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Fun with VuhDo: The Battleground Preparation Game!

30 seconds til the battle starts!

30 seconds til the battle starts!

This story doesn’t start in a Battleground. It starts in a PuG run of Old Kingdom. I was the last member to join. Skimming over the other party member names I noticed that we had one Paladin from our server’s number #1 raiding guild. Prot? Holy? Ret? I hovered over their frame in VuhDo to check out their mana/heath and read this instead:

Level 80 Paladin
Bad DK Alt of <Gigantor>

This struck me as quite amusing. Sure it’s funny to have a guild rank called “Bad DK Alt” but it’s even funnier to stick one of your Paladins on this rank. And it does seem like every player has a Death Knight Alt ready for some VoA action if you even mention that you’re short on DPS. They’ve logged off to change characters before you can say “wait! we already have 5 in the raid”.

In the Burning Crusade my guild had a special rank called “God of Nightbane” purely to humor one of our Warlocks who demanded to be the one to summon Nightbane whenever we ran Karazhan. It wasn’t the lowest rank in the guild, but it was close. And it was definitely lower than Member rank. And it didn’t include any privileges – you couldn’t even type in Guild chat.

When I joined my current guild the lowest guild rank was “FIRE STARTER”. Eventually I got the full story out of one of the long term members. The rank had been so named for a guild member who lost central heating during a raid and had to AFK to “start a fire”. Perhaps this is a legitimate reason to make your raid wait in some parts of the world but when you’re part of a predominantly Australian/New Zealand raiding guild during the height of summer (in other words, sitting at their computer in their swimmers with a fan on) the rest of us think it’s pretty darn strange.

This rank was renamed to “Special Mage” not long after I joined. Anyone who had a tantrum got demoted down to this rank. And yes, usually it was the Mages having hissy fits. Oh how I wanted to be granted this rank. I was eventually demoted down (after much begging) only to discover that Special Mages don’t get to repair using Guild Bank funds. Shame that.

Back to the story. With VuhDo, if they’re in my raid and in range, I can see their guild rank. That includes Battlegrounds. Yes, that’s right. This is now my favourite Battleground preparation game. While you’re buffing, I’m scrolling over my frames.

Who has the most bizarre, non-sensical or comical Guild Rank/Guild Name in the group?

I don’t think I’ve found anything quite as amusing as that Paladin on Bad DK Alt rank. And some rank titles are downright confusing – punishment or reward? I did once ask a Mage on the rank of “Audi TT” if that was a position of power in his guild, but he didn’t reply.

Here are some of my favourites:

Another guild rank that I don't quite understand. Cool guild name though! Mercenaries for hire?

Mercenaries for hire?

Yup, he won himself a healer for that AB match

Yup, he won himself a healer for that AB match

Full of win: A confusing name for a mage, a strange guild rank, and an awesome guild name

Full of win: A strange mage name, a strange guild rank, and an awesome guild name

Hey! I promise this guy is NOT affliated in any way with

Hey! I promise this guy is NOT affliated in any way with

Mages and their beverages...

Mages and their beverages...



I guess he's not the first person to aspire to be Britney

I guess he's not the first person to aspire to be Britney

Madsnakelol. LOL.

Madsnakelol. LOL. I just like the character name.

Anti patch 3.2.0? What do you think?

Anti patch 3.2.0? What do you think?


Ah, I thought this position was already taken?


We are young! Heartache to heartache...


Now this is a rank every raiding guild needs! Keep those teens in line!

Only a Gnome Warrior would consider Bladestorm "cute"

Only a Gnome Warrior would consider Bladestorm "cute"

Read that one again. Slowly. I wonder if his mum really is a Regional Manager for Myer?

Read that one again. Slowly. Is this one for real?

* Myer is the name of a chain of department stores in Australia.

12 Responses to “Fun with VuhDo: The Battleground Preparation Game!”

  1. VokNo Gravatar says

    Hmmm….we need a creative name for our “You’ve been bad” rank, I may steal one of those….
    .-= Vok’s last blog … When I grow up I want to be a…. =-.

  2. SouvrayaNo Gravatar says

    Nice ones. My alt guild, Federation, has a “Suicide Squad” rank for all the triggerhappy mages, though it originally was made specially for our dear 709, who always starts before the tank, preferably while said tank is AFK in a brand new instance, looking up tacts. :p

  3. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    In Saga we recently adopted a “Quarantine” rank for unfortunates hit by the recent wave of compromised accounts. Of course, anyone we invite into the guild starts at this (lowest) rank, which gives quite some hilarity once they find out.
    .-= Natarumah’s last blog … Countering “I am bored” =-.

  4. ZahrahNo Gravatar says

    Some of them are funny.. It’s not suprising that Blizz don’t show the rank names on the armory then, considering there is no ‘naughty’ filters on ranks
    .-= Zahrah’s last blog … Your Friday Morning is not mine =-.

  5. TeresaNo Gravatar says

    Everytime I read a post here about Vuhdo it makes me want to try it out! But that always involves a 5 hour overhaul of my UI and it makes me sad. I had a mod that used to show guild ranks…I didn’t realize how much I missed it until this post. I especially liked the ‘BuffDKDruid’ tag, it made me giggle =D
    .-= Teresa’s last blog … Heal Team Synergy =-.

  6. Should be Muted = pure win.

    I can think of a few people deserving of that tag.

    It really is a nice way of giving pugs the heads up about your guild members. Don’t bother complaining to the GM about the guy in Douchebag rank, cause we already warned you…
    .-= Gnomeaggedon’s last blog … I think that went alright… =-.

  7. KaeNo Gravatar says

    VuhDo manages tooltips, too? Hrmmm, they look like nice tooltips.

    I just can’t give up Grid!

    My guild rank:
    Guild Slave of

  8. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    “Quarantine” and “Slave of” are both great guild ranks! LOL

    @Teresa Can’t you just drag VuhDo where your existing raid frames are? Like disable Grid or whatever and just squish VuhDo into that empty spot?

    @Kae Please give it a go! The only way you’ll know if Grid is definitely the better addon of the two for you is if you try and compare both.

  9. WolviineNo Gravatar says

    disable grid? the blasphemy! :p

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  11. LudieNo Gravatar says

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    Ludie’s last post: Ludie


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