HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

The Druid Princess: A Tree Fairytale
(Chapter 2)

This is Chapter 2 of The Druid Princess: A Tree Fairytale. Click here to read Chapter 1.

Act II: Naxxramas Drinking Run

Act II: Naxxramas Drinking Run

Lath first got to meet the new raiding resto during a Naxx 10 drinking run. Like any self respecting tree the first thing she did was have a snoop! She furtively clicked on the Druid and checked out his gear. First things first… How unfair is it that this tree has managed to get Illustration of the Dragon Soul and Spark of Hope? Poor Lath still has the same trinkets she won shortly after reaching 80 last year. This certainly did not endear him to her.

The Naxx run had been progressing pretty well, though because there was a fair number of shots in everyone’s system and the night was getting late, some pulls were perhaps not executed properly. At one point the group of drunken adventurers ended up with a bit more than they could manage. Some frantic healing was done by the two trees (the disc Priest being a bit of a Cadbury, didn’t manage more than a couple of bubbles!) and amazingly everyone  survived.

Mr New Druid pipes up:

You guys should be very grateful and impressed that 2 druids kept everyone alive then

Lath had a little internal giggle. Caco the warrior tank, while otherwise wonderful, isn’t known for stroking the egos of his healers or lavishing them with praise. After an awkward pause Lath felt sorry for this poor tree who had no concept of the guild totem pole:

#1 Tanks
so cool

#2 DPS
can be cool

#3 Healers
do we really need…

Lath jokes:

Don’t be silly, sif they would realise that it was tough cookies for us…. They would only say something to us if we all wiped!

Now admittedly Lath was a tad giggly at this stage. Bosses were going down quite fast and each one meant it was time for another shot. But Lath thought it was fairly obvious that she was joking. Caco, who can be a cranky one at the best of times, didn’t make any grumpy remarks so he must have realised she wasn’t serious.

Mr New Druid however isn’t aware of sarcasm it seems, because he then proceeded to lecture the raid in ernest on druid healing and how trees really should just be left on raid healing which is their strength.

Lath’s Shaman buddy (the one who went from resto to enhance) whispered her mid-lecture:

OMG why are all Druids such bloody princesses?

Lath surely does not know but even she had to agree this new one wasn’t shaping up to be much fun. /sadface

To be continued…..

2 Responses to “The Druid Princess: A Tree Fairytale
(Chapter 2)”

  1. MewkowNo Gravatar says

    All druids are princesses?
    Curious. Is this perhaps an alliance occurrence or maybe server?
    I am a Tauren druid main, that tanks and pewpews, but I raid/dungeon with a fair amount of trees, and haven’t noticed this behavior.
    I may have to pay more attention to the alliance side to see if its perhaps a server or faction occurrence.
    Trees are my favorite healers, and I let them know that.

  2. nikejordanNo Gravatar says

    Hack again?!

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