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One for the Horses: A Trifecta

It’s Melbourne Cup day today! I’ve got about 30 minutes then I’m going to go put on a party dress and eat cheese and fruit while I watch the race. So, in the spirit of Melbourne Cup, and horse racing in general, lets talk about World of Wacraft horses. Ok, “mounts”. Whatever. Here are, in my opinion, the three coolest horses in World of Warcraft.

3. Swift Alliance Steed

Swift Alliance Steed - So blue, so Alliance!

Swift Alliance Steed - So blue, so Alliance!

Isn’t he pretty? I think I could almost look as good as a Paladin riding around on a mount like this. The reason I like Swifty so much is because he looks like your regular Alliance horse, but with lots of shiny bells and whistles. He’s understated. But he’s swift!

2. The Headless Horseman’s Steed

The Headless Horseman's Steed. He flys!

The Headless Horseman's Steed. He flies!

More evil than the meanest Warlock on your server’s mount, and less spiky, this is the only horse in the game that than can fly.

Well I think you can get a Reindeer during the holiday season, but that’s kind of lame. Until they implement unicorn mounts in World of Wacraft, I just don’t think you can beat this guy. I’d have pegged him for the number 1 spot if my roommate didn’t own him. That removes some of the, shall we say, mystique?

If I had this mount, I think I would spend all my time traveling to and from places in Northrend impersonating the Headless Horseman’s evil laugh. AHhahahahahahahaha!

1. The Fiery Warhorse (aka Midnight)

The Fiery Warhorse AKA Midnight

The Fiery Warhorse AKA Midnight

This poor creature has lived (or existed, since he’s undead?) with his master Attumen the Huntsman in an abandoned tower for god knows how long. Take Midnight out on the field and I bet he’d let loose. If he was my horse I’d treat him especially well. And hope that he has forgotten the number of times I went at him with a sword.

I, of course, don’t have any of these horses. I have my old faithful palomino. Now, if only I could come up with a suitable racing name for him…

If these three decided to race, who do you think would win?

17 Responses to “One for the Horses: A Trifecta”

  1. LathereNo Gravatar says

    Well my betting choices for this years Melbourne Cup were simply Shocking (hee hee hee do you get it :P ).

    I would put it all on Midnight to win!

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Hmmm, yes, I think Midnight has had the most training. But he’s been cooped up for awfully long…

  3. BarricadeNo Gravatar says

    Swift Alliance Steed is swift! And also probably a lot better trained than the other two, having run back and forth between Stormwind and Eastvale Logging Camp ;)
    .-= Barricade’s last blog … Learning by doing. =-.

  4. ErinysNo Gravatar says

    I’d bet on the Horseman’s Steed any day, he’ll just “fly” past the competition.

  5. NanukiNo Gravatar says

    Dear Lathere and Cassandri :)

    I am following your great blog since many weeks and absolutely looove the whole style and layout design you did! To be honest it’s definitely the prettiest one I’ve ever seen!
    I don’t know if you are willing to help me out just a little (if not, just feel pleased and complimented :D if you can say that in english.. I’m sorry, it’s not my native languarge) – but I absolutely adore your pretty layout and as I play WoW since release I finally thought about publishing my own blog (I’m a disc priest if that matters at all :D ). I’ve already worked with wordpress and know a little about all that stuff but I’d NEVER be able to create such a pretty layout like yours! So my question is if you propably have any links to helpful pages or wordpress layouts similar like yours or whatever :) I’m just a big fan of yours two and would love to have a pretty blog too :D

    I hope I did not bother you and if you cannot help me, I wanna just wanna say, I enjoy reading your stuff :) Keep up your interesting posts and pretty graphics!

    Best greetings from Europe :)

    Nanuki (Todeswache – EU)

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      @Nanuki 99% of the site design comes from 1 WordPress template: MNML. Find a template that fits your site and customise it with your own banner and I think it will look smashing. Good luck!

      @Erinys But if the Headless Horseman’s Steed flies, wouldn’t he actually be traveling at a slower movement speed? Even with Epic Flying?

  6. NanukiNo Gravatar says

    Thank you very much for your fast answer, Miss Cassandri :)
    Keep up your great work!

  7. AneaNo Gravatar says

    Hm… I’m not sure who would WIN, but I think that perhaps Swifty might not… his armor is so heavy! The other two have less to hold them down.

    However, I think Swifty is the most handsome – I’m a sucker for a horse in uniform.
    .-= Anea’s last blog … Raid for the Cure! =-.

  8. JaediaNo Gravatar says

    I prefer the Horseman’s mount, but mostly because I’ve never seen it drop. Also, thanks for the reminder! I keep forgetting to do ZG and Kara, last day I can do Kara today, oops.
    .-= Jaedia’s last blog … Relationships Within Azeroth =-.

  9. NanukiNo Gravatar says

    I am very sorry to bother you again!
    But now after some help I created my own blog (thanks to your motivation :D ) and currently asking myself how to install that achievement plugin. Do I need to host my own blog or does that plugin also work if I just have a normal wordpress blog hosted on the wordpress website? I’d love to also have that great feature! Propably you can help me out, that would be wonderful :)

  10. That swift alliance pony does look really cool! BUT the real question is.. CAN IT DEFEAT MY SWIFT HORDE WOLF?!
    .-= Sushicookie’s last blog … Quick post- bloggers. :D =-.

  11. JaediaNo Gravatar says

    @ Nanuki. You need to have a self hosted blog to be able to install plugins like the WoW Armory plugin, sadly. Though it makes self hosting all the more worth it when you do eventually go for it ^^
    .-= Jaedia’s last blog … A Few Notes =-.

  12. NazanielNo Gravatar says

    I reckon Midnight would win, did you see how fast he charged in Kara?
    .-= Nazaniel’s last blog … Epic Encounters : The Battle for Mount Hyjal =-.

  13. UltraNo Gravatar says

    Pretty sure a Charger would win with crusader aura – Paladins FTW

  14. CokesNo Gravatar says

    Wow! That alliance steed looks awesome! I haven’t seen any yet on Proudmoore.

  15. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Cokes The Swift Alliance Steed is a reward from completing a perfect Trial of the Grand Crusader 10 run with 0 wipes. There’s might be a couple on Proudmoore, but they’re certainly not commonplace yet.

  16. hereNo Gravatar says



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