HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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6 Tips to Suck Less at Alterac Valley

I’m no expert on Alterac Valley. But I think it’s time I shared some of knowledge that I’ve (usually painfully) learnt over the last year or so. These are the things I wish someone else had told me when I first started out in Alterac Valley.

Dedicated Insanity and some Less-than-Epic Epics and Rares

After last week’s success (earning a Tribute to Insanity – 0 wipes in Trial of the Grand Crusader) our 10 man group decided to push the envelope even further. Last night we ditched our shiniest new epicz to see if our previous achievements in ToGC was a testament to gear… or skill.

Improving the Interface Using Addons: VuhDo (Raid Frames)

Both Cass and I have tried several Raid Frame Addons and both of us have been using VuhDo for several months. And we both love it. VuhDo looks great, gives you all the customisation of Grid, and is as easy to use as Healbot.


This is short and sweet. The tier 10 druid gear is revolting.  I could handle the bird helm, even though members in our raid now call me “beaky”, but this new head piece is loathsome…. yes loathsome. Click here to see for yourself I don’t care that the 2 and 4 piece set bonuses sound [...]

The End of An Era

For the last four blissful months I’ve been the sole, main spec, Shadow Priest in my guild. That time has come to an end. We’ve just accepted a new Shadow Priest into the guild.

Improving the Interface with Addons: ForteXorcist (DoT Monitor)

Debuff Filter excels at tracking the DoTs on your target – but it won’t display anything applied to other targets. So I decided to give ForteXorcist a go.

8 Rules of Raiding Etiquette and How to Survive Your Trial Period

Over the last few weeks raid attendance to our 25 man progression nights has been abysmal. Vitare, our guild, is progressing reasonably well (2/5 ToGC 25 man) even though we’re only putting in, at the most, 1 night per week doing 25s. We’re coping with our poor turn out as best we can by recruiting [...]

Welcome to the Isle of Conquest

A word of advice. If the Isle of Conquest is your PVP Daily too, don’t bother. I used to think protecting the weak west wall from the Northwest Tower (as best you can, not much is in range, I know) was the best defense but lately the Horde have been throwing up groups of 3 or four to kill the gunners and their cannons too. Now I just don’t know.

An Insanely Good Tribute Run

Last week the group got him in 2 attempts (without me, /cry) and this week we got Anub’arak without wiping at all. Our 10 man group earns the achievement: A Tribute to Insanity (10). Where’s my ToC Undying title hey?