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Dust-y Black Belts

Disenchanting for Infinite Dust

Disenchanting for Infinite Dust

This weekend I found myself considering how best to build up my stores of Infinite Dust. I have Enchanting and Tailoring as my two professions but I’ve noticed that while my stores of Abyss Crystals and Dream Shards seem to be increasing, I never seem to have enough Dust to enchant my own gear these days. I just can’t get enough greens.

There must be a sensible way to turn my professions into a Infinite Dust producing factory. So I did some research and hit up my local Auction House to come up with some options.

On Barthilas, the prices are like so:

  • Infinite Dust: 3g 75s
  • Greater Cosmic Essence: 14g
  • Dream Shard: 12g

My calculations below are based on these values.

Eternium Thread

The first option is crafting items (through Tailoring) purely to disenchant them (using Enchanting). Lots of sites and Wowhead users suggest crafting Frostwoven Belts and consuming a small amount of cloth in order to get 1-2 Infinite Dust.

No way.

How quickly people forget that for every single one of these items you must purchase 1x Eternium Thread from a Tailoring vendor. That’s 3g right there fixed into the cost of each item. Well it’s less if you buy with a faction discount, but even then that’s a pretty expensive component.

Less items (therefore less thread) for more Dust is better.

Consider the ilvl 154 (requires Level 75 to equip) Duskweave Belt. More Frostweave Cloth to make, but more Dust in the long run and less thread.

Duskweave Belt

35 Frostweave Cloth + 1 Eternium Thread = 1-5 Infinite Dust.

Based on some outcomes posted by someone called Zetapoo on Wowhead, crafting 49 of these belts yields:

1 Infinite Dust – 3 times
2 Infinite Dust – 10 times
3 Infinite Dust – 11 times
4 Infinite Dust – 10 times
5 Infinite Dust – 3 times
1 Greater Cosmic Essence – 6 times
2 Greater Cosmic Essence – 6 times

That’s a total of 111 Dust and 18 Essence. Based on the prices on Barthilas he would have earnt 668g 25s from those belts. On average that works out to be 13g 64s per belt.

Leaving a nice margin for bad luck and profit, I would only craft these belts to disenchant if I could keep the cost down under 10g per belt. Lets see how/if that’s possible.

1x Eternium Thread (Exalted discount): 2g 40s
35x Frostweave Cloth: 7g 60s or 4g 34s per stack of 20

So if I can purchase stacks of Frostweave Cloth for 4g or less, this option should make a profit.

I’ll take two, please

The second option to consider is purchasing uncommon items listed on Auction House for the purpose of disenchanting.

Items that can be equipped at level 71 and 72 yield only 1-2 Infinite Dust. So I wouldn’t consider purchasing (bidding or buyout) items in this level range unless they were cheaper than 3g 75s – in case they disenchant into 1 Infinite Dust. Unlikely. That’s often lower than the vendor sell price.

Let’s skip to the level 73-80 uncommon Armor items on Auction House. These follow the same format as the Duskwoven Belt (1-5 Infinite Dust or 1-2 Greater Cosmic Essences). So if I can pick them up for under 10g, I should make a profit.

Level 73-80 uncommon Weapon items on Auction House disenchant mostly into Greater Cosmic Essences and follow a different format than the Duskwoven Belt.

4 Responses to “Dust-y Black Belts”

  1. CongiNo Gravatar says

    There’s a much easier way to figure this out. Just download lil sparkys workshop (& auctioneer if you don’t have it) and it tells you the cost to make vs the cost to sell/de. You can even sort your recipes by profit.

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says


    I don’t trust the Disenchant values Auctioneer comes up with. But I don’t much trust Auctioneer these days. Don’t play with it at the moment and don’t miss it much either (blasphemy, I know!).

    Don’t think scrolls are selling well. But I blame the rip-off scribes who charge 10g per Armor Vellum III. No wonder people prefer to buy the mats and pay a tip.
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … Dust-y Black Belts =-.

  3. TamNo Gravatar says

    Yeah, I used to use Auctioneer but I find it’s usually way off for enchanting mats, since the market fluctuates so much depending on what kind of insane prices people are willing to pay that week. (I was got 60g for a stack of arcane dust simply because people were charging 80-100 that week, and I felt *guilty* – it’s really not worth that much, I know, I know, I fail Gevlon 101). I’m still levelling tailoring so that’s a steady stream of dust and essences just through skill-up pratice, although I’m still not quite at the stage when I could conceive of *selling* gasp *selling* my precious, precious, hard won mats.
    .-= Tam’s last blog … The Economics of the Death Knight =-.

  4. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Well once you’ve finished leveling your professions… don’t leave them until someone asks for an enchant – use them.

    I wish I’d been doing this for the last 6 months :(
    Better late than never I spose.
    .-= Cassandri’s last blog … Dust-y Black Belts =-.

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