HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Lath’s VuhDo Layout

My VuhDo setup next to Decursive, Recount and my spell buttons

My VuhDo setup next to Decursive, Recount and my spell buttons

I’ve been asked by a few people what my layout settings are for VuhDo. I thought it would be easier to cover the topic as one single blog post with screen shots rather than by reply to each individual question posed by in game whispers, comments, twitter and email.

This article covers two things:

  1. The layout options I have selected. This fits VuhDo all nice and snuggly into space on my screen freed up using Sunn Viewpoint Art.
  2. How I have chosen to display my HoTs on my raid targets and my click spell casting options.

Sunn Viewpoint Art – What Is It?

The description from Curse Gaming:

Sunn’s Viewport Art allows you to change the size of the rendered world area (viewport) and adds textured artwork in the non-rendered areas.

Ok, that doesn’t mean much to me either. So here’s my own more basic description:

This mod creates an empty black section under your game screen. The good thing about this is that all your mods can go into the black area so you can see everything happening around your character without any addons covering your view.

While you don’t need this mod to play the game, my customised layout settings have been chosen to display VuhDo directly under my character within the black section of my screen. If you want to duplicate my setup you’ll get most benefit if you combine this VuhDo layout with Sunn Viewpoint.

Vuhdo Layout Options

Opening Screen

So the screen shot below shows VuhDo when you first open it up and the options I have chosen. My favourite part in this screen is choosing your resurrection announcement message. I change mine fairly often, and they are always extremely silly!

Vuhdo Opening Panel Screenshot

General settings, including resurrection announcement

The Panels Tab

Most of the layout customisation is done via the panels tab of VuhDo. This screen shot below is of my General section. I choose to have up to 12 columns available which is more then enough for a Wintergrasp or AV with a bunch of Warlock and Hunter pets thrown into the mix. I also don’t like to see my empty groups when I’m soloing or in a 5 or 10 man instance so I always tick the Hide Empty option.

Vuhdo Panels Menu Screenshot 2

Panels General settings


The sizing I have chosen is specifically inline with my Sunn no-video black area. My individual Bar Height is set to 27 and the Bar Width is set to 55. I find the squares big enough to get a real feel for player health and mana but not too big that I feel like I’m back in kindergarten.

Vuho Panels Sizing Menu Screenshot 3

Panel Sizing settings

Bar Look & Feel

There are many textures to choose from for the look and feel of your bar. I like the Aluminium look, but go crazy and choose one that you like the best. I also like the background for each of my squares to match the Class colour of the player. This is very handy as you can see with a glance which players are the melee that need a HoT just before that crash or to work out which crazy Mage has pulled aggro too soon.

Vuhdo Panels Bars Menu Screenshot 4

Panel Bars settings


I personally like to show the group headers so I can easily see who is in each group. Vitare generally place the tanks in group 1 and the healers in group 5 so you already have a feel for where people are going to be located when your doing some crazy healing in a pinch. I have the font fairly small and like Skurri at size 10.

Vuhdo Panels Headers Menu Screenshot 5

Panel Headers settings


I choose to have the text as the Class Colour, which I know sounds like it would be hard to read but it actually presents very well and is very legible. I have chosen to have the text centered, and the persons name in Skurri, Size 9.

Vuhdo Panels Text Menu Screenshot 6

Panel Text settings

HoT Icon Layout

You can set up your HoTs to display around the outside of each raid frame, I like the box option which has HoTs in each corner as well as centered at the top and bottom. I’ve included below the layout and order I’ve selected though you may prefer to place these in different locations.

Vuhdo Panels HoT Icons Menu Screenshot 7

Panel HoTs Icons settings

Click Casting Spells

I have all my spells set to click cast through VuhDo and this is available under the Spells Tab. My mouse set up is as follows:

Left Click: Lifebloom
Right Click: Rejuvenation
Middle Button: Wild Growth

Shift Left Click: Regrowth
Shift Right Click: Nourish
Shift Middle Button: Swiftmend

Alt Left Click: Target/Select Player
Ctrl Left Click: Rebirth

As I only have a 3 button mouse, all other moves that aren’t used frequently are key bound. During Heroic Anub’arak I specifically go into VuhDo and change my Nourish button to Healing Touch to ensure I don’t go on autopilot and spam Nourish instead.

More Information and Good Reads

  • If you like the idea of VuhDo but want to know more about it’s great features I strongly recommend our introductory article on VuhDo here.
  • Setting up and monitoring custom debuffs such as Penetrating Cold has been covered by Matticus here.
  • The VuhDo Wiki is here.
  • The maker of VuhDo is very active on the Plus Heal forums and with the healing community which is fantastic. The VuhDo Manual thread can be found here.
  • And finally if you would like to download VuhDo and try it for yourself, find the Curse Gaming link here.

Happy Healing!

15 Responses to “Lath’s VuhDo Layout”

  1. VerileNo Gravatar says

    Thanks for the well written guide. I may have to play with VuhDo again sometime. :)
    .-= Verile’s last blog … Back to the Grind =-.

  2. RiverspathNo Gravatar says

    Nice post!

    Vuhdo is my healing addon too (Im resto shamy) and I like it very much (I used to heal via healbot, but actually I prefer this one) cos is easy but configurable.

    I recomend you to use “smart cast” (or something similar xD), I have not Vuhdo in front of me D:) for castin Rebirth. Basically It makes you cast Rebirth when you click, no matter the button, on a Death Target.

    The only Vuhdo matter is that when I got disconnected in the middle of a battle, the addon doesnt reload when a log on =( I dondt know if this is a general addons problem…

    Bye and gratz for your blog. I read it everyday in mail email (such a great option :D )

  3. ArmagonNo Gravatar says

    In the end I have to say as someone only healing on alts, and mostly just as off-spec, it’s just too complicated to setup.
    If you may end up having to use it only two or three times before the next patch, then all is broken again :(

    Too bad, I like Grid and VuhDo isn’t bad either, but they’re both far from easily usable.
    Kind of like PitBull, I haven’t changed my layout for nearly 2 years I think.
    .-= Armagon’s last blog … Cooking, the cheap way =-.

  4. SebilathalNo Gravatar says

    Something which helped me to enhance my 3-button mouse:

    I remapped mousewheel turning up/down to shift-up/down. Via vuhdo it’s fairly easy to map actions to those as well, which gives me another two, which are far better reachable than many of those Button 4/5 sported by 5+ buttoned mice.

    I hope this helps someone…


  5. SebilathalNo Gravatar says

    Something which helped me to enhance my 3-button mouse:

    I remapped camera zooming via mousewheel up/down to shift-up/down. Via vuhdo it’s fairly easy to map actions to those as well, which gives me another two, which are far better reachable than many of those Button 4/5 sported by 5+ buttoned mice.

    I hope this helps someone…


    PS: Sorry for double post, but the first version wasn’t understandable, not even to me ;-)

  6. OleanderNo Gravatar says

    Interesting that you show pets! Do you take advantage of that much?

    Amusing that you haven’t bound Healing Touch. I should probably get rid of my click-binding for that, too; maybe put Nature’s Swiftness+Healing Touch in it’s place.

    The question I always ask when I see a good healing grid next to decursive is… Why decursive? Vuhdo can do all of that, and that’s a lot less screen real estate, mouse movement, etc. And you can tell who you’re decursing. (It shouldn’t be for lack of mouse buttons, since you can “chord” your meta keys. I have all my heals on my left mouse button, and my decursives on right.)

  7. TailspinnNo Gravatar says

    I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you featured this addon a while back. I switched from Healbot to Vuhdo after I read your post and have never looked back! I love your setup and wish I could replicate it :( Due to the small resolution of my laptop screen my frames take up almost half my screen! I really like how Vuhdo changes some of the options that it will provide in the options menu depending on your class. It cause a little grief for me and my healing officer, but we worked through it. I’m trying to get all of our healers to switch to this fantastic UI.

  8. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Oleander I can’t speak for Lathere, but I just can’t figure out any more sensible (ie, memorable) key combinations to include Dispel Magic and Cure Disease on my VuhDo raid frames. I’m using Left and Right mouse buttons (I don’t trust clicking my scroll button – too slippery) with 3 keys – Shift, Alt and occasionally Ctrl. I could perhaps change my scroll up and scroll down to Dispel Magic and Cure Disease respectively but at the moment I use scroll up/down to target the player. Might have to think about it some more.

    That said on my brand new little Mage, who obviously can’t heal, I’ll be using VuhDo to decurse. Perhaps when I’ve gotten the hang of that I’ll see if I can work it into my Priest setup, too.

  9. OleanderNo Gravatar says

    The way I do it is: (two-button mouse, no wheel)
    Shift + Left = Lifebloom
    Alt + Left = Rejuvenation
    Alt + Shift + Left = Swiftmend
    Ctrl + Left = Healing Touch
    Ctrl + Shift + Left = Nourish
    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left = Wild Growth

    Ctrl + Right = Abolish Poison
    Alt + Right = Remove Curse

    The meta combinations made some sense when I came up with them but they’re pure muscle memory now. I really like having all my heals on the left button.

  10. LeahNo Gravatar says

    looks a lot like a combination of grid and clique in one addon with a sightly more user friendly setup interface :) my only beef with it is that I cannot click cast offensive spells with it and if I’m going to have to download clique anyways, I might as well stick to grid for raid frames (being an altoholic, I use my grid+clique on every character, be it tank, dps, healer or anything inbetween and have my profiles set up accordingly :) )

  11. VraynNo Gravatar says

    I tried clicking the scroll wheel for a while but it’s never responsive enough for my liking so i switched to scrolling the wheel up or down for Cleanse Spirit on my Resto Shaman. I’d highly recommend trying this if you haven’t already

  12. brianNo Gravatar says

    Actually Leah (#10), you can click cast offensive spells. Theres a sub category for hostile actions on the spell tab.

  13. KaetlynNo Gravatar says

    I’m going to give VuhDo a try after being a long time Grid/Clique user. I was using a more traditional wired 3 button mouse and then moved to a gaming mouse that had 5 buttons. I still didn’t use those extra buttons because they weren’t comfortable to get to. I now have a Saitek Cyborg mouse that was handed down to me from a friend that likes track balls better and I LOVE it. I use the thumb button as “shift” and have another thumb button as ‘CTRL” I end up using button 4 and 5 for cleansing/decursing and earth shield but they are easy to get to with my thumb. I highly recommend it.

  14. sirio rossNo Gravatar says

    I am a healer. Where can i get the program for vuhdo?
    sirio ross’s last post: Cursussen Tai Chi en Qigong in Wageningen – Hoogenlaag

  15. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.


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