HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest


Cassandri attempts to recruit. An argument about the viability for Bracing Earthsiege Diamond ensues.

Cassandri attempts to recruit and ends up arguing about meta gems instead. 2% Reduced threat?

I think there’s a severe “pures” shortage on my server. Good, raiding Mages and Warlocks are a dying breed. Even Hunters seem to be a bit scarce.

In my guild our Mages have quit the game, quit raiding and/or have just plain quit showing up. We’re getting used to raiding without strudel.

Fortunately we’ve got just enough intellect left to recruit. The problem is, it’s very hard to tell a good Mage from a bad one by reading an application. Or, perhaps if we had a Mage who knew their stuff still active in the guild they would be able to spot a strange glyph/gem/talent/gear choice. We need someone who can evaluate if the applicant’s DPS output is high, low or mediocre for their gear. After all, doesn’t everyone want to recruit players who perform well in relatively poor gear? Gear can be so easily, and quickly, improved.

When did Mages and Warlocks become so rare? If you’re serious about raiding you need to devote all your time and energy into 1 character’s progression. And you’re usually stuck playing that character for the length of an expansion. Has this been a problem for the entire Wrath of the Lich King expansion?

Have dual-specs made hybrids too appealing? It’s certainly much much easier to gear Cassandri’s shadow and healing specs than it would be to progress Cassandri for healing and Chriara (my Rogue) for DPS. So I can definitely see the appeal of progressing 2 for the price of 1.

Or, if not the appeal of hybrids, are the Mages and Warlocks just spending their time somewhere else? Lurking in battlegrounds? Arenas? Are Mages and Warlocks just more fun to play in PVP and boring to play in a raid?

I joked the other night that one of our guild members, who was begging to bring his fresh Paladin to raid, had “pally fever”. I’ve never played a Paladin past level 25 (that was a very long time ago) but there have been a few friends who, once they roll a Paladin, stay faithful to that character. Like, that’s it. No more leveling, no more alts.

I feel a bit like that about my Priest. I find the class endlessly interesting and tricky to master. And I know that one day, if I suddenly can’t stand to play Shadow anymore (the day I can’t out-DPS a tank I’ll probably call it quits – don’t laugh, it could happen), I could take on a different role, or perhaps devote myself to actually keeping a level head in PVP. And there has to be a reason why there are so goddamn many Resto Druid bloggers out there. That’s another class/spec that just seems to command devotion. These players love their class and spec. And they play it for years.

I’ve never come across a fanatic Mage or Warlock. Someone who has been playing that class non-stop since before the first expansion. Someone who would say “I’ll quit this game if I have to play something else”.

Is it something about the Mage and Warlock class that doesn’t inspire devotion? Do these players burn out faster or tire of their character more quickly? It sure seems that way to me.

My brother (in moment of temporary unfaithfulness to his Paladin, another “pally fever” victim) crows about how fun his Mage is to play. You’ll find him, weeks after a new patch is out, trying new talent builds, doing dailies 10 mobs at a time. But eventually, always, he returns to his Paladin.

It’s time for a wake up call everybody. This isn’t the Burning Crusade anymore -
Mages kick ass. Warlocks still kick ass.

I’m tempted to reroll a Mage myself. Warlocks are definitely not for me, I’ve tried and hated the whole minion thing. But who wouldn’t love to be in demand? Conjure snacks and be begged for buffs? Tear up the charts? Live large? Perhaps I’m tired of playing a support class and standing in the background.

However I’m a bit apprehensive. I’m not entirely sure that I’ll like playing a Mage. For a short-time I dabbled at the Elemental Shaman without much success. I imagine that the play style between a Mage and Elemental Shaman, burst and crit heavy with one DoT or two, is a much more similar in style than that of a Shadow Priest.

But a part of me wants to know if it’s as fun as it looks. And there’s no better way to find out than to play it firsthand.

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  1. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    Well, mages can be a truckload of fun. I personally love frost, both for the image and for having a toolbox of escape mechanisms. It’s like having a warlock with the minion replaced with a Paladin’s care package.

    Now my itty bitty mage is still only 73 (I have 3 level 80′s and promised myself my warrior would be next) but I am already imagining the devious fun to be had with Mirror Images confounding foes while the elemental provides backup artillery and I shatter everything that looks blue in the face.

    But that’s me.
    I’m evil that way. ^_^
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  2. ultraNo Gravatar says

    hi cass ^_________________________^

  3. JaediaNo Gravatar says

    Strangely enough, mages seem to be pretty huge on my server. In fact, a friend has been playing mage since early Vanilla and is still hooked on the class. Moonkins, resto druids, warlocks and rogues seem to be the rareity these days (wish I could say the same for hunter). Though I say this, most of them are terrible..
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  4. JokeyRhymeNo Gravatar says

    I don’t know about Mage and Warlock shortages on US Barthilas (Oceanic), although it is most definitely the age of the hybrid.

    I started playing around the time TBC was released (just before or just after, I can’t remember) and I levelled a Horde Warlock to 43-ish and then my friends hopped servers and I went and levelled a fresh Alliance Warlock again all the way to 70. I was definitely a Warlock fan.

    Then Death Knights were announced and I immediately felt unsatisfied. I stopped rolling on loot and avoided achievements knowing that my real main was waiting for me in Northrend. I was so over Warlocks all of a sudden and I am only just now slowly taking mine to 80.

    Warlocks and Hunters are getting some amazing work done for Cataclysm, it might even be enough to call me back.
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  5. RonweNo Gravatar says

    Hi, mage here.
    A few time ago, I’d have been sceptical about your feelings on the scarcity of “pure” classes, it seemed my server was full of them and our guild roster was bloated with 5 active mages, 5 hunters, 3 or 4 warlocks and 5-6 rogues … and then … some stopped the game, some others stopped raiding and we’re now … 3 mages, 3 hunts, 1 warlock and 3 rogues … just enough to raid and certainly not enough to be able to take some time out of raid for those who stay.

    So, what’s the problem ?
    I’m not sure, as I’m myself what could be called an altaholic (with 1 war tank, 1 warlock, 1 Dk and some soon (or not) to be 80 resto sham, Feral druid and Holy/ret Paladin. But I guess that indeed, the game of pures can feel boring after some time.
    You usually don’t get some fancy perks like Battle rezzes, bubbles, totems, heals and if you think about it, your job is pretty much the same.
    Hurting things.

    Or at least I guess it can feel that way, especially nowadays, ToC time. I’m maybe pushing it a bit too far, but at least in Ulduar, we got to look at the scenery. Here, the repetitiveness of the task is mirrored by the blandness of the building we’re in. I can understand that some “pure dps classes” can fell bored, to the point where they start doing something else, or just quit.

    Now, if you want my opinion, I don’t think I’ll stop playing my mage for a long time because … well, it’s fun, even though many people will say you otherwise.
    I won’t lie though, it’s a pain to level at lower levels, but once you get all the tools and start to really use them (and even use them in a raid environment) it’s fun.
    Ok, the rotation, whatever the spec is really basic, but the fun is not only there.
    I’ll take a few examples : spellstealing annoying buffs, converting incoming damage into damage of your own or into mana (talented, but I love to take a short swim into Mimiron’s, Koralon’s or Frigbold’s flames or Algalon’s cosmic smashes taking few to no damage and actually benefiting from it), blink, Portalling to whatever major city you want, never having to shop for food, Spam bombing with mouseover “Living Bombs”, One of the only spammable crowd control, Hiding into an impenetrable bloc of ice, etc. …

    So, I guess yes, I can understand how “dpsing as a mage” can feel boring.
    But “playing” as one certainly isn’t.
    Give it a try :)

  6. TufvaNo Gravatar says

    Mage scarcity? I’d offer you some of ours… ;-)

    Most people in the guild seems to play a mage or a paladin, which make class balance something of a joke.

    It seems to go in waves though, at the start of Wrath we had hunters coming out of our ears and we went into Ulduar with a million warlocks (only 1 left now).
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  7. BellwetherNo Gravatar says

    It’s come in shifts for me. We had a lot of mages, then no mages, then a lot of mages, then no mages…Mages are just fickle creatures, obviously.

    I think the appeal of pure DPS is that you’re not pushed into another role, like healing or tanking. Unfortunately, that makes you less desirable than a hybrid who can heal or DPS, or tank or DPS.

    For my server, it all depends on the day. My last ToC 25 PUG had no hunters, but the time before it there were 3+ trying to get in. We’ve gone with almost no cloth DPS, and then an overload of cloth DPS. ‘S weird.

  8. MetaneiraNo Gravatar says


    Um, hardcore fanatical mage here. Even when my class was the worst of the worst — where I’d get summoned to Zul Aman to drop a table and then dismissed. (Yes, that has happened more than a few times.) I wanted to raid so desperately in BC that I decided I could give up being a mage — that raiding was more important than playing this class I loved — and so I started a shaman. Just as she hit 60, a guild on my server actually opened up applications for a mage and I haven’t looked back.

    I’m not sure why there’s a dearth of mages on your server: the expansion has been very good to us. (It hasn’t been so kind to locks, in my opinion, but I don’t think they’re as bad off as my lock friends claim.) We have two competitive raid specs right now, with promises of a third for the next expansion. We still have our weaknesses, but a lot of my core complaints about the class have been addressed — 3.3 will even fix scorch! (Mostly!) I still have concerns about hybrid classes doing a bit too well, but at the end of the day I’m confident that people will want me in their raid.

    If you do decide to level a mage, check out our guides. ;)
    .-= Metaneira’s last blog … DPS Depression, an Exploratory Rant =-.

  9. As is always the case when this sort of discussion crops up, in my guild we have four reliable raiding warlocks and five mages, three usually on by raid time (never the same three, but people are weird). Hunters are our scarce class.

  10. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    I’m sure everyone is right – it’s all a cycle and perhaps it’s server specific. But we’re definitely not the only guild on the server recruiting Mages and Warlocks at the moment. For all I know, next week we’ll be recruiting Death Knights. Shock! Horror! Who would have thought?

    Anyway I struck up conversation with a Priest outside the city portals in Dalaran (well I think we were Penacing eachother for a while first – it’s such a pretty spell) and it turns out his main is/was a Warlock but his guild needed Priests and the whole guild had server transferred. Long story short… I might have found a Warlock to recruit!

  11. Opthore Silver HandNo Gravatar says

    I think its a case by case basis, my main use to be a mage especially during BC and the beginning of LK, now since moving to my warrior I have found it much more enjoyable with competitve dps and tank at a moments notice. But if Vitare were keen to have my mage on a 3 out of 4 night basis I would consider the Main toon switch again. See Nosscirid – Saurfang

  12. VokNo Gravatar says

    Having both a Mage and a Shaman, the Ele Shaman is really a completly different playstyle. Much more static. I love my Shaman, but for range DPS, go the mage imo.
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  13. FiorraNo Gravatar says

    In my guild we currently have two mages and two warlocks…and none of those are all too regular. We lack ranged caster DPS severely in my guild, and I do the brunt of it on my undergeared shadow priest.

    Everyone in my guild is either a DK or a hunter. I have a DK, but she’s a tank. I rolled a priest because my guild was in shortage, and I’ve never looked back. But right now I’m levelling a mage because I don’t have a pure dps class in my ranks and I’d like to top the charts for once. They’re fun to level :)
    .-= Fiorra’s last blog … Twitter, =-.

  14. MilyaNo Gravatar says

    I think there’s some truth to what you’re saying about the ‘age of the hybrid.’ With dual specs, flexibility is often rewarded. I know I personally allowed myself to be pushed away from playing my mage in favour of – first a priest and then later a resto druid. We could never find reliable healers, so that’s what I did.

    But all along I missed my mage. I stopped reading Arcane Brilliance because it made me sad to think of my true ‘main’ just languishing. About two months ago the husband and I transferred to a different server and more focused raiding guild – I applied as a mage. Now I am up to my ears in mage theorycraft and loving every minute of raiding I’ve been doing. Spellsteal Jaraxxus’ Nether Power? I’ve got you covered. CCing, snaring, and otherwise making a huge nuisance of myself in Faction Champs? Heck yes. Fire/Frost ward to absorb damage and give myself a spellpower boost? Counterspell to interrupt the nasties? We’ve got so many tricks up our wizard-y sleeves.

    Truthfully, mages at the beginning of LK weren’t in an awesome place, especially compared to the extremely over-powered DK. But they’ve been steadily equalized and I’m kicking myself now for letting my mage sit for so long. It’s true that being a pure nowadays is a much more niche market, but I think the class does still bring a lot of utility and it’s just so fun. Yet I, too, am our guild’s only raiding mage. Maybe we are a dying breed as people are lured off by the prospect of tanking/healing AND dpsing. But I have three unique ways to spec and hurt people, two of them raid viable and possibly a third (frost) after the patch. Who wouldn’t want that? Anyway, we’re still out here burning/freezing and…arcaning? things to death. :D

  15. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    I’m a formerly monogamous Warlock player who recently developed a case of altitis, so this post is really timely and surprisingly personal.

    I haven’t been logging into my main as much of late, not because I don’t like playing a warlock, but because I’ve grown bored of the endgame. If you want to find me, you better look in the 10-19 bracket of Warsong Gulch. I’ve rolled druids, mages, pallys, warriors — and even another warlock. But I don’t play my main very much right now. If anything, my twink Mage is getting the lion’s share of my attention.

    Yes, DPSing is awesome. But once you’ve figured out your rotations and learned the fights, endgame PvE is just a matter of execution with little variation. Chain Heroics as a good DPS is, frankly, boring. I can macro my single-target rotation to within 95% efficiency as long as Bloodlust/Heroism isn’t up, and for most trash it’s Rain of Fire, Rain of Fire, loot.

    And let’s be frank, endgame PvP can be pretty frustrating at times as a clothie. I die, a LOT.

    I’m pretty sure that your Mage and Warlock deficit is server-specific, but frankly, these aren’t popular classes. Together, they are 16.8% of the population (based on Compare that to 14.1% of Paladins and 15.8% of Death Knights, and you see why we seem so scarce these days.

    If you do roll a mage (which is a lot of fun, by the way!) I recommend @psynister’s excellent leveling guide, which starts at It helped me quite a bit.

    Good luck, and tell us how you like it!
    .-= Cynwise’s last blog … Cyn’s Guide to Powerleveling Pilgrim’s Bounty Cooking =-.

  16. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    Argh. That demographic survey is at:

    Sorry that the URL got fubared. :-(
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  17. AaidaNo Gravatar says

    Can I start with saying, pick me! Pick me!

    I really enjoyed reading your post as a mage. I really agree with you that raiding warlocks and mages are a dying breed. On my realm (Aggramar-EU) you can stil find some mages, but I think for every mage out there, there are at least 5 DK’s and 5 Pallies, for warlocks just the same.

    And the mages that you find, aren’t that good at all imo. I raided 10 mans with my guild and we did pretty well. Went upto Mimiron in Ulduar and Twin Valkyr in ToC before the guild fell apart and I took a break from wow. Now I’ve returned to WoW and I don’t like what it has become.

    PuG’s in Aggramar were VoA 10/25, Naxx 10/25 and that’s about it. An Ulduar 25 pug was rare and 10 even more. Now every mage I see has multiple pieces T9 and ToC 10 gear from PuG’s. I have now 2 pieces T9 conquest gear and some Ulduar 10 gear (which is a gearscore of 4.6k, I’m not jealous, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like how fast some people gather gear. Mainly because they get invites quicker because they have higher gear scores, while I’m 99% sure I can outdps them.

    For example, I still had a friend in a raiding guild that I joined. The guild has about 120 members with 3 raiding mages. Me included. Anyway, we did Onyxia 25 two days after I started playing wow again. So I though I’d end up somewhere in the end of the dps list. Especially since the best mage of the guild has about 700 haste, 2.5k SP and 4 pieces of T9 triumph gear. I have about 450 haste, 2.2k SP and 2 pieces of T9 conquest gear, my goal was to do 1-2k less dps then him. But I was number 1 on the dps list with about 8k dps, he was 2nd with about 7k. I was the best mage in every raid I did so far. I don’t wonna brag, far from, but I haven’t seen one mage that really knows how to mage.

    Arcane mages stacking crit, mages wearing trinkets that’ll grant haste when they cast a heal or heal over time, mages with AP trinkets, ..

    There I said it! I don’t know how to end my post now.
    Ooh, 3.3 has even more Arcane buffs, woot!

    So, I’d gladly join your guild if I could, hehe. :)

    Aaida, an arcane mage.

  18. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Aaida You’re absolutely right in that gear is no indication of skill. Check out which talks more about Vitare and our raid times.

    We’re on Barthilas, an Oceanic (US) server – is that something you could transfer to? Or can you only transfer between EU if you play on an EU realm?

    In the meantime good luck with your PuGging – even if your gear score is low people will remember you if you did a good job. Try and cultivate some contacts for your friends list, I guess!

  19. AaidaNo Gravatar says


    Thanks for the (more or less) invitation. : )
    It really made me feel happy as a mage.

    But, although I’d really like that, it seem like you can’t transfer between EU and US realms. And I would not be able to stay up until 2 AM during school. (GMT+1 here)

    And yet another thanks for the good luck wishes.

    Aaida, a happy arcane mage.

  20. KeithNo Gravatar says

    I actually had a laugh at the paladin bit of your post, because I very recently just finished leveling my Paladin alt to 80, and have been playing her a fair share more than my Mage.

    I admit that I haven’t played my mage much (I actually moved from a raiding position in my guild, to a casual position) not because I don’t find being a mage fun (I seriously suggest you roll one ;) ) but because I’ve seen most of the content as a mage. There are only so many arcane blasts I can send.

    Hopefully with 3.3 I’ll get another round of fun with my mage, until she waits for Cataclysm. I feel like the two classes that you’ve mentioned (mages, warlocks) have more downtime between content patches because we can’t switch from one spec to another and enjoy fights in a different perspective. Sure, I can switch from fire to arcane, but that only changes my rotation, and very little of my playstyle.

    Whereas on my paladin, I can switch from protection to retribution and it’s an entirely different game.

  21. OdemineNo Gravatar says

    I myself play a mage, and while I do love my class, raiding can get really boring for a mage. With higher gear levels our rotation is simplified to just 2 spells, and that can become very monotonous. I personally will never completely stop playing my mage, but I have been playing him less and less. I’ll log on during the day and level my paladin or just kind of explore, and I’ll log on my mage in the afternoon 3-4 days a week to raid.

    Aside from scenery, almost every boss fight is the same for a mage, and for most ranged pure-dps classes — just spend as much time standing in one spot and nuking as possible, and that simple playstyle combined with arcane’s simple rotation is what’s driving me, at least, to spending less time on my mage.

  22. Sean BoocockNo Gravatar says

    I’ve been playing my Undead Warlock as my main since I seriously started playing WoW about 18 months ago. I leveled Affliction (which I think you would find appealing given your proclivity to Shadow) and raided as Affliction through Naxxramas. I am a pretty casual raider in terms of time commitment but I take raiding itself seriously. While I’m on a fairly low pop, low progress server, I manage to top the charts in nearly every raid I attend. I can reliably pull 7.3k+ dps on Koralon with a mix of iLvL 232/245 T9 and overall average iLvL 228 gear. I find maximizing my dps as a Warlock, either Destruction or Affliction, to be endlessly fascinating. I am always slowly improving my skills, learning how to squeeze the extra casts between cooldowns on my Conflagrate/Chaos Bolt, how to maximize DPS on movement fights, etc. I don’t know why you find warlocks so rare on your server or in your guild but even on my backwater server we have some great raiding warlocks who often give me a run for my money.

  23. MutakNo Gravatar says

    A random collection of frustrating things about mages…
    1) Mages got a reputation for being whiners such that even when their were real, significant problems with the class, they were dismissed as QQ. That reputation still persists today and it’s infuriating.

    2) Seems like everyone i know has a mage alt. That could explain a lot of the unskilled perception. Mages fun to play in casual, solo environments – lots of people roll them and most never learn how to move beyond that.

    3) The things that make fights fun and interesting for other classes just piss off mages because it hurts their numbers, and as a pure, if you’re not topping the meters you’re constantly trying to justify your value to the raid. Movement and target switching hurt mage dps. They need to stand still and chain-cast, timing cooldowns and procs in order to achieve chart-topping dps. The best mage is often the guy that figures out how to minimize the “fun” things he has to do.

    4) The things that make mages fun to play are useless in a raid environment. Kiting, AoE, control, escapes, etc. None of it makes up for lower dps in a raid because it almost never matters more than straight single-target dps.

    5) You’re never in control of your own fate, but you’re always blamed first in a raid. A mage in a melee-heavy raid will be called bad for not being up with the rogues on DPS despite not having the buffs they would need to get up to that level. No one wants to point the finger at the tank or the healer because if they get pissed off and leave, the whole raid falls apart, but it’s fine to take it out on the dps – they’re replaceable.


    • RetiringMageNo Gravatar says

      Mutak, I couldn´t have put it better myself, we are currently at 7/12 in ICC 25 HC and this your mention:

      “The things that make fights fun and interesting for other classes just piss off mages because it hurts their numbers, and as a pure, if you’re not topping the meters you’re constantly trying to justify your value to the raid. Movement and target switching hurt mage dps. They need to stand still and chain-cast, timing cooldowns and procs in order to achieve chart-topping dps. The best mage is often the guy that figures out how to minimize the “fun” things he has to do.”

      has finnally caught up with me, I´ve been frustrated over this facts for months 4 nights a week and I´ve just about had enough, I thought I could bypass this problems with the changes to fire in 3.3.3 but then again, since we are a pure class and not allowed to have fun to justify our value I signed off after having a 96% attendance 4nights a week since july, 2 times this week. My mage is dying, it`s very sad but I can’t stand it anymore, I just can’t.
      1. You are overrun by restodruids in raid, you flee for your life on BQL saving IB for the 2nd airphase, oh you got a late HoT, oh you died on phase 1 why priests and locks have much more survivability not to mention their maintaned damage during heavy movement fights like Rotface. Oh did you end up running away from players who just had to hug you on airphase? Did they survive but you got oneshotted?

      2. Did you get mutated infection on Rotface and not the full attention of a disc/holy priest while getting to the big-ooze or a tad bit slow restodruid, did you die within <1 sec?

      3. Mage glass-cannon utility is just so plain wrong should I be a raidleader I´d probably exlude them alltogether in favour of locks. Oh, let´s not forget Arcane Empowerment, oh wait, it gets overwritten by rets able to take way more damage and less healing-attention. Oh right, mages have "AWESOME" burst-dps, let`s save 2-3min CD:s for 1 add/ooze phase and justify gimping our CD/dps cooldowns in favour of being a bit more useful on 2/30 total add/ooze phases.

      4. Getting bitten on BQL (I guess this is supposed to be fun) and ending up having to bite someone during airphase, oh didnt you IB right after? Where you unlucky with a strike, you got oneshotted :/.

      I could go on for ages and ages but there`s no doubt in my mind, mages are all in all replaceable in ICC in favour of more raid survivability in ICC, less straing on healers, while ending up with more damage done on all movement heavy fights in favour of afflication locks or (insert random dps class/hybrid here).

      I´m going casual on sunday, I´m sure Mutak knows the frustration mages bring and how we instantly die when a healer loses focus for <0,2 sec during random boss ability and blaming a pure dps (dont blame anyone, all in all its a class-mechanic issue) is heaps more easy than anything else. We have to constantly rely on <22 healers and dps except tanks to respect the various /range but as the case often is, they end up standing 1-2 yards too close and you can chose between getting 1 shotted, or running/blinking away/around for 0,5-5 seconds, stopping dps, finding a new spot, just to see another player end up close to you, hence dropping largely on your sole job of dps:ing and yet prove once again we`re horrid on any encounter with the slightest of movement/raid damage mechanics.

      1148 haste mage, it`s been awful knowing you in this expansion, I would give ANYTHING to get all the time I´ve invested in you, all the frustration and not reaching the goalline with a LK 25 HC kill because I´ve just had enough with the stupid fragile mechanics of glass-cannons.

      And thanks Mutak for being the first one since I decided to stop raiding 2 days ago to spot-on find the reasons/words for all the frustration I´ve had, english isnt my native language and couldnt have put it better myself.

      Gl though to end-game raiding mages who still finds their class fun and all mages who are pvp:ing, good luck to you all.

      • CassandriNo Gravatar says

        I’m only just leveling up a Mage (level 54) and so far I’m getting quite frustrated by how fragile I am in a group. However, I’m used to playing my Shadow Priest every night and I’ve gotten used to high survivability at the price of second rate DPS. I love that with the Shadow Priest I can decide if I’m willing to stand in slime for an extra second or so because my Mind Blast is about to hit and hit me with a nice heal in return.

        I think it’s just a trade off. You either love being that fragile and that deadly or you … don’t. I don’t think Mages are going to change that much in the near future. Time to roll a Shadow Priest?

        Hooray for being the last one standing!

  24. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Mutak “4) The things that make mages fun to play are useless in a raid environment. Kiting, AoE, control, escapes, etc.” I’ve suspected this to be true for quite some time. Thank you for adding that to the mix.

    Is there anything more annoying that a Mage who tries to freeze all the mobs each pull in an instance?

  25. NantosueltaNo Gravatar says

    I love my mage. She’s cute and bouncy and until they jacked with Fire was a little Richard wanna-be with her FWOOSH. :)
    However, two things have led to my not playing my mage as much:
    1) As much as they said they didn’t alter fire, either they put in a hidden nerf to fire in 3.2.2 or boosted arcane a truckload more than they suggested, because I went from smoking mages who were in better gear playing arcane to hanging out at the back of the pack. And I wasn’t doing anything different. Didn’t alter my rotation, my gear hadn’t changed… it was just like, overnight, I went from first or second to like 6th or 7th. And it became… less fun.
    2) I finally leveled my Druid healer to 80. And got her some gear. And got drug by guildies into dungeons I thought my little druid butt had no business in – and didn’t just squeak by, but blew it apart. And started queuing up for raids. And at some point (I think it was when I looked at recount after a PuG ToC 10 (mostly one guild, but there were 3 of us that weren’t), and realized I had just two-healed the entire raid with a shammie (no one told me there were only two healers, urp!), that I realized that not only did I LIKE healing, but I was DAMN good at it. :)

    I switched my little gnome to arcane, and she’s back at the top… but I have to admit, arcane feels like “Mages for Dummies.” Hit this button 4 times, if this proccs, hit button 2, if not, keep spamming button one until it does, rinse, lather, repeat. At least with Fire I had to pay attention – I literally led a Random heroic by like 2k (H UP) while I was eating a sandwich and talking on the phone. It’s kinda… boring. :P

    I figure I’ll pay for dual spec and respec fire – just frustrating that I felt like I HAD to go arcane to keep up. And I do so <3 my druid. :)

  26. Don’t ever say that your industry isn’t exciting or sexy enough to blog about.

  27. I do like the manner in which you have presented this matter and it does give us a lot of fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, through what I have observed, I basically wish as other reviews pack on that folks stay on point and don’t embark on a tirade involving some other news du jour. Still, thank you for this excellent point and although I do not really concur with the idea in totality, I value your viewpoint.


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