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How to Wipe Less on Heroic
Northrend Beasts

Heroic Northrend Beasts: Please no more skeletons.

Heroic Northrend Beasts: Please no more skeletons.

You may have noticed that Lathere and I haven’t mentioned raiding for weeks. It’s not because we’ve been taking a raiding break. We’ve both spent too much time looking at the bricks on the walls of Trial of the Crusader lately.  Not exactly inspiring stuff.

For the last few weeks we’ve been working on Heroic 25 Northrend Beasts, the first boss in a “Tribute” run. Heroic is really a huge step up from Normal difficulty. The first night of wiping had me convinced that we needed a heck of a lot more gear before we’d be able to beat it. But we’ve been wiping on it pretty much each raid night since then.

Somehow (and don’t ask me how) we beat the enrage timer, shitty server lag and killed Northrend Beasts on Heroic mode. And, to be honest, the only reason why it was possible was because we have an amazing healing team. The fight is demanding because you are given a set amount of time to kill each beast before the next appears. The encounter sets the pace, not your raid. We dropped back to a group of 5 healers to make room for more DPS.

And yes, Lathere did a fantastic job /hug

Tips for Heroic Northrend Beasts

Since we killed him, I suppose that I’m qualified to offer some suggestions on how we did it. You cannot afford to lose even 1 person if you want to make the enrage timer.

What Lathere and I have been working on...

All I can say is... thank god.

Phase 1: Levitate all the ranged/healers before the pull
Ok, this is probably a bit of a bug, but if you are floating with Levitate and you get hit by a Snowbold’s fire bomb, Levitate will break, but you won’t spawn fire underneath your feet. No moving/DPS time lost.

Phase 2: Don’t be nearby when the Worms resurface
They like to target the closest player and spit on them. Make sure that person is not you.

Phase 2: Split your melee
Melee players tend to get spat on all at once. To minimise the chances of that happening we split the melee into 2 groups, with one on Acidmaw and one on Deadscale. After killing Acidmaw you’ll come across one phase when Dreadscale becomes stationary. This is his favourite time to fire spit on the melee and wipe your raid. Try and triangulate your 2 melee groups with your tank and get everyone at max range.

Phase 3: Strafe for your life
Tuskarr’s Vitality, run speed pots, engineering tricks, whatever you need to get out of the way in time when Icehowl charges, use. He enrages if he hits someone and that’s a near guaranteed wipe. Oh yeah, watch out for those upright struts that stick out from the wall.

Why I Hated Heroic Northrend Beasts

Working on this encounter was not fun. And I think I know why:

I miss trash.

There, I’ve confessed. There is no trash to clear before starting the encounter. You don’t move forward. You can’t even muck around, because, well it’s only trash.

The same four walls.

It all takes place in 1 room. You stay there. You buff run into position and fight. Repeat. Now repeat that 50 times. The only thing that changes is the amount of skeletons on the floor.

Oh yeah. Lag.

The Barthilas server lag appeared before Anub’arak was released. And it hasn’t really gone away. Some nights are worse than others.

So what is the problem? It is just Bloodlust at 2am PDT (7pm server time)? Are Bloodlust guilds raiding at other times of the day experiencing the same unbearable lag as we are? What is the problem with Patch 3.2? Why do we disconnect in Trial of the Crusader and nowhere else?

Best Part of Trial of the Crusader

To end on a positive note, and lift my spirits, here is my absolute favourite moment in Trial of the Crusader:

Free Fall! You fall right through the floor to reach Anub'arak

Free Fall: You fall right through the floor to reach Anub'arak

When you defeat the Twins the floor of Trial of the Crusader shatters and you free fall down into Anub’arak’s Nerubian cavern. And just like in Azjol-Nerub, the fall is just so fun. I think I would say it’s my favourite part of the instance. And with Levitate, you can make it last even longer.

Note: If you have Death Knights in the raid, they will try and kill you.

5 Responses to “How to Wipe Less on Heroic
Northrend Beasts”

  1. TeresaNo Gravatar says

    “Phase 1: Levitate all the ranged/healers before the pull
    Ok, this is probably a bit of a bug, but if you are floating with Levitate and you get hit by a Snowbold’s fire bomb, Levitate will break, but you won’t spawn fire underneath your feet. No moving/DPS time lost.”

    Thank you very much for this tip! One of our biggest struggles besides being retarded and not rotating cooldowns on the tanks was a healer would be snowbolded, another would be set on fire and the third would be howling in vent ‘our shields are down captain!’ …but that might be due to the fact that I raid with Star Trek groupies. =D
    .-= Teresa’s last blog … Leveling in AV (as Alliance) =-.

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Glad it worked for you. I heard it from an officer, from some friend of a friend’s guild. If posting this on the net causes Blizz to remove it… Let’s just all hope that doesn’t happen!

  3. OpthoreNo Gravatar says

    Hi, Our guild experienced significant lag (Blood Lust as well) especially on Faction Champions, so your not alone.

  4. IshlowNo Gravatar says

    As known with a snobald on your head one can only cast instant spells. To mitigate this some a holy pally healer whom is using concentration aura can use Aura Mastery for 10 seconds will allow them to cast freely. If the snobald is not dps’ed by then they can pop their bubble and Divine Guardian for another 10 seconds of healing. The bubble DG is really nice as it soaks up 150% of the pally’s health from the raid every second for 10 seconds. When applied properly it soaks up about 300K damage from the raid which does not have to be healed.

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  1. [...] Using Levitate to totally negate the effects of the Snobold bombs in Northrend Beasts was eventually fixed by Blizzard which implies that it wasn’t working as intended. But Blizzard never said using Levitate during that encounter was an exploit. [...]

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