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Carry Me

I’m not afraid to PuG Heroics. I actually prefer it. It’s much more convenient to jump in LFG when I’m ready to run a heroic than begging in guild chat or waiting for 4 friends to finish *insert stupid daily quest here*.

Welcome to the Oculus. Its hell.

Welcome to the Oculus. It's hell.

On Saturday the daily was Heroic Oculus. I picked up the quest and put myself in LFG and had an invitation before I had finished stocking up on candles. I was the last member (score!) and I was told to dps (omg!).

Now usually I only get to DPS when a tank+healer pair decide to pug 3 DPS. And I think I get those invites based on my guild tag and the groups usually end up as really fast runs where I shave 20 seconds off my Deadly Boss Mods speed records.

Well this wasn’t that kind of group. We lost our tank and healer early on in those whelp pulls to the first portal. I hate those whelps. The tank immediately blamed the healer. Which I think is a bit rough – I have trouble healing those first pulls and unless bears have somehow gained the ability to dodge Frostbolts…

The first boss goes okay, not great, but okay. The other Priest whispers me to say:

you pwned! when did you ding 80?

ummm November last year?

cool! I dinged 80 yesterday

I went on to assure him that that’s a big time difference. Then he proceeded to link back to me my Conqueror’s Sanctification and asked me where he can get those items. Before we reach the next boss the other two DPS whisper me to marvel at my gear and my DPS.

It was actually quite enlightening.

I look at my gear and see my weakest items – my boots from Naxx25 and my Emblem of Valor haste ring. Which I can’t seem to replace because I don’t want to be just under my hit or haste caps.

When you raid so many nights with the same group of people you start to measure your gear and DPS against your other raiders. Like living in a bubble. A glass house? I do okay, but if I make the top 5 damage done on a fight I’m pretty damn pleased with myself.

My gear and DPS are good enough to kill the bosses we’re killing. But they can’t be that good – because we’d have Steelbreaker by now if that was the case.

But in the eyes of this group, I’m doing pretty well. It made me take a step back and appreciate what I’ve achieved.

Then we spent over an hour wiping on Ley-Guardian Eregos. Hardest two Emblems of Triumph I’ve earned. I swore I would never PuG Oculus again.

Less than an hour later a guild group forms to do Heroic Oculus. They need 1 dps. And 15 minutes later they still need 1 dps. I hesitantly offer to come on my rogue.

Northrend sword models 1 and 2

Chriara is wearing Burning Crusade gear and Northrend sword models 1 and 2

My guildies had a good laugh at my 12k health pool when I joined the group. Did I tell you I hit 80… Wednesday last week? Did I mention that she was level 79 before Ulduar came out? Did I mention that she’s still wearing all her Burning Crusade raid gear?

Did I mention that she can just manage to break 1k DPS on a training dummy?

I got my first Emblem. I got a new sword. But I was too ashamed to be thrilled. She wasn’t meant to be doing Heroic Occulus. And she didn’t deserve to complete the hardest Heroic without doing any of the level 80 instances first.

I don’t have anything against this practice of carrying severely under-geared characters through Heroics. It even makes sense to me when you have a guild sponsoring one of their raiders to power level and power gear a class that they desperately need in their roster.

I just don’t like it when I’m the one not contributing anything and taking all the loot.

As soon as we were finished I switched back to my Priest and gained a whole lot of dignity. Good thing I don’t much enjoy playing my Rogue anyway.

It was easy to follow the “correct” progression from Level 80 instances => Reputation items => Heroic instances => Naxxramas in November last year. That’s what everyone was doing. I didn’t mind logging in to do the Sons of Hodir dailies.

But now it’s very difficult to find a group willing to run Level 80 instances. By the time you earn Exalted with a faction chances are you don’t need that item from the Quartermaster anymore. Making that jump from Level 80 to heroics isn’t easy.

I think for most people, certainly for me, it’s much easier finding four friends to carry you over the gap.

5 Responses to “Carry Me”

  1. TamNo Gravatar says

    Well, you know how I feel about this :) It is miserable to feel like you’re being carried by only partially consenting strangers. I really want to pull my weight in a group, I don’t have to top the DPS metres or heal without my mana dropping below 90% but I definitely want to feel like I’m contributing. But, as you say, it’s an impossible situation because nobody wants to do the gear-progression properly, so you literally *can’t* get yourself geared by grinding rep and level 80 dungeons.

    Also, heroic Oculus? Like ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. I can’t even do non-heroic Oculus. I hate it. Can’t do that vehicle fight to save my life. Gah.
    .-= Tam’s last blog … It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you place the blame =-.

  2. PyrosNo Gravatar says

    You’re missing something important here, as of patch 3.2 – normal ToC.

    Easy instance, 1-1.5k dps is easily enough, and it drops a dirty-great-s**t-load of epic lvl 200 gear. There are at least 4 items that work for every class, which puts you well into Heroic-anything range. And you can do it over and over and over again until you get the stuff you want.

  3. Opthore -Silver HandNo Gravatar says

    I usually complete the daily with a pug group, on the only proviso that I tank it, even though my main spec is ARMS, the fact remains that I can trust my ability and gear to make the run go smoothly.

    When I finally cut my ties with Silver Hand server I might be inclined to head over to Barthalis, who knows.

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