HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

The Answer is 779

3 Mind Flays in a row? Sacriliege!

3 Mind Flays in a row? Sacriliege!

If you haven’t already you should head over to MMO-Champion and check out the Tier 10 set bonuses and armor video (only a few classes available so far). I’ll give you a few minutes to giggle over the idea of raiding with a bunch of scuba divers, er Rogues, before we take a look at our Shadow Priest set bonuses.

The 2 piece bonus is nice: 5% increased chance for our DoT ticks to be critical strikes. I love it. What’s not to love? But let’s look at our 4 set bonus which usually looks good on paper, but performs pretty poorly. Most of the time you won’t start to question the good, bad and the ugly of your 4 set bonus until you already have it at which point it’s easier just to keep on pretending that it’s totally awesome to save face.

The Shadow Priest Tier 10 four piece set bonus is:

Reduces the duration of your Mind Flay spell by 0.5 seconds.

When I first read that well I thought (a) that sounds much more likely to reach the live servers than the 51% reduction previously announced and (b) this could enable us Shadow Priests to hit the second haste rating sweet spot where 3 Mind Flays fit neatly in between the static Mind Blast cooldown window.

Most Shadow Priests currently hover somewhere in the first sweet spot at 9%-10% Haste to fit 2 Mind Flays in between our Mind Blast cooldown.

Is it finally time to break free? Drool over Haste gear and aggressively elbow the swarm of Mages, Shamans, Druids (ok, pretty much the rest of the raid) aside?

How much haste rating would you need to cast 3 Mind Flays in the frame of a 5.5 second cooldown window between Mind Blasts? Mind Flay has a 3 seconds base casting speed. The 3 Mind Flays would need to be cast in 5.5 seconds alltogether. That’s only 1.83 seconds each.

If you’re going to have the Tier 10 four piece bonus they can take 2.33 seconds to cast each (1.83 + 0.5) prior to factoring in the four piece set bonus reduction.

Q. So lets figure out what Haste Rating is required to cast a 2.33 second Mind Flay:

  • Haste% = ((Base Cast Time / Desired Cast Time) – 1) * 100
  • Haste% = ( (3 / 2.33) – 1 ) * 100
  • Haste% = 0.2875 * 100
  • Haste% = 28.75% or 943 Haste Rating

A little out of reach? How about if you factor in Wrath of Air Totem? That not an unreasonable assumption in a 25 man raid.

Haste = 23.75% or 779 Haste Rating

My (smart ass) Raid Leader pointed out that in a 25 man raid you’ll usually also get 3% Haste from a Moonkin or Ret Paladin. So if you want to add that into the mix you’ll only need:

Haste = 20.75% or 681 Haste Rating

Will you be gearing for 779 (or 681) Haste Rating for Icecrown? I’ve avoided heavy Haste items for so long now I think it’s time to mix things up and try something new! If all that Haste is going to speed up our DoTs too, then I think this might be the way to go.

What’s your plan?

I’m eagerly awaiting the artwork for the Priest Tier 10 set. I think Priest gear is absolutely beautiful so I was really disappointed by the not-very-priest-like blue cloth sack given to us for Tier 9. Personally I’d love to look like a cultist this time round. That’s appropriately evil for Icecrown Citadel.

And finally, just for the fun of it:

Clam Master K, I love you

Clam Master K, I love you

Rogue Tier 10 Scuba Divers (click to enlarge)

Rogue Tier 10 Scuba Divers

* 32.79 Haste Rating = 1% Haste at level 80

** This calculation assumes that the four piece bonus will be applied after your haste has reduced the cast speed of Mind Flay.

5 Responses to “The Answer is 779”

  1. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    don’t forget your 3% haste from a boomkin / ret pally aswell

    that’ll bring your 779 down to something very acheiveable imo

    Although you’ll want to go a little over the haste cap to factor in delay/reaction time, since particularly with mindflay since it’s channelled, you can’t really just spam the button else you won’t get the full duration :(

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Count on a Boomkin? Never! Ret Pallies give 3% haste hey? Is that why we keep them around? Ok I’ll throw that in, too.

  3. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    We keep them around, because Paladins are awesome!!!11!!

  4. KithainNo Gravatar says

    Awesome post! I really do hope the reduction comes after haste buffs though if it’s anything like the resto shaman t8 bonus, then that means the reduction will be prior to haste buffs. :( Which would bring up the haste rating requirement to about 900ish? Would probably mean clipping the last mindflay or so.

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