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Spinning Emblems into Gold

Yum. Epic Gems.

Yum. Epic Gems.

A friend of mine is in the process of gearing up a new level 80 character. So what does that mean? Yep. Lots and lots of heroics.

I don’t need gear from heroics for Cassandri. That doesn’t, however, mean that heroics are a complete waste of my time. I’m bringing in quite a bit of gold from looting, disenchanting mats, stacks of Frostweave Cloth and even the occasional Book of Glyph Mastery. It also helps that I quite enjoy running them.

I’m also accumulating a lot of Emblems of Conquest. I’m guessing approximately 6 per hour (I know it took us 25 minutes to do Heroic Trial of the Champion today because I had the oven timer on cooking my lunch before we started).

Assuming you don’t need gear purchasable with Emblems of Conquest, Valor or Heroism you have two options to turn those into gold:

Runed Orbs can sell for about 150g. However, demand is incredibly low. Most players have skipped over the Ulduar crafted boots and belt items. Those that are interested in having these items crafted most likely will prefer to spend their gold purchasing the other components (harder to farm) than the Orbs.

If you can sell a Runed Orb you’re looking at 18 Emblems of Conquest for 150g. That’s 8g and change per Emblem.

You can also convert your Emblems of Conquest into epic gems. You’ll need to exchange your Emblems of Conquest for Emblems of Valor and then exchange those for Emblems of Heroism. The exchange rate is always 1:1 so if you have 100 Emblems of Conquest to spend, you actually have 100 Emblems of Heroism to spend.

  1. Primary coloured (blue, red and yellow) epic gems cost 20 Emblems.
  2. Secondary coloured (green, orange and purple) epic gems cost 10 Emblems.

Note: All the Auction House prices are averages across all servers, from Prices on different servers will vary so it’s a good idea to check out where the action is on your server.

Primary Colours

Secondary Colours

  • Green Eye of Zul – 10 Emblems – AH 125g – 12g per Emblem
  • Orange Ametrine – 10 Emblems – AH 135g – 13g per Emblem
  • Purple Dreadstone – 10 Emblems – AH 140g – 14g per Emblem

Unless you can sell a primary colour gem for double or more the going rate for the secondary gems, it’s generally better buying and selling Ametrine, Dreadstone or Eye of Zul stones. The exception is, of course, if you discover one particular cut gem that sells for double that of any cut orange/purple/green gem on your server.

Cut gems are about 15g-20g more expensive than the rough gem. This saves the buyer from finding a Jewelcrafter with the right design recipe and tipping them for their services. If you have a friend who is willing to cut gems for you in order to sell them then it’s definitely worth your while to buy a stack of gems and have them cut into some popular, or rare, gems prior to listing them on Auction House.

Lets look at some of the most popular gem cuts selling on Auction House. Each cut is listed with the volume sold (over 7 days, I think) across all servers and the average sell price.

Gem Colour Most Popular Cut Sold Second Most Sold Third Most Sold
Blue Solid Majestic Zircon
452 @ 180g
Sparkling Majestic Zircon
52 @ 190g
Lustrous Majestic Zircon
33 @ 197g
Red Bold Cardinal Ruby
329 @ 194g
Delicate Cardinal Ruby
320 @ 195g
Yellow Rigid King’s Amber
206 @ 192g
Smooth King’s Amber
175 @ 195g
Quick King’s Amber
170 @ 215g
Green Enduring Eye of Zul
102 @ 175g
Vivid Eye of Zul
63 @ 198g
Dazzling Eye of Zul
42 @ 159g
Orange Veiled Ametrine
191 @ 185g
Potent Ametrine
109 @ 180g
Reckless Ametrine
113 @ 190g
Purple Purified Dreadstone
240 @ 198g
Glowing Dreadstone
106 @ 200g
Shifting Dreadstone
100 @ 200g

The popular cut gems that return the most gold for your emblems are:

  1. Glowing/Purified/Shifting Dreadstone – 200g for 10 Emblems – 20g per Emblem
  2. Vivid Eye of Zul – 198g for 10 Emblems – 19g per Emblem
  3. Reckless Ametrine – 190g for 10 Emblems – 19g per Emblem

However, I think any secondary colour gem is a good investment. Aside from Runed Cardinal Rubies (a bad Emblem investment) I use quite a lot of Potent Ametrines and Purified Dreadstones. These are the gems I like to convert my Emblems into. That way I can stockpile some in the bank in case I get a new item, and sell the overflow on AH.

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  1. Love this!
    .-= @valkyrierisen’s last blog … More reason not to tank =-.

  2. JyororeNo Gravatar says

    If you PvP alot then a good way to get the Primary Gems is through honor. Its 10k honor for a gem, no matter if its Primary or Secondary. If my alchemist’s transmute is on CD, I use badges on secondary gems and honor on primary. If your server/battle group runs premades then after about an hour of AV farming you can have enough honor to get one.
    .-= Jyorore’s last blog … Collections =-.

  3. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Jyorore That’s a good tip about spending honor on primary colour gems. I usually skim off my honor buying gems when I get close to reaching the honor cap, but I don’t PVP enough to have to do that often :)

  4. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    Gems wise, Alchemy is a good way to make them aswell. To do a transmute, the mats will cost you maybe 30g, but then you can sell the uncut gem for 130 – 160g depending on the market fluctuations.

    Luckily, I happen to have 2x Alchemists :) It’s the easiest 200g+ I make every day

  5. SkemNo Gravatar says

    Great write up! I had just had a similar thourgh after I brough some hierlooms for a new new… What do you do with 350 emblems?

    I am an Arcanist (with engineer/enchanter professions so no synergies for me). However like yourself I decided to stockpile the types I use Cardinal, Amertrine, and Dreadstone and if the prices are in the range I am interested in get a few cut and put them on ^^
    .-= Skem’s last blog … RAWR! =-.

  6. KlievNo Gravatar says

    The BoE Emblem of Valor bracers still sell well on my server. In particular plate tanks don’t have any better bracers without raiding, at least until the Icecrown 5 mans come out. 1900g for 60 emblems beats gems and orbs for me.

  7. Thanks for the cool tip. i wish you can share more of your brilliant ideas.
    Kayla Moore @ Be Anywhere’s last post: New website


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