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Myth: Alliance are Gay

Survey by HoTs & DoTs (completely unbiased)

Survey by HoTs & DoTs (completely accurate and unbiased, we promise)

Once upon a time things were pretty inflexible after you started that first Level 1. When my partner and I started playing we chose our home server Barthilas only because, well, that was what Blizzard recommended to us when we first loaded the game.

After playing for a couple of months I got attached to my characters only to discover that many people I worked with were already playing World of Warcraft, but they were well established on other realms as Horde (you know, the other scary side). Without completely re-rolling, it seemed that we would never get to play together.

During the Burning Crusade I did reroll. Well I didn’t technically re-roll. I started a Blood Elf Mage on another server just so I could instance with some of my work mates. Things fell apart when I reached level 70. I just didn’t have enough play time to raid on my home server, Barthilas, as Lathere and also with my Horde Mage.

In the last month or Blizzard have given players the opportunity to join their real life friends on whichever server they want, and on whichever faction they want. Hand out some cold hard cash and you too can go from PVE to PVP (and vice versa, of course) and you can now also change your faction. There’s no better time to play together side by side with your mates.

This has got me all excited. A friend of mine (who been raiding in a Horde guild since the start of BC) would often come talk to me and we’d start trading war stories. We both have similar goals for what we want out of the game and we even raid similar hours on the same content. However, I didn’t think that there was ever a chance we would get to raid together.

That is all about to change. Vitare has recently gone through a recruitment spree and an opportunity for this Tauren Warrior to transfer over and raid with us has come up. I know it’s a huge move to break away from his long term guild, alts and server. But he’s coming over to join the Alliance on Barthilas as is his girlfriend.

The Alliance are cool too you know!

There seems to be a misconception amongst people I’ve met who play Horde. Basically they think that the Alliance are “gay” and all the good guilds are Horde guilds.

I decided to do a little bit of research to see whether or not there was any truth behind this myth. Here are some fun facts that I have put together using the Oceanic realms for my information.

This information was gathered from Wow Progress. There are 12 Oceanic servers in total, 6 PVP and 6 PVE.

Fun Fact 1. The best PVE progression is on the PVP servers

The top 5 progressed servers are all PVP. The top 3 progressed servers are:

  1. Thaurissan
  2. Frostmourne
  3. Barthilas

Is it all that bloodthirsty world PVP that has honed our skills? I don’t know. I don’t think all the time I’ve spent in wisp form spirit running back to my body has improved my performance as a raider.

Fun Fact 2. More Alliance guilds experience “Top End” progression than Horde

Looking at the top 10 guilds from each server in total there are 62 Alliance guilds experiencing top end progression in comparison to 48 Horde guilds.

Things even out if you only look at guilds that have progressed into Trial of the Grand Crusader. There are exactly 35 Alliance and 35 Horde guilds that have downed bosses in Heroic 25 man.

Fun Fact 3. Oceanic Players like their Alliance!

Unless you’re on a PVP server, in which case, prepared to be ganked constantly, and outnumbered by the Horde.

So while the overall ratio of Horde to Alliance is 1: 1.15 across the realms, PVP servers have significantly more Horde players in comparison to Alliance. No wonder there’s always a pair of Undead Rogues hovering about ready to gank me. I think this just makes our leading Alliance guilds on PVP servers look even more impressive *ahem*, since they have a smaller pool of players to recruit from.

6 Responses to “Myth: Alliance are Gay”

  1. Bravo! Thanks for the fabulous post. It made me giggle. I was looking at and looking into the population of my US RP-PVE server and was amazed to see that horde tend to be outnumbered by Alliance, and yet they tend to really stomp us in Wintergrasp most of the time.

    I really hope that faction change and move for your friend works out well! Now, I know that the horde have considered Alliance scum forever, but will your Ally friends get over their hatred of horde? :)
    .-= @valkyrierisen’s last blog … Practice for roleplay =-.

  2. UltraNo Gravatar says

    Im part of the top 2 percentile – ultrawsum

  3. BoizeNo Gravatar says

    I’d just like to take the time to say:
    Alliance are gay.

    No, but seriously, why is it that the majority of Oceanic PvP realms are Horde biased, but PvE realms are Alliance biased?

    Is there something about Horde players that just make them thirsty for Alliance blood? If so, why don’t I get this urge? :(
    .-= Boize’s last blog … Allegiance to your Guild =-.

  4. drugNo Gravatar says

    In fact it is very simple: A night elf just attracts a different person than a nasty orc.

    Typical alliance player: around 16-ish, living in mom’s basement, very much into Lord of the Rings and/or Harry Potter, fancies bad music like Britney Spears or newest Shakira album. Always single OR had an in-game marriage with his real life partner. No cooking skills.

    Typical horder player: Very handsome, gets to play WoW very infrequently in between being a doctor in africa or firefighter in spain. Listens to good old Rock’n'Roll or Metal. Always in a relationship. Has cooking skills.

    That’s it, mystery solved.
    .-= drug’s last blog … Home Sweet Home =-.

  5. LathereNo Gravatar says

    @drug I’m assuming your a tall dark & handsome 30 something horde who is a full time doctor and you donate your spare time to being a firefighter who rescues small fluffy kittens :P

  6. bruteNo Gravatar says

    I think Drug has got it in one. My memories from way back in vanilla, the perception of Alliance was that it was the one for the kids, it was ezymode and most of them were female night elves. I think Blizz unofficially acknowledged that something was missing from Horde side in vanilla and introduced male blood elves in TBC to balance things out. Of course all the female nelfs became belfs. Since TBC imo, its evened out, both sides are full of stupidity and Chuck norris jokes and you need a good filter regardless of faction.

    As for the faction change… I still walk into the Horde area in Dalaran. I’ve caught myself a few times going “wow, look, another person with my guild tag. I wonder who that is” when it actually turns out to be ME standing next to a tauren in Dal. I miss the imposing figure that 9 feet of prime Angus beef brings, and the male human dance makes me puke. I don’t like the fact that I gotta grind for Crusader again and that my complete lack of interest in Loremaster continues (lost 1000 odd quests in Azeroth).

    Overall though, I’m liking the change. I had never rolled an alliance character prior, (nothing above lev 2 anyway) so its quite different trying to find my way around cities and flight points/masters etc. No Thrall though, but he’s going away come expansion anyway. Vitare seems like a pretty cool place to be with good mature players and its nice to actually be pushed again.

    Now… just gotta stop calling for LUST!!!

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