HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Heavyweight Champion of Dalaran

Are you sure that thing is made out of cloth?

Are you sure that belt is made out of cloth?

Did you spot the difference? Have another look at me down there on the bottom right corner of your screen. That’s right. I’m not longer dressed in last season’s fashion and now I finally fit in with the trendy Tier 9 crowd. You probably think I’ve just been a bit too lazy to update the website, but you’re wrong! 20 thousand DKP for four piece Tier 9.5, a belt and a necklace in 2 days. How’s that for fast?

I know you can’t tell that I’m a Priest just by looking at my avatar anymore and that makes me a little sad. I guess I’ll just have to stay in Shadowform more often. At least then I won’t look like all the Human Mages and Warlocks running around the place. Perhaps I should Photoshop some shadows on to my HoTs & DoTs screen avatar until this phase in Blizzard Tier Design has ended.

News Flash: I’ve identified an emerging armor design trend. It’s not just about the giant, spiky, flaming shoulders anymore. It’s not about the helms you can’t actually see out of (ok, that’s still around in next season’s collection). It’s about the belt. Have you seen the belts in Trial of the Crusader and the belts being modeled with the Tier 10 gear? A little over the top don’t you think? No, I have not been taking too much sugar with my tea. Cassandri is not pregnant. But I’m sure even the current WBO heavyweight title holder would be impressed with the size of my new belt.

Actually the armor model for my belt is slightly misleading – and not just in size. The model only shows one glowing gem on it. But it actually has two sockets. Three when I add an Eternal Belt Buckle. Three! That’s a lot of extra spell power right there.

The reason my belt has so many jewel sockets is probably because it dropped in 10 man ToGC. Heroic versions of the 10 man items (and perhaps this is true of 25 man heroic items, too) tend to be exact replicas of the normal versions with 1 extra gem socket thrown on. And the gear in regular 10 man ToC tends to have sockets on it already. So that’s even more sparkles in whatever flavour you like: spellpower, critical strike, haste, you name it. I like it.

After my recent vow to gear up a bit more quickly I started to accumulate a significant number of gems from honor and Emblems and stored them in the bank. Now I have only one Runed Cardinal Ruby left. The Shadow Priest gemming rule up until now has been:

  1. Chaotic Skyflare Meta and 2 Spellpower/Spirit gems to make it work
  2. Spellpower everywhere else

Simple huh? But I didn’t have enough orange gems!

I find that I’ve been choosing Spell Power/Crit gems more and more often for my yellow sockets to try and bring my Critical Strike chance up a bit (up to 23% now). I still feel that is a little low for my gear level.

I suspect I might end up completely re-gemming my gear set when Patch 3.3 is released. I think the changes to apply Haste to DoTs will make a significant difference to how we value different item stats as Shadow Priests but I’m waiting for someone cleverer than I to work that out. And I’m not going to take anything seriously until we’re close to releasing the Patch on the Live servers.

Anyway it’s almost raid time, I’ve had the most awesome day (started it with ice cream for breakfast and filled it with lots of sunshine, friends and a great movie) and I’ve just got this feeling that tonight we’re going to get Heroic Twin Val’kyr down tonight. I’ve even stuck a special post-it to my computer monitor to remind me to cast Shadow Word: Pain!

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  1. Can you imagine that belt on a tauren? I have it for my boomkin gear, and it’s ridiculously large! I look like a pregnant cow! D:
    Grats on gear!

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Ok, you win. I can’t imagine anything worse than that! LOL

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