HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

The New Hybrid: Resto/Resto

Primary spec? Resto. Secondary spec? Ummm...

Primary spec? Resto. Secondary spec? Ummm...

When Blizzard announced Dual Specialization I was ecstatic. Anyone who played a healer during the Burning Crusade will remember how frustrating it was to quest or farm materials without any assistance from a friend or guildy. Rolling +healing stats into +spellpower helped us deal some damage but not it’s just not the same as a proper DPS build.

The day Dual Specs were released I hopped on and paid my 1000g so that I could turn Lath into a chook with the click of a button. I was well prepared, and had a decent Balance gear set just waiting in my bags so I could start DPSing my little heart out as soon as possible.

Releasing my inner Moonkin had some rather interesting side effects. I absolutely loved it at first. And I initiated my Secondary Spec by completing all the Storm Peaks quests. Yes, I had missed the entire area while leveling to 80 and thus not only did I not have a shoulder enchant, the Sons of Hodir hadn’t even heard of me (if only I had done some research before I hit 80!).

After the initial euphoria wore off, induced by super fast questing, I discovered that my opportunities to DPS were actually pretty sparse. In 5 mans and raids I was always needed to heal. And my guildies learnt pretty quickly that I, err, was much better at healing. Ok, I sucked as DPS. It also gave me a new appreciation for how much I really enjoy healing and the control and contribution to success you have as a healer. A PUG run with a crappy tank can go much more smoothly with a smart healer that can pre-empt the incoming damage accordingly. As a DPS? There’s not much you can do. Keep your finger (or cursor) hovering over Rebirth?

For the last six 6 months I have probably DPSed 10 dungeons and switched to DPS during raids perhaps 3-4 times. Pretty infrequent but it was still nice knowing that I had a DPS spec to fall back on if needed.

When my guild hit Heroic Faction Champions (a mock PVP battle) we struggled. Around that time I was also jumping into the Arena with my Paladin boyfriend. And I had this epiphany: my secondary build could be some experimental Restoration PVP/Arena/Raiding build. The build was so goddamn handy to have around that I just kept postponing my next visit to the Druid Trainer to respec back to Moonkin.

My primary spec? Restoration. My secondary spec? Restoration.

Over time my “PVP” build morphed even further. We reached Aub’arak on Heroic so I decided to include talents to improve Healing Touch. I also dropped down to 0 points in Subtlety just for Algalon. When we fight Algalon I have the special job of collecting constellations with healing agro and dragging them around the room to close up black holes. My primary spec has 2 points in Subtlety and I always lose a stray constellation or two to another healer who generates more healing aggro. This has caused quite a few wipes as that healer runs to avoid a Big Bang only to accidentally close the portal before the rest of the raid makes it through.

The best part about having these two Restoration builds is that I am using both my specs, often swapping mid-raid, and my 1000g has definitely paid itself off. It also makes me a little sad. I never intended to be a tree when I rolled this Druid. I leveled Lath as Moonkin and loved it every minute of it until I realised at level 70 that raiding guilds wanted Resto Druids, not Balance Druids.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love healing. But having the opportunity to revisit my special, long lost Moonkin form was really fun. Yet I’ve now removed that option completely by choosing to spec Resto/Resto.

I find myself questioning my own motives. Were there other opportunities to play as Moonkin that I passed over? Am I scared to fail as a DPS (you know, the easy role)? Am I too lazy to learn and master a different Druid play style? Am I sticking to my comfort zone?

Last week I received my first Trophy of the Crusade on an offspec roll. And I hesitated. What to buy? I’m currently wearing 4 pieces of Restoration Tier 9 and eventually I would like to own the whole set, if only to equip some time far into the future for nostalgia. I also have one piece of Tier 9 Balance gear that I won in a VOA. So I could either get a second piece of Balance gear and earn my 2 piece bonus (that I haven’t even looked up yet!) or I could get my last piece of Restoration gear and plonk it in the bank.

I avoided making the decision all week. And ended up buying the Balance piece. I went out and gemmed and enchanted both pieces as well as some other 245 Balance items that I’ve picked up along the way. The question is will I ever use it?

Somewhere deep down I’m not ready to give up on DPS altogether. I’m still Resto/Resto, though.

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  1. AleanathemNo Gravatar says

    I’m Feral/Feral, but that isn’t much of a surprise. I would have to wonder if there are separate moonkin specs. Awesome insight into a bit of the Restoration tree. =)
    .-= Aleanathem’s last blog … A Short: Transparency and Guild Leadership =-.

  2. vokNo Gravatar says

    I’m PvE Resto/PvE Enh at the moment and, like Lath, am a much better healer than a DPSer. That being said, I like to DPS just to break it up. We all need a change from time to time.

    Most of 3.1 I was Resto/Resto though – I had a raid heal spec and a solo heal spec. Was very handing in raids, but painful out of them
    .-= vok’s last blog … Friday Flashback =-.

  3. CokesNo Gravatar says

    I’m a prot warrior and my dual spec is dps. I don’t think I can agree that there’s nothing a dps can do when either the tank or healer is lacking. I’ve been running tons of heroics recently so that I don’t have to dish out for gems, and I’ve noticed that even if my healer isn’t great, having great dps helps significantly.

    Great dps, if they focus fire, only need a tank in the first few seconds. If they pull aggro they can usually kill the mob before it reaches them or does significant damage. In this way I, as the tank, can just make sure my threat is evenly spread out and then I can move onto pulling the next group as the dps keeps on dpsing. The heroic only lasts 15-20min.

  4. BarricadeNo Gravatar says

    My warrior is prot/prot, and I don’t see that changing for the foreseeable future. ICC looks to have enough challenges both for maintanking and offtanking to validate this, even if battle stance sword and board remains somewhat uninteresting.
    .-= Barricade’s last blog … Icecrown impressions, part 2. =-.

  5. LathereNo Gravatar says

    @Cokes ah I agree if your a good dps then you can definitely contribute – you forget I am not a good DPS :( I’m definitely not contributing to the run I promise you! In fact I even seem to struggle with tab targeting and have erm perhaps caused some wipes with my Starfall forgetting how large a range it has!

  6. KeevaNo Gravatar says

    I’m resto/resto, but with almost negligible difference between the two specs (one has more in Living Seed, the Regrowth glyph etc, the other has Revitalise, WG glyph).

    The difference is trivial, but sometimes I like to have those few points changed around, plus the Regrowth glyph on some hard-hitting tank fights.

    If I was doing 25s still, I would likely go HT spec for Anub, I suspect.

    Because I’m resto/resto, I haven’t taken offspec items for a long time. But, I also have two other druids, so I don’t really need an offspec set – I have a feral druid. :P

  7. drugNo Gravatar says

    Hybrids with dual specs are great. I find the choice of specs on my alts a lot easier though. Tank/dps on my warrior, resto/feral on my druid. That’s just great for 10 mans, being able to fill any role necessary.

    On my main, I wish there were more than two dual speccing slots. At this point I’m resto/elemental, because I dps quite a bit. BUT, I miss a pvp spec, I don’t like pvp’ing that much and entering arena/bgs without a proper spec is even worse and let’s not forget Champions heroic. I also miss enhancement, because that was my offspec in BC, but the dual speccing has made a spec swap so convenient I’m just too lazy to rearrange all my action bars and reglyph.

    I love the fact that I can swap between to specs so easily. But it’s horrible how lazy I got with respeccing from the scratch, something I would do on a weekly basis in BC.
    .-= drug’s last blog … One Year of Shields Up! =-.

  8. KellsNo Gravatar says

    My resto druid was my first main. I thought it would be great because I could fill any role with just a quick swap of gear/talents.

    I tried Balance once, and did abysmally. I tried Feral tanking once and did even worse. My druid has a balance dual spec but it remains largely unused.

    It’s sort of funny. I have a hybrid that can do anything, but instead of doing everything on my druid I ended up leveling a paladin to tank with and I’m working on a hunter to dps with.
    .-= Kells’s last blog … City of Mages =-.

  9. lissannaNo Gravatar says

    The new 3.3 hybrid is going to be dualspec resto: Rejuv/ nourish

    .-= lissanna’s last blog … If WoW is “just right,” why am I bored? =-.

  10. bruteNo Gravatar says

    Dual spec just isn’t enough is it?

    I guess having two specs in the same role (Tank/Healer/DPS) comes down to your class, role, guild and raid group. The old PvP vs PvE spec thing is still there, but I’m pretty much a pure PvE warrior and I ran most of Wrath with two Prot specs. Prot warriors have plenty of options which makes it more condusive to having two specs in the same role I guess which may not apply to other classes/specs some of which are pushed into defined cookie cutter builds (though Blizz has done a great job of limiting these in Wrath)

    I typically had a threat and a survival spec. Depending on the fight mechanics, I then moved to a standard spec and a progression spec for whatever encounter we were working on at the time. Malygos, Hodir, Mimiron… hell even Patchwerk brought out the gimmicky Unrelenting Assault spec for extra DPS.

    Currently we are on Anub’rak Heroic.. While in the past I would have had a specific Prot spec for Anub Add tanking, my current raid group needs me to DPS occassionaly (Prot/Fury). My previous raid group did not have such a breadth of regular, reliable tanks and allowed me to go Prot/Prot, but I am in a different environment now. So my current Prot spec is balancing act between a minmaxed Anub Add tanking spec and a general use one.

    Another area where two specs are useful is glyph slots. While Glyphs are cheap and I keep a stack on hand to swap out much like flasks, depending on the content there could be call to use the specs change glyphs rather than change actual talents.

    It’s funny, I had changed spec on my warrior about 3-4 times in total (5 gold respec costs) prior to Dual Spec coming along. Since Dual spec, I change spec all the time, its crazy. The flexibility that dual specs has brought to the raid group is very powerful and I guess that leads to more minmaxing efforts.

    At the end of the day, its all about minmaxing :)

  11. GorkosNo Gravatar says

    eh iknow the feeling. through most of wotlk my shammy has been enhancment. dual spec came along and i was happy to make resto my off spec. i was getting in to heroic pugs all the time and made getting badges a little easier.But over the last few months my guild has been asking me to heal more and more. my dps set just sits in my bags begging to be used.

    “hey gorkos you want to do toc 10″

    sure !

    “your healing ”


    like wise for my dk whos main spec is tanking. i got dual spec for him but in the last month since i got dual spec i have dpsd maybe 2 dungeons T_T

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