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Who Put The Headless Horseman in Horde Territory? And Why Holiday Achievements are a Waste of Time

Another free Honor Kill incoming...

Another free Honor Kill incoming...

The Achievement system must have recently celebrated its first year anniversary. You now how I know? Because when All Hallows came around this time last year it was the first time I said to myself: I want that achievement because I want that title.

Cassandri the Hallowed

I’m a Shadow Priest. I’m like a little slice of Halloween all year round. Perfect match, right? And at the time having any kind of title was pretty special. You’d see a few Champion of the Naaru, Hand of Ad’al or Private titles wandering around Shattrath but most players were simply known by their name and their guild. I’ve got a thing for titles.

So last year I trekked through god-damned Horde territory twice a day for 2 weeks on my two level 70 characters to summon the Headless Horseman. I didn’t care much for the loot but I desperately needed two items dropped by the Headless Horseman for one of the achievements, a Sinister Squashling and a Hallowed Helm. I got the Hallowed Helm. I never got the pet.

By the last day of the holiday I had done so many ridiculous things that I never would have otherwise done in order to complete achievements that I was starting to question whether the title was even worth it. I Trick or Treat’ed an Innkeeper every hour with 3 characters hoping to collect each of the various Wands and Flimsy Masks. I’d attempted to compete the ridiculous PVP Southshore quest and gotten outnumbered by viscous, Flight Master killing, Horde for at least an hour before giving up.

Can the Mayor of Southshore employ some decent guards already?

So imagine that it’s the last day of All Hallows 2008 – my last opportunity to win a Sinister Squashling. I slowly make the trip from Chillwind Camp (of course, at least 5 Horde players are ready to kill you the instant you land) through Western Plaguelands, west into Horde territory and north to the Scarlet Monastery. About 30 minutes, numerous deaths later (because that’s the only way you can force your way through the last 100 yards to the instance door) my party gets into the instance. We summon and kill the Headless Horseman over and over again. A Sinister Squashling drops. So does the totally wicked Headless Horseman mount which flys.

I didn’t win the mount, but that’s ok, I’m not that lucky.

But I didn’t win the Sinister Squashing either. My roommate, who rarely plays, and in fact hasn’t really played World of Warcraft much this year (the Hello Kitty MMO and all that), won it. I was devastated. My chances at the title were gone for the year.

All that time spent earning the lesser achievements, swapping characters every hour to trick or treat innkeepers, logging in every day, getting ganked on the way to Scarlet Monastery could have been better spent doing… well almost any other in game activity. I would have enjoyed my time much more and ended up with the same result.

I vowed not to waste another minute of play time on holiday achievements.

Fast forward to Monday night. The first evening of All Hallows 2009. I let myself be talked into giving the Headless Horseman another go. The trip there is agony (nothing has changed since last year and the Southshore guards are still absolutely hopeless) and we finally get into the instance. What I would have given for a Paladin immunity bubble as I approached the path leading up to the Monastery… you don’t want to know.

5 friends. 5 attempts. No Sinister Squashling. But, miracle of miracles, the mount drops. My roommate wins it. That’s right, the same person who only just reactivated their account in the last few months, plays once a week if that, hasn’t reached level 80, doesn’t have Epic Flying and probably never will.

I’m not angry at my roommate for having such amazing good loot luck. But I’m angry at myself for wasting more time, yet again, even though I vowed after last year, to never waste time on an achievement which requires you to have luck to complete it.

All Hallows, you have made your point quite clear. I am not going to spend time on activities which I don’t particularly enjoy in the hopes of earning a title that I’d like to have.

I’d also like to see them put an achievement, required to earn the title Brewmaster or something, tucked away in Gnomergan, deep in the heart of Alliance territory and conveniently close to one of our capital cities and see how the Horde like being farmed as for honor kills. Fair’s fair and all that?

Note: Brewfest was the very first holiday scheduled after the Achievement system was launched, but “Brewmaster Cassandri”? No thanks!

14 Responses to “Who Put The Headless Horseman in Horde Territory? And Why Holiday Achievements are a Waste of Time”

  1. anexxiaNo Gravatar says

    The good news is the Squashling also drops from the Crudely Wrapped Gifts you get from defending lowbie towns each day, or from the treat bags. I got it on my bank alts before I got it on any of the toons I actually play. GL this year!
    .-= anexxia’s last blog … What’s Next? =-.

  2. I’m very casual with holidays. This yeah–having had fairly good luck and a lot of free time on my hands last year–my priest Cerridwyn is only a few wand transformations and the pvp achievement from the title. My paladin, otoh, will probably get an achievement here or there (the candy buckets, def) but otherwise… meh.

    I just don’t see the point in getting myself all stressed about something that is supposed to be fun and will happen again next year. Eventually? I’ll have all of the holiday achievements I care to get, and then maybe I’ll find something else to occupy myself with during Holidays. <3
    .-= divinebubbles's last blog … Flailtanking 101 =-.

  3. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    Give me a yell if you’re gonna do it, as I’ve already got the pet so you’re welcome to it :)

    Could go in and 2 man it if you want, or maybe try to find some other people who don’t want the pet.

    I’m dead set on getting that mount this year though!! Have a feeling it’ll cost me a tonne o gold tho if it drops since I’ll probably lose the /roll

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      What Cass didn’t mention is that we both brought in alts for an extra 2 goes and the mount dropped again! So 7 goes and we got 2 mounts, what are the chances we’ll ever see it drop again this year? /sadface

  4. TufvaNo Gravatar says

    I feel for you – I can’t imagine the frustration of just the travelling there on a PvP server.

    Though I must admit – that roommate of yours rolling on the items against you knowing (I presume) how much they would mean to you…

  5. VokNo Gravatar says

    Yeah, it’s a warzone getting to the Horseman.

    Could be worse. Could be some poor guy that just started playing the game and had a quest to go to SM. He won’t be back……
    .-= Vok’s last blog … So you think you can fish? =-.

  6. CokesNo Gravatar says

    Hi there, new reader here! Followed the link from wow insider and I’m really liking the stuff here :D

    Good Luck on getting your title this year!

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      @Cokes Glad your liking the site! I’ve given up on getting Cass to run Headless Horseman for the remainder of the event lol – she is adamant she is never going back!

  7. AdgamorixNo Gravatar says

    Hmm – part of me has about zero sympathy – I mean, you did choose to play on a PvP server right? I don’t know your historty – but there’s still that concious choice (especially given the realm transfers) to be on a PvP server.

    Of course, you’re Oceanic – so things could be different.

    Anyway – I do agree about the achievments. Those types of titles and such never really interested me. I have no interest in the mount (yes, he’s cool – but my 310% speed proto will still win – along with my chopper), and my Starcaller title is the only one I need right now.

    Oh yeah – and my luck on drops sucks too – at least on my Paladin (my main).

    As far as the gankfest goes – I’m definately one of the guilty horde. And we play on a PvE server.
    .-= Adgamorix’s last blog … Boss design and buffing =-.

  8. TaraNo Gravatar says

    You can actually get the Squashling from trick or treating as well. I got the Hallowed title on 3 of my characters last year (because I’m slightly crazy, clearly) and I definitely got the helm and pet from treat bags on one of them. And you’re very lucky to have seen the mount that many times! I killed the HH every day last year at LEAST 5 times a day and so far the same this year and have yet to even see it.

    Gnomeragan is a bad example, Horde can teleport there from Booty Bay. But I agree, it’s pretty horrible to see all the slaughtering going on outside SM. At the very least you guys should get a free teleport to the instance or something!
    .-= Tara’s last blog … And now with no wipes =-.

  9. TamNo Gravatar says

    My vanity alt (the prettiest elf) actually had the damn squashling drop twice in a row last – completely useless since you can’t even trade it with yourself and Agrimony is never going to replace his Siamese cat. Never.

    I hear you about holiday achievements – I’ve never really seen the appeal. Some of them are quite fun at 80 becuase it gives you something a little bit fresh and different to do instead of sucking Holdir’s horn. But I’ve only ever done the fun stuff.
    .-= Tam’s last blog … learning to be more of a dick? =-.

  10. I did this last year on my priest. Because “Hallowed” fits a priest so damn well. But I never did it on my pally. Well right after this holiday I decided on my pally to start doing all of them to get the purple drake, since he’s a pally and pallies are gay. What better than to rid eon a purple drake? So, I just NOW got my drake on him. And I thought I wasn’t going to. Having to get stupid toothpicks from trick or treating is silly. I trick or treated every hour for two days before my hubs finally got it for me while I was napping. >.<
    And I swear I only got the Hallowed Helm out of luck with my mount farming group.
    Sorry it's been difficult for you. :( I'd just trick or treat everytime you run by the inn keeper, maybe it'll show up in a bag.

    Also, I love this sites layout. :)
    .-= Sushicookie's last blog … My guild got mentioned over at =-.

  11. AneaNo Gravatar says

    What rotten luck! Luckily, the only title that I knew I needed to get for Anea was “Elder”… but, the smart girl I am, I left it till the very last day (practically up to the hour, honestly) to get the instances finished. I’m glad I got it, but you’re right… no title is worth THAT much intensive labor, effort and kills for it all to depend on luck.
    .-= Anea’s last blog … The Nu Anea! =-.

  12. We need to set a standard, not follow the ways of the world.


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