HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Post Patch Nerf (and Buff) Anxiety

4 Pieces: Your Rejuvenation spell automatically announces to the raid that you got nerfed

4 Pieces: Your Rejuvenation spell automatically announces to the raid that you were previously cool, but now you suck.

Lathere, who is usually so cool and calm when it comes to loot, wasn’t this week. Back when I was slipping behind the curve going into Yogg-Saron 25 with my 10 man Naxxramas weapon, she talked me out of a my-gear-is-so-bad-I-shouldn’t-be-doing-this-boss mild freak out with this advice:

“You’re not going to lose your raid spot over it, just keep coming to raids and you’ll get a new weapon and everything else on your wish list.”

Her advice all those months ago was spot on. So when the first boss goes down in ToGC after Tuesday’s patch I was slightly surprised when she kept bidding well past the previous going “rate” for a Trophy of the Crusade. She got upset when another raider mentioned that they had 200 Emblems of Triumph saved and over 100 on another character. She was even more frantic when the second, and the last for the night, Trophy dropped.

“I need it!”

She explained to me that the Tier 8 Restoration 4 set bonus had been severely nerfed with the latest patch, which, though expected, had come onto the live servers weeks earlier than she had planned. Now I don’t know exactly what the 4 set bonus used to be, but apparently in its current form it renders her Tier 8.5 gear worthless.

I found this a bit hard to believe. A good healer is a good healer. It’s not like Blizzard set all the Stamina, Spellpower, Critical Strike, Haste, Intellect values on the Resto Druid Tier 8 to zero. I tried quoting her advice back to her:

“You’re not going to lose your raid spot over it, just keep coming to raids and you’ll get trophies eventually.”

I don’t think my advice calmed her at all. I can only think that somehow my usually level-headed sister has been afflicted with some kind of post-patch nerf anxiety disorder.

Our Paladin tank, perhaps slightly stricken by the same bug, commented before the first pull “I’ll tank the other guy. I feel a bit squishy tonight.”

Our Elemental Shaman has been crowing about his buffs (Flame Shock and Lava Burst got boosted I believe). He’s been talking about giving the pures in the guild a run for their money and talking up a good game. Then just before the first go at Heroic Northrend Beasts he starts to agonize in party chat: “What if my damage is shit this attempt?” Apparently it applies to those who have been buffed too.

Of course Lathere healed as well as usual. Our tanks didn’t unexpectedly die. Our Ele Shaman did great damage. In the end it was me who wiped us during that first attempt. Doesn’t take a patch to fail at running. That’s the last time I try the mouse-pivot and run forward. Strafe ftw.

Oh yeah. Shadow Priests got a slight 10% extra from spirit buff this patch. Unfortunately it’s so slight as to be completely unnoticeable. Now I’m sad.

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  1. KeevaNo Gravatar says

    The nerf doesn’t make the gear useless, but it does make the bonus a big fat dud.

    I finally got mine the other day (I’ve been out of raiding since May though), and although I knew the nerf was coming, I figured I would pick it up anyway for Herald etc. Plus, I won’t have 4pc T9 for a while, so that’s fine.

    But even so, wow is it disappointing. The instant portion now hits for 697 in my gear and 10 man buffs. I had to check that it was working because I couldn’t see people’s bars moving when I cast on them. 697.. yuck.

    I’m trying to think of it as a cute little freebie – Rejuv with a free 700 heal up front is better than Rejuv with nothing up front, right? It’s a “nice to have” bonus, but I’ll definitely be grabbing T9 as quickly as I can (not very quickly on 10 man Triumph rations :P )

    I can understand her anxiety, she wants to get back into gear that has an effective bonus.. but as you said, it doesn’t render the other stats worthless. I’ve only had the set for a few days and even *I* feel a bit antsy and “scrubby” wearing it when I know it’s not good anymore. It makes me feel a bit fidgety and whiny inside. Gotta get the gear with a working set bonus *whine* *fidget*

    But it won’t kill me to wait for T9.

    And a part of me is glad they nerfed it – I look at all of the “T8 v T9 – should I swap?” threads and it does my head in. There should never be set bonuses so good that people feel locked in. I WANT to be able to upgrade to T9 without second guessing myself and wondering if I should.

  2. VokNo Gravatar says

    Resto Shaman got a BIG buff in 3.2 and I’m still grinning about it. I do remember going into Ulduar 25-man when 3.1 first hit though with some serious concerns about my ability to heal as effectivally as the other classes. In fact, I posted in our officer forums about it. Shaman where in a pretty bad place at the time.

    Turns out I was worried about nothing, but still, it’s never nice to think you may not contribute as much as others.

    I’m a great believer in gear being close to meaningly. We had a member of our ten man group replace a green ring in ToC 10 the other night. Most of our guys started ToC 10 in mostly Naxx 10 gear.

    You’re tank, to some degree, needs to have a certain gear level, but I find unless there is an enrage timer, groups don’t wipe from being undergeared. If DPS don’t stand in the fire then Healers don’t waste Mana on them. If Healers don’t over heal, DPS have pleanty of time to kill the relitive targets etc.

    We do all like to get shiney new things thought
    .-= Vok’s last blog … Epic Encounters 1 – Shade of Aran =-.

  3. BeruthielNo Gravatar says

    Don’t worry Lath! I am right there with you :)

    I desparately want my T9 4 piece bonus. I’m angry with myself for passing on all those trophies before folks actually wanted them, I’m angry with myself for not picking them up earlier. And now, I get a little grouchy when I’m not up for one (not publically, mind you, but here at home I grump a bit).

    I have enough badges for the two more pieces that I need, just no trophies to buy them, and I can’t swap into the two pieces I have (well, I’m wearing the BP, because I don’t need it for the T8 set) until I get two more.

    Am I panicing? No. Do I want to get my bonus very badly? Yes.
    .-= Beruthiel’s last blog … Thoughts on 10 Man Hard Mode Anub’Arak with Healing Tips! =-.

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