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Increase Your Sex Appeal
with a Blood Elf Mask

Pretending to be a blood elf is the next best thing to... actually being a blood elf.

Pretending to be a blood elf is the next best thing to... actually being a blood elf.

Everyone knows that Blood Elves are the “sexy” race. Which race was picked to most closely resemble Britney Spears? That’s right. A Blood Elf female. Even Blizzard’s Faction Change advertising carries the slogan “Because I would rather be a Blood Elf”. What more proof do you need?

Meet my favourite dysfunctional couple in World of Warcraft. He’s a robe-wearing pirate. She’s… got a crappy plane. An unusual match perhaps. But “Silvermoon” Harry wears Blood Elf clothing and collects all kinds of Blood Elf artifacts. And he makes his girlfriend wear a Blood Elf mask. Even though they’re both perfectly normal looking humans. Grezzix Spindlesnap, your “liason” between the the Kalu’ak and the pirates describes Harry like so:

He’s a freak… crazy for blood elves.

Alanya tries to apologise for looking like she forgot that the All Hallows costume party was last week:

This is the only way Harry will talk to me! I have to keep this stupid mask on all the time…

You meet Harry and Alanya when you’re sent to sort things out at Scallywag Point in Howling Fjord. You’ll beat up residents for money. You’ll recover stolen treasure. And you’ll even need to kidnap a frog (although, to this day, I’m not quite sure why). Every single resident in this pirate town is slightly insane. Or drunk. Maybe both.

I tend not to enjoy leveling all that much. I like add-ons that speed up the process significantly, like QuestHelper. I rarely read quest text. I just hit that accept button. Give me a 1 line objective and show me where to go and I’ll already be halfway there. 20 Starving Shoveltusks need to be slaughtered? Done.

I was frantic to reach 80 and put questing behind me. So it takes something out of the ordinary to catch my attention. But when I first spoke to “Silvermoon” Harry I found myself reading every single word of every single quest in that quest chain. The story was strange and wonderful and the characters are definitely a little different.

Frankly, I think Alanya should dump Harry for “Handsome” Terry. Or she should explain to Harry that it’s just not cool to be wearing level 1 armor when you reach Northrend.

Whatever you do on your path (or race) to level 80, don’t skip the Scalawag quests.

By the way, did anyone else notice if other players treated them differently when they were wearing a Blood Elf Mask during All Hallows?


PS. Believe it or not this post was inspired by a Shared Topic: Relationships within Azeroth. You can find more serious discussion on this topic here and here.
PPS. Sof, this article is for you, since we’ve both had a crappy week and I think it’s time for some fun.

8 Responses to “Increase Your Sex Appeal
with a Blood Elf Mask”

  1. AneaNo Gravatar says

    This is an interesting take on the Shared Topic for this week! I remember those two slightly – I was probably just passing through and didn’t do the quests. I’ll certainly remember to do them next time I’m there and read the quest text.
    .-= Anea’s last blog … Shared Topic: Relationships within Azeroth =-.

  2. NaithinNo Gravatar says

    Hah, I did an absolute double take when I saw the trackback at first, since it only showed the title. I thought had been attacked by some very kinky and specifically targetted spam bot!

    Couldn’t help but to laugh (and be appreciative!) when I saw the link came from here, and then again while reading. I don’t know how I’d missed these guys while levelling, but somehow I did. Twice. Are they alliance side only? I haven’t done an alliance through Northrend as yet.
    .-= Naithin’s last blog … People of Azeroth =-.

  3. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Pretty sure they’re not Alliance only Naithin, because at the end of the chain you do these quests on a boat that travels around the isle, and well… it was all out Alliance vs Horde warfare on that boat.

    That said, perhaps the Horde version of the quests come from somewhere else?

  4. NaithinNo Gravatar says

    Just checked through the quest link you offered in the post, and even right from the beginning, it is supposedly for both factions!

    So methinks may have to just go out and do ‘em anyways. :)
    .-= Naithin’s last blog … Featuring: Blog Azeroth =-.

  5. This article really made me giggle! I remember that base at HF from when I was doing Loremaster and I absolutely loved it, especially the frog catching.

    Thanks for the link as well!

    Hope your week is a little better this week!

    .-= Sophie (Elsen-Terenas-EU)’s last blog … Miss Medicina’s Healing Questionnaire! =-.

  6. TamNo Gravatar says

    Heheh, I love Silvermoon harry! I really like that whole quest line and area though – pirates!! Yarrrr!
    .-= Tam’s last blog … Tanking Meme =-.

  7. Oh man, this article cracked me up. I totally forgot about these two!
    .-= Sushicookie’s last blog … My husband’s paladin =-.

  8. SimonNo Gravatar says

    LOL nice post this article really made me laugh I missed these guys while i was levelling at first but then returned for the quest anyway frog catching anyone? lol
    Simon’s last post: Elf Hats And Wigs


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