pidgen) as are all the other various Alliance characters that conveniently strike up conversation with Furtastic throughout the video. Noxn is everywhere!

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  1. DusknoirNo Gravatar says

    I remember hearing about these when they first came out. The prowling music is pretty great.

    Noxn’s also made two other PVP videos (as you probably know) which can be found at my video repository here: (the Filefront links from WarcraftMovies have died.)
    .-= Dusknoir’s last blog … Shadow Raiding: Gemming in 3.3 =-.

  2. VerileNo Gravatar says

    .-= Verile’s last blog … Leap of Faith =-.

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