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Welcome to the Alliance!

    Cassandri's Tour of Stormwind: Everything you need to know! (Click to expand)

Cassandri's Tour of Stormwind: Everything you need to know! (Click to expand)

On the weekend I started chatting to a Druid who was trying to get from Darnassus to Stormwind and was asking for help in Trade Chat. He was level 80. And he’d just changed his Tauren Druid into a Night Elf.

Somehow this completely took me by surprise. I can imagine a lot of my Alliance buddies swapping to Horde (and yes, several have, if I have to put up with one more For The Horde! cry mid-raid I’m going to go crazy) but I never really thought people would transfer to Alliance. We’re like, thoroughly uncool or something.

It’s exciting to welcome these new players to our General and Trade chats.

So while I directed this Druid on how to reach Stormwind (and really I should have just got someone’s Mage to port him but I didn’t think of it at the time) I asked him why he faction changed.

“Just wanted to see something new”

Turns out that this guy and his friend had both only played Horde (Tauren at that) and, instead of going through the effort of re-rolling a new character to see the other side of the world, they decided to faction change.

On reaching Stormwind his first question to me was, “so is there a Zeppelin to Northrend or something?”. I remembered how lost I got when I first entered Ogrimmar and I decided I’d better come to Stormwind and show him around. I came through the portal and, even though he really only wanted to find the bank and the flight path, I gave him a tour of the city.

So if you’re new to Alliance too, click on the Stormwind map above and you’ll know where everything worth knowing is in Stormwind. And Welcome!

Oh yeah. Alliance do not have Zeppelins. We have Griffins. We have boats to Northrend. We have a weird tram that runs (west -> east?) between Stormwind and Ironforge.

ps. OMG while writing this I realised that there’ll be no more “Alliance suck. You guys suck.” in Battleground chat. All those people should have faction changed, and if they didn’t, they have no right to complain.

5 Responses to “Welcome to the Alliance!”

  1. GitarooNo Gravatar says

    I have a few horde alts that I always stop levelling as soon as I reach Undercity. The place just confuses me too much so I end up logging off for good.

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    The problem with Undercity is the lime green mini map.
    Fix that and I would make and effort to learn the way around all the different levels.

    Until then I’ll get my sunglasses and fly out ASAP

  3. RagaarNo Gravatar says

    I find undercity is layed out in a very logical manner, much the same as Ironforge, just it has the same look in most areas, or parts, of the city, making it hard to tell where. And I’m suprised that there are players that transfer from the horde to the alliance. A very strange phenomenon.
    Also, you don’t mind enquiring as to whether any thinks the alliance should have zeppelins aswell, as the goblins that run them are meant to be neutral?

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