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Why Herbing is Dangerous

Sure, it looks safe...

Sure, it looks peaceful...

I’m making gold in World of Wacraft at the moment, which is fun.

There’s not much I need to spend gold on really. I get my gems from Emblems of Conquest (and I updated my rare gems using obsolete Emblems of Heroism when epic gems were first released – what a bonus!), I enchant my own stuff and I don’t believe in spending all my gold to purchase the latest orb-required Tailoring items.

That leaves two major expenses in the game for me:

1. Armor Repair
2. Flasks and Potions

The best way to reduce repair costs is to just… not die.

If you raid and don’t die, you’ll make money. If you’ve ever been along for an Undying Naxx run you’ll know what I’m talking about. And when dying is inevitable, fortunately for me, my raiding repairs (and Fish Feasts for that matter) are paid for by my guild.

So I can turn my attention to Flasks and Potions. And they’re expensive. I try to buy Flasks in bulk when they are relatively inexpensive. But the prices keep rising. I think all the Herbalists have stopped herbing or something because herbs currently cost a small fortune on Barthilas and Flasks are going up in price each time I log in.

Or perhaps all the Elixir alchemists went Transmutation specialisation to try and create epic gems.

There are just not enough Flasks listed for sale on Auction House. It’s not uncommon to check AH on a raid night and buy out the last 2 or 3 listed for sale.

My Shaman, Xata, is a herbalist. I chose herbalism for Xata because I actually enjoy picking herbs and I thought this would be a good way to make her self-sufficient. Then I transferred Xata to Caelestraez (PVE), with a bank full of herbs to sell, only to discover that herbs have very little value on that server. And flasks not much more. Back in April you could pick up a Flask of the Frost Wrym on Caelestraez for 17g, on Barthilas they cost 25g.

Then the other night I found myself watching this video posted on which goes through some complicated Addon setup to gather herbs very quickly in Storm Peaks.

[youtubehq 7CeUzul9_to Herbing in Storm Peaks with the Routes Addon]

Tempting stuff! I could do this!


Disgracin’ the Basin

Xata herbs while a Night Elf Rogue grinds nearby

Xata herbs while a Night Elf Rogue grinds nearby

I helped Lathere level her alt, and herbalist, Alexria, earlier this year and both of us were severely punished when caught herbing on Barthilas (PVP) by another Herbalist. Being corpse-camped by an Undead Rogue is a pretty miserable experience. He succeeded in forcing us to log out, leaving our dead bodies abandoned on the bright green Sholazar grass. Perhaps he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder for being a flower-picking assassin. Who knows?

We had Alliance players yelling abuse at us for “stealing” herbs and we had Alliance players dropping down from the heavens to snipe the herbs out from under our noses.

I haven’t actually played my Shaman for several months now. She’s at the stage where she needs to do Heroics (and pug Raids) and I just can’t quite bring myself to dedicate more play time on the same content that I run on my main. Now, if I wasn’t doing heroics on Cassandri I might be interested, but that’s another story.

So I find myself considering transferring Xata back to Barthilas just to herb. Extreme? Yes. But is it more wasteful to leave a character unplayed altogether?

I’m not sure, if in competition for a herb, I could win a duel on Barthilas anyway. And I have very little patience for World PVP in general. And I have no resilience gear for my Shaman. Even as I’m writing this I’m thinking a transfer could be a bad idea. Unless I herb at off-peak times.

The question of What to do about Xata? still remains.

True Story

After writing this post I logged in as Xata and started herbing in order to take a picturesque screencapture to accompany this story. I started off in Storm Peaks, then thought, wait, some of this story takes place in Sholazar Basin, so perhaps I’ll take a capture there.

I flew straight there. Over Wintergrasp. I found an Adder’s Tongue bush soon enough and landed, turned off my Auto Loot, hid my interface and slowly started swiveling my camera around to get a good view. In the distance is a Night Elf Rogue hacking away at gorillas, which I felt was somehow appropriate too, so I tried to include him in the screen capture. I might have been bent over, mid-loot for perhaps 2 minutes.


Then an Undead Rogue swoops down and kills me. True story I swear to god. Flying over Wintergrasp must have flagged me for PVP or something. Oh yeah he killed the Night Elf too.

I was laughing so hard. Different servers, same Sholazar, I guess.

7 Responses to “Why Herbing is Dangerous”

  1. VokNo Gravatar says

    The screenshot flow is fantastic. Serevok is a Herbie and it was a nightmare until Dual Spec came out. Not a lot can kill a Resto Shaman – it’s usually a question of who gets bored to death…
    .-= Vok’s last blog … Giddyup! =-.

  2. AlaronNo Gravatar says

    What is it with Caelestrasz and druid bloggers anyway? :)
    Also, I agree on the herb thing…I’m Alch/LW on the druid, and it’s near impossible to find Frost Lotus on the AH some days.
    .-= Alaron’s last blog … The Panther Creed =-.

  3. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Well if it makes you feel better only half this blog is written by a Druid (Lath). The rest is all Priest (me)!
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … Why Herbing is Dangerous =-.

  4. CynwiseNo Gravatar says

    Poor Xata. :-(

    The herbing atmosphere on Durotan is more cordial. The Basin is usually full of flagged people coming in from Wintergrasp but there isn’t a lot of gankery — I certainly don’t think my reputation keeps them away. I also tend to pass up people who are obviously gathering or fishing… perhaps it’s a server cultural thing.
    .-= Cynwise’s last blog … Something is Rotten in the Isle of Conquest =-.

  5. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    Herbing is a dangerous profession!!

    I know when I go herbing on my hunter, if I see a horde player herbing, I’ll kill them once or twice to prove a point…. it’s my turf and they need to stay away….

    If they manage to kill me back, even once, then I’ll usually camp them for maybe 10mins or so to ensure they learn their lesson properly. Also it helps to break up the boredom, since farming is a terribly boring past time, and a little pvp action helps to stop me from falling asleep lol.

    Often I wish that I had a lvl 80 horde character, so that I could log onto them and do the same to alliance herbers, as nothing is more frustrating than having some alliance herber leapfrogging you on each herb node to steal your prcious profits.

    But yeah, I need to do some more herbing, frost lotus is soo damn expensive at the moment!! I saw a stack of 8 for 28g each this morning and was excited! excited!! a month ago I would have bitched and moaned about how expensive that was, but now I’m snapping it up instantly because it’s a bargain

    /sigh, this week the flasks I sell in raid might have to go up in price again, as 20g flasks require me to buy frost lotus for around 25g each to break even (not including procs), since I budget the other mats to average around 15g per set of mats.

  6. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Oh Papa… /sadface

  7. Awesome article.Thanks Again. Cool.

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