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Pilgrim’s Bounty: Coolest Buff Ever

Who's the Crit Turkey Now!

Who's the Crit Turkey Now!

I had this cast on me by a random player outside Stormwind and I loved it so much I refused to do anything that could make me change forms and lose the buff.  Yes you can kill turkeys as a turkey… crazy I know!

And you’ll be proud to know that I lasted up to 8 turkeys into The Turkinator meta achievement by savagely killing my own kind before the buff unfortunately ran off.

This Beats Mr T Any Day...

This Beats Mr T Any Day...

3 Responses to “Pilgrim’s Bounty: Coolest Buff Ever”

  1. AneaNo Gravatar says

    This beats Mr T any day…

    .-= Anea’s last blog … You have earned the achievement [Badass]! =-.

  2. Gold PigNo Gravatar says

    My hands started itching now. Seems like, I also want to have that Turkinator meta achievement. Gotta play WoW later and kill lots of turkey. lol :D

  3. Clear ChanNo Gravatar says

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