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How Did this Happen to Me? (Again?)

Don't congratulate me too soon...

Don't congratulate me too soon...

I expect this post will end up as a jumbled wall of text, a therapeutic outpouring of thoughts with (most likely) no cohesive point. Sorry about that.

Somehow on Wednesday night I went from being a raider who gets to just rock up and heal, to an officer. This was completely unexpected and it’s all still feeling a bit surreal.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been in a leadership position within a guild, in fact I seem to be incapable of staying away from them. Which is probably why Cass laughed when I got promoted. Sisterly love at its best.

It’s been 6 months since I’ve been an Officer. And I can tell you that I haven’t missed worrying about who /gquit the night before, stressing if there are going to be enough raiders online to fill the raid this week and walking that fine line between being a good healer and being responsible for the healers.

When I was GM I loved it. Yes, the work load was huge but even though my officers would give me suggestions, I called the shots – I think most of my guildies would say I was a benevolent dictator.  While I made some mistakes I would like to think that the reason I still am still in contact with most of my guild members is testament to a job well done. In the end it was all too much and coincided with some nasty-real-life stuff. At the time I didn’t have enough officers around me who I could trust to pick up where I left off.

Lesson Learned: You can’t do everything yourself no matter how much you think you can.

After disbanding my guild I joined a raiding guild called Defiance. Somehow I was promoted to an officer position within the first month. The officer core was mainly filled with people who did SFA and were the Guild Master’s buddies. The liked Officer chat. They liked getting a guaranteed raid spot. But they didn’t actually do anything to benefit the guild. Things weren’t running well at all. Making an actual change to the status-quo just seemed too hard for the GM. No matter what his Officers were advising him to do. It was like talking to a brick wall.

Being an officer under him was impossible and was ultimately the reason I had to get out. I can’t deal with indecisive people who prefer to sit back and do nothing. Suggesting ways to implement change was met with resistance at every turn and most suggestions were ignored completely or brought up as his ideas a couple of days later.

The lessons I learn in this brief two or three month period could possibly fill a book but the main lessons I learned were:

Lesson Learned: Don’t try to change the world.

Lesson Learned: If you don’t respect the GM don’t become an Officer.

So this leads me to my current guild Vitare where I’ve been playing happily, as a member, for the last 6 months.

When I joined the healing team was pretty much in shambles. Half of the healing team were new recruits (including me). No healing assignments were given out. Everything that went wrong was blamed on the healers. I was pretty shocked at the disrespect shown to the healers by the entire raid – officers included.

Over time this attitude has really shifted (otherwise I would have run for the hills months ago!) and the healing team is pretty strong and stable. I think we are all good players. But at the time that I joined I was itching to take over and had to really force myself to sit back and go for the ride. Guess what? I succeeded and really started to enjoy raiding again.

But now that I’ve gotten used to being a regular raider with next to no power or responsibility, I get promoted.

So why the sudden need for another Officer?

I really have no idea. I personally felt things were running pretty good with the 4 officers we already had. Sure, none of them play healers or caster main specs (which can perhaps skew the strategies a bit) but I didn’t think it was that large a problem that we needed someone else promoted to assist. Perhaps some of the other raiders/healers felt we needed representation.

Here is what I think my “official” role is:

Keep the healing team happy and healthy by giving them a voice within the officer group. Formalize our healing assignments and keep track of which DPS has the strongest healing sets and offspecs. It’s time to re-download my healing assignment mod and start having a good look at what healers we have.

My gut instinct however is that my job is actually to:

Be the person all the healer QQ goes to so the rest of the raid doesn’t have to hear it.

Yes, we have some very vocal healers.

If you really liked doing nothing why did you accept the promotion?

That is a very good question! Part of me actually believed the job would be somehow different this time round. Naïve? Absolutely. But Vitare runs, how can I say, on the KISS principle (the DKP rules aren’t even written up) which I was hoping meant of a lot of the issues I’ve tackled in previous guilds would be negligible here. The drama-level in Vitare seems to be relatively low too.

Day 1 as an Officer and I learnt differently.

Apparently the rule is that epic plans/recipes go to Officers first and then to raiders. This isn’t written anywhere that I can find and  it was the first I had heard of it. Of course at the end of the raid night, the last boss went down and a Tailoring recipe dropped. I rolled for it and lost (seriously I have the worst rolling luck!) but was then given the recipe anyway. One of the raiders who also rolled (and not the person who won the roll either I will add) complained about it over vent, also making it very clear that he had been in the guild longer. I’m not stupid. I knew he was making it clear that he felt I did not deserve to have the recipe, or was not an appropriate choice for promotion or was somehow cheating the rules. Perhaps all three.

I whispered him and apologized saying I felt bad that things hadn’t been clearer and was happy to pass it to the roll winner on this occasion if that would make him feel more comfortable. The response I got back was essentially “this just makes me remember why I’m quitting WoW at the end of the month” and he then asked me if the Officers were anti-American.

I couldn’t help it, I rolled my eyes. Being an Officer wasn’t going to be any different this time around.

After going to bed that night severely regretting my promotions, I thankfully woke up feeling a bit more optimistic. I started making a plan of what my next steps would be.

So What Is My Game Plan?

Well I have a lot of ideas but trying to make it all happen at once is probably a bad idea (see Lesson Learned #2). So instead I’m going by the small steps principle. The last thing I want to do is alienate the other healers by enforcing new things upon them quickly and create resistance and stubbornness instead. So these are the first steps I plan on taking:

  1. Start a Healer Channel. We need to work as a team and chatting together in a private chat channel is the best way to go about it.  It’s also a good way for them to get used to trusting me with their concerns so that I can present the problems (I hope) to the other officers in a more constructive manner.
  2. Let the other existing Officers get used to a girl in their midst! I’m all of a sudden in their Officer chat channel (not that our officers are particularly well know for reading typed chat!) and I imagine it will take them a little bit of time to adjust.
  3. Step back and work out how the other Officers handle problems. The guild runs pretty well and I don’t want to do anything to change that.
  4. Track healing assignments. Who was assigned to heal what? What was the healing makeup when we earned that guild first kill? Eventually I can start compiling these into set assignments that can be used by the guild, keeping the healing assignments consistent week to week.
  5. Go back and create healing assignment “templates” to cover farmed content.

/end ramble :)

So what do you guys think – was I crazy to say yes? What do you wish your healing officer would do? Suggestions are very welcome.

8 Responses to “How Did this Happen to Me? (Again?)”

  1. Good luck Lath~!
    I don’t think you’re crazy, especially if the other healers are happy about it. The last healing officer I had… mainly? I wish he would’ve listened to my suggestions. (Firm healing assignments done by him instead of “uh, pallies on tanks, everyone else on raid” we got from our MT, healer channel, trying different healing strats when we wiped all night on the same boss, etc.)

    I’m sure you’ll do great! Maybe you can slooowly do something about the issues you’ve already noticed (the lack of things like the pattern issue would drive me absolutely insane). ♥
    .-= divinebubbles’s last blog … Versatility =-.

  2. Errr… that was supposed to be “the lack of things like the pattern issue (officer priority) being written down…”

    1 AM = Sleeping Time.
    .-= divinebubbles’s last blog … Versatility =-.

  3. VokNo Gravatar says

    I tend to think anyone taking on a leadership position is a little crazy (this comes from a guy about to be GM for the 3rd time o.O – keep an eye on my blog over the next day or two) but brave and dedicated fit the bill too.

    What would I want from an Officer keeping an eye on the Healers? Know what I’m best at and let me do it. I’ve been in the position, as a Shaman, where I’ve been force over and over to MT heal. This is something I can do, but I enjoy raid healing more and, therefore, enjoy it more.

    And keep it fun. Now standing on the outside and looking in at the raiding scene I was part of for so long, keep it fun. Don’t make it a chore, make sure people enjoy what they are doing. And don’t take to much on or you’ll go crazy, quit raiding proper and just do ten-mans or something!

    Good luck and grats!
    .-= Vok’s last blog … Aion impressions – Part Four =-.

  4. Great read. :) Tell that dude complaining so vocally that his attitude is EXACTLY why he’s not going to be on the list of people to give patterns to. It’s also exactly why guilds have the officer-pattern collection first rule.
    .-= @valkyrierisen’s last blog … Practice for roleplay =-.

  5. cubbyNo Gravatar says

    lath, you will do great! 3 of us all agreed that you are perfect for this!! (random was too busy playing aion :P )

    the reason pattens are officers > raider is because we cant single out new raider vs old raider and when a stable active player have the pattern it will benefit the guild more.

    as an officer you cant just rock upto raids and press 3 keys for few hours, there are alot more work involved and strong guilds need to have good leaders.

    p.s its also nice to have a girl in /o chat ^_^

  6. DrakhynNo Gravatar says

    How ironic. I too just took on the role of being an officer and raid heal leader this week. I’ve been thinking about having a meeting with all of my healers to find out what healing roles they prefer in raids. As always, great post Lath. I am really enjoying the posts here.

    Question: What healing assignment mod do you use?

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      @Drakhyn Congratulations, oh goody I’m not going to be the only one suffering over the next few weeks then :) I really like Getting Things Healed to do healing assignments:

      I just find it easy once you have set up a template for a boss you can drag and drop tanks/healers into place depending on whos in the raid that night.

      I also thought about doing meetings with each but our guild is so casual about that sort of thing I’ve decided to instead pick their brains under the radar instead!

  7. TamNo Gravatar says

    My God … err … good luck. Well, at least it sounds like you’ve gone into it with your eyes wide open and lots of good ideas. I’ll, err, cheer you on from the sidelines. I wish people didn’t seem to see officers as some kind of punching bag for their bad moods … and I hope it doesn’t happen to you (too often). The idea of that kind of responsibility actually makes me die a little bit inside but I have complete respect for the people who accept it.
    .-= Tam’s last blog … learning to be more of a dick? =-.

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