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Remind Me to Roll, Please

A world full of Shadow Priests. However I'm usually losing gear to other classes. Like Mages.

A room full of Shadow Priests. Usually I lose gear to other casters though. Like Mages.

I have this terrible habit of missing out on loot because, in the post-boss-killing madness and euphoria, I forget to roll.

Fortunately, in guild 25 mans I am often saved by Raid Warnings and lengthy DKP bidding sessions. If a really good item drops someone will invariably make a comment in the caster party – go Group 3! – long before the item comes up for bidding too. In 10 man guild runs we usually use a simple Need/Greed/Pass system – forcing me to look at the drops and take some action.

But stick me in a PuG or a run with a /roll system and I’ll spend the next hour kicking myself for not rolling on those shiny new boots, or that cloak. Or worse. Often I roll, but after the countdown has ended.

Usually I don’t get hung up on loot and small upgrades but I can’t help but wonder long afterwards, why did that Mage deserve those items over me? And isn’t it always a Mage who wins the good stuff!?

It’s my own fault of course. Too busy ressurecting people who died on the opposite side of the room from the boss. I also think I might be guilty of assuming, as a 25 man raider, that 10 man gear is going to be replaced with equivalent items in 25 mans. Which is just not true.

At they have a very lovely forum called Gear Check Me. I don’t consider myself an expert. But I thought I’d take the pressure off the helpful Priests who spend a portion of their day helping other misguided Priests and reply to some of these cries for help. Quite a few of these requests come in every day and almost always follow this format:

Hi, my name is Joe. Here is my armory link. I’ve been playing this character for over a year but I used to be holy. My DPS is really bad and I can’t break x DPS in my guild’s Ulduar raids. What am I doing wrong?

So I go in thinking, ok, they’re going to have some nice Naxx 25 gear. Wrong.

Some of these folks are kitted out in not one, but several, Trial of the Crusader 10 and 25 items. They have Ulduar weapons or the Spectral Kris (OP!). They have items that I have missed out on because I forgot to roll.

Perhaps the worst request I responded to was posted by a guy on behalf of his girlfriend (there’s a lesson to be learned here girls). She had pretty sweet gear, did terrible DPS and had let her boyfriend do all her gemming for her. I’ve never seen such confusing and expensive – all epic gems – gemming on a Shadow Priest in a long time. Pure spirit gems here, intellect gems there, some spellpower/haste and I think there was even a crit gem somewhere. I guess you could argue that no socket bonus, even the +spirit one, was missed.

There are really only two rules to gemming your Shadow Priest:

  1. Get the crit meta gem and make it work
  2. Get pure spellpower gems everywhere else *

But yeah, she had some pretty sweet gear. So I made a vow to get my act together and actually roll next time I get a chance at those items.

I think I’m slightly shell-shocked at how good the average Shadow Priest’s gear is these days. Anyone who thinks that the Emblem changes and Trial of the Champion Heroic didn’t significantly change things up needs to get their head checked.

I don’t reply to all the Gear Check Me thread these days. Just ones that have gone unanswered by the time I come by every couple of days. It’s not unlike reviewing guild applicants. After a while you realise you’re checking the same things every time and providing the same advice. Perhaps I’ll write it up in a what-not-to-do post.


* 1 exception to the rule – if the socket bonus is for +5 spellpower or more you could use a +sp/+crit gem instead if that will give you the socket bonus.


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  1. ZahrahNo Gravatar says

    I’ve had a gander at the gearcheck me, and some of them scare me.
    No points in Misery, threat reduction meta, I also think anyone who has stepped into Toc is way over hit cap ( i’m having to use a non hit trinket because it was just a waste to be at 500 hit… ) and some of them are giving me severe trinket envy. There seems to be massive extremes for people who need help. Eg the clueless that need a shopping list or the ones who have it right and just need a little more oomph. Speaking of oomph I probably should lose my inner focus and put it in the mindblast cd.
    .-= Zahrah’s last blog … Make your own thumbnail for Azeroth United =-.

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Did you read my thread asking the same question about Inner Focus? LOL
    I have it tied with Mind Blast because I’m not convinced it applies to 1 whole DoT or channeled Mind Flay. Not sure though either :(
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … Why Herbing is Dangerous =-.

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