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An Insanely Good Tribute Run

Our 10 man group is awarded the achievement: A Tribute to Insanity (10)

Our 10 man group earns the achievement: A Tribute to Insanity (10)

I never would have thought we’d be able to get this achievement three weeks ago when I first tried Anub’arak on 10 man Heroic. That first week we breezed through the first four encounters. Okay, we stumbled for a wipe or two on Faction Champions. Only to spend hours, and more than 30 attempts, trying to get Anub’arak worked out.

I think all that time paid off. Last week the group got him in 2 attempts (without me, /cry) and this week we got him without wiping at all. No cool title for it unfortunately.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of loot that dropped. We got:

Our Ret/Holy Paladin won the mount. And it’s so beautiful – all sparkly blue, gold and Alliance-y. I want one bad.

Lathere gracefully passed the Heartcrusher to our Elemental Shaman and took the Argent Resolve instead. She can be such a nice tree.

I got my first piece of Tier 9 with the Trophy I won. We went back in and cleared out 10 man ToC for Emblems straight afterwards (and managed to wipe on Beasts can you believe it?). I won some new boots, and, since I have enough hit on my new pants, I was able to chant them with Tuskarr’s Vitality. Cassandri is a happy Shadow Priest tonight.

That reminds me. I seriously need a new neckpiece and a new belt now that I don’t need any more Hit. A problem for another day, I think.

For all those other guilds out there – A Tribute to Insanity isn’t as far out of your reach as you might think!

4 Responses to “An Insanely Good Tribute Run”

  1. ClockworksNo Gravatar says

    Grats guys :)

  2. beck grantNo Gravatar says

    Wow Congrats! I miss my old guild :(

  3. KithainNo Gravatar says

    Congratulations on that one! My 10man grp has been working on this too, but we’ve been stuck at finishing on 49 attempts left for two weeks now… asdasdf. >.<

  4. BoizeNo Gravatar says

    Grats to you guys! And grats to Lathere on the shiny new mace.

    This post gives me hope for my 10-man group. Currently we go through all the encounters pretty easily (well, with the occasional hiccup on Fac Champs – esp. if we have a poor combo of people on their side or ours) but then spend aaaaages on Anub’arak.

    e.g. For this week we went in to Anub with 44 attempts left, and atm he’s still alive with 35 attempts remaining. Hopefully we can at least get the tribute to skill!
    .-= Boize’s last blog … Icecrown 5-Man Revealed =-.

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