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Improving the Interface Using Addons: VuhDo (Raid Frames)

Chances are, if you’ve dabbled at modifying your interface with addons you’ve tried some sort of raid frame replacement. Grid, Healbot, anything that displays a health/mana box for each member of your party or raid is a raid frame addon. VuhDo is the new kid on the block.

Both Cass and I have tried several raid frame addons and both of us have been using VuhDo for several months. We love it.

Introducing VuhDo

Vuhdo out-of-the-box in Alterac Valley

VuhDo out-of-the-box in Alterac Valley

VuhDo looks great, gives you all the customisation of Grid, and is as easy to use as Healbot.

You don’t need to be a healer to like VuhDo, and if you form any kind of party, battleground or participate in Wintergrasp battles, you might like playing with something more compact and meaningful than the default Blizzard UI.

Here’s just a highlight of what VuhDo does:

  1. Displays need-to-know stuff about your party/raid members
    Life, Mana/Energy/Rage/Runic Power, Debuffs, Player Status (eg. Ghost or AFK)
    and especially for the Healers: Incoming Heals, who has Aggro, HoT Timers
  2. Click Casting
    You can heal, decurse, target raid members with mouse clicks
    You can automatically resurrect and decurse players out of combat
  3. Buffing
    Smart buffing, with 1 click will buff the entire raid – you can set up the parametres

But the stuff that is really impressive, I think, are these little things:

  • See immediately who has aggro – you’ll have a Rejuvenation and already be casting Regrowth on that Mage before the mob even reaches him and the tank has realised something’s gone wrong.
  • Players who can be resurrected can automatically resurrect simply by clicking on the dead player’s frame out of combat. Even better still, you can see who is already being resurrected (their character name turns green). And, of course, you can customise your I’m-rezzing-you announcement to say exactly what you want.
  • Auto-cleanse off afflictions that are still on the player when you leave combat. If you’re chain casting heals the minute the last mob is dead the next heal you go to cast will instead be a cleanse to automatically remove any nasties from your target (that might be making you heal in the first place).

And overall it’s just easier to set up to monitor your HoTs and other buffs like Power Word: Shield on your targets as well as debuffs like Weakened Soul (for Priestys like Cass) than any other raid frame addon.

To access VuhDo’s options type /vuhdo opt

My Final Result

UI Final In Action

Lath's Interface with VuhDo dead center at the bottom of the screen (click to expand)

In my interface VuhDo takes center stage while my spells, bags and action bars are moved off to the side. Keeping the raid alive is my responsibility so I like having VuhDo right there where I can’t miss it.

I find it’s easy to identify who’s who by colouring my frames using the Class colours option and you can clearly see who’s tanking and taking damage by the red borders and >>Character<< symbols  to show aggro/threat.

I have it set up so that Rejuvenation is a little box on the bottom left (you can see in my screen shot the white boxes).  It does a count down from 9 ticks onwards so I don’t waste mana and refresh too early.

Lifebloom ticks and stacks are also easy to keep track of. 1 stack is red, 2 is yellow and 3 stacks is green. The timer lets me know how long I have until the stacks will bloom and fall off.

Pets can be displayed and customised to take up very little room (the green bar list to the right of my player frames).

Cass’s Final Result

Left: In 25 man Ulduar, playing as Shadow. Right: In Isle of Conquest, healing as Discipline

Left: In 25 man Ulduar, playing as Shadow. Right: In Isle of Conquest, healing as Discipline

You can drag and drop VuhDo at any moment to reposition it, and that’s how I like to play. When healing, I’ll drag it closer in to the screen center. I like the 2 column format because it expands out so easily to accommodate 40 man battleground raid groups. 1 column looked too much like a rainbow (way too distracting!).

When I play as Discipline it’s important to track Power Word: Shield and Weakened Soul.

In my configuration Weakened Soul is represented by its debuff icon and is displayed in the top right hand corner of a frame. I have it set up to only display, at most, 2 debuffs, and Weakened Soul is given the highest priority no matter what else is going on.

Power Word: Shield is represented by the white little box in the bottom left corner of a player frame. The Paladin in Group 3 that has run out of range in the right hand battleground example (a sure fire way to die!) has both Power Word: Shield still active and Weakened Soul and “agro”.

Renew is represented by a little red box in the top left corner of a player frame (not shown in either example).

My spells are set to:

11 Responses to “Improving the Interface Using Addons: VuhDo (Raid Frames)”

  1. NefernetNo Gravatar says

    Hi !
    I think that’s my first comment there, even if I read the blog for a little while.

    And yes, Vuhdo is great ! I just made a post about my new UI and how Vuhdo rocks!

    I was a Grid user with my tree and definitely switched to Vuhdo two weeks ago. It’s beautiful and quite easy to set up. I mainly heal in 5-mans but recently, I’ve been to my first 25-mans with my baby druid and I was really happy with my unit frame. I got congratulations from the raid leader (who is a tree too), he was impressed with what I’d done with my crappy gear and no experience of raid healing… (I don’t think I’m that good though, just trying to do my best, and I know those fights so well, farming them with my hunter weekly).

    I use it on my hunter too (which is my main toon) because the click-to-assist fonction is really cool, and the personnalized targets are great too. I can misdirect with a single clic or mouseover macro, it’s so easy !

    I have a few questions for you though, about your Vuhdo for your tree. Do you use the function enabling a little dot on the frame where a Swiftmend is availiable ? I can’t make it work, it won’t show up… Have you experienced any problem with it ?

    And nice blog, keep it up ! (And I love the layout…)
    .-= Nefernet’s last blog … Shadowed UF + Vuhdo FTW ! =-.

  2. TamNo Gravatar says

    Fantastic post – I just want to join in the Vuhdo love fest. Seriously, th add-on the changed my life – I want to cuddle it all day long :)
    .-= Tam’s last blog … omfgwtfzomgwibble =-.

  3. LathereNo Gravatar says

    @Nefernet Glad you like the website :) I have to admit I have the Swiftmend option turned on but I haven’t really paid attention to Vuhdo to prompt me it’s off cool down – I mainly rely on Mikes Scrolling Battle Text to make a little noise and flash on my screen :)

    @Tam I’m glad your a Vuhdo lover already! I bet you did fine in Uld you know, I’m starting to think you dramatise your carrying/boosting failpug posts to keep us readers entertained :P

  4. VerileNo Gravatar says

    When I first came back, I gave VuhDo a try. There were things I liked and things that I think could be improved.

    Some things I liked:
    I loved that it has a test button so you can see what it looks like in a raid format without actually being in a raid.
    I also really loved the HoT counters.
    But the greatest “advantage” Vuhdo has over Grid is that the functionality is built-in without the need to download several additional addons.

    However there were some things I didn’t like:
    Several of the options didn’t seem straightforward. I had a hard time configuring the frames the way I wanted.
    I had some issues with icons obscuring my view of counters or vise versa.
    I also had a hard time getting the buff monitor to work correctly.

    Overall, it just didn’t seem quite as customizable/powerful as Grid to me. But I’ll be the first to say that I probably didn’t devout enough time to give Vuhdo a fair shake and I plan to try it again in the future.

    As an aside, I plan to post about my current Grid configuration in a couple days. After working with Vuhdo, I decided I really love the way it uses counters and have integrated HoT counters into my Grid configuration for almost all of my HoTs. I would love to hear your comments on it when it’s done.

    Also, I too really love your blog!
    .-= Verile’s last blog … UI Addons 1 of 3 =-.

  5. XucanNo Gravatar says

    One really big thing that Vuhdo has over grid is just how active the author is. I was an early adopter, and was really surprised how quickly the author not only responded, but implemented the suggestion (different layout profiles).

  6. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @ Xucan: That’s actually a really valid point. When I first tried VuhDo a friend of mine recommened that I try the Grid’s latest-version-in-development-beta. It promised to be great, but I was looking for a finished working Addon that was stable so I gave VuhDo a go first.

    It’s great to hear that users have helped shape VuhDo into what it is. Probably explains why it’s just so darned useful.

  7. KeharnNo Gravatar says

    Can I be cheeky and ask if poss u could put up sizes of bars etc on Lath’s layout… cos I want to er pinch most of it for my own, and I really like your no clutter approach. I’m trying out VuhDu have been using grid/clique having read a few other glowing reports from tree people.

    Also wanted to say great site/blog the tree community be they Horde or Ally seem over all to be jolly decent chaps/chapesse’s and all really helpful, my Tree’s an alt but is rapidly becoming a main.

    All t’best

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      @Keharn I’m acutally doing a post with screenies on how to copy my Vuhdo layout right now! I hope to have it out this week.

  8. JunyaNo Gravatar says

    I’ve enjoyed Vuhdo so far but I cannot seem to get the raid colors to stay green. Is there something I’m not doing right? Any help would be great.

  9. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Junya in the very first picture of the article under the title the default colouring is set so players/health bars are coloured green. Bright green when they are healthy and in range, dull green when they are out of range, and shades of orange and yellow as they drop to low health.

    In the My Final Result section where Lathere and I have screencaptures of our preferred setup we have changed the VuhDo settings so that players/health bars are coloured by their class colour. Paladins are pink, Rogues are yellow, Hunters are green etc.

  10. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    I started healing with my mid-40s Druid this weekend. (Yes, me, healing, what is the world coming to?) First I tried Healbot, which was okay, but since I have no middle mouse button it was somewhat limited.

    Based on this post, I switched to VuhDo and love it. The customization is great. I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it if you hadn’t shown me how you use it. So, thanks!
    .-= Cynwise’s last blog: Battleground Gear in 3.3.3 =-.


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