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Bringing Down the Bloodlust
Instance Servers

Everyone has been complaining about not being about to enter an instance and receiving this very unhelpful error message upon trying:

Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.

Someone left the phone off the hook, hey? So how come I’ve never ever run into this problem? I play on a busy server, in the busy Bloodlust battlegroup (even if it is named after a stupid Horde-only thing, still a cool name right?) at peak time. Dalaran is near unbearable. That’s how busy it is.

I’ve always kind of assumed the instance servers are battlegroup-wide. I run lots of instances. Well at least the daily heroic each day. It doesn’t take long to get a group going from LFM. But obviously we’re not doing enough to bring down our instance servers.

See you at VH at 7.30pm ST - good luck! ps. I wasn't lying when I said I like to show up in PVP gear to scare my tanks

See you at VH at 7.30pm ST - good luck! ps. I wasn't lying when I said I like to show up in PVP gear to scare my tanks.

If that’s the case we need to organise a mass instance-launching assault while we still can. Before Blizzard fix it. How hard could it be? At 7.30pm ST I think we should all walk those 20 yards and pop into Violet Hold. And not in groups of 5. Oh no, each individual should be launching their own instance.

And we’re running out of time! With the very next Patch Blizzard are going to fix the issue and also introduce a cross-battlegroup LFG. A concept I can’t quite wrap my mind around.

Cross Battlegroup Looking For More

Overall I’m looking forward to meeting and playing with others from Bloodlust. How bad can your average PuG be? Half the battlegroup are “Oceanic” and half are normal “US” servers so I think we’ve got a nice mix of crazy right there.

Not quite sure what I’m going to do when I come across another Cassandri. I might have to (a) join their party and stalk them or (b) get out so fast you don’t even see the duplicate. Won’t know until it happens I suppose.

Identity Crisis... and it's going to happen more often!

Identity Crisis... and it's going to happen more often!

As it is I already have a somewhat warped view of my fellow Bloodlust-ers from Battleground chat and, yes you heard it right, meeting fellow Oceanic players in RL. Some notables:

Blackrock: a bunch of tough, tough cookies. These are the crazy Aussies who started playing WoW before Oceanic servers were assigned and then got stubborn and refused to move. On WoWiki I think their server motto is described as “Blackrock is full. GTFO”. Shudder. Actually met a Mage in RL from this server. Nice guy. Totally weird.

Frostmourne: Slightly less angry than the first wave of WoW Oceanic players (but still angry), these guys rolled on the first PVP Oceanic server. Lathere’s first character was on Frostmourne. Then she got tired of 1 hour queues to log into the server.

Thaurissan: A truly rare breed – the Alliance who stuck it out on a PVP realm so overrun with Horde that they took over Ironforge. The server that opened up the PVE -> PVP realm transfer option across all US servers to try and fix its faction imbalance. They’re on a “comfortable” 1:3.5 Ally to Horde ratio at the moment. Hey that’s not bad for Thaurissan.

Caelestraez: Holds a special place in my heart because my Shaman, Xata, lives there. It’s a peaceful word (PVE) where I find most of the players are keen to battleground alot. Probably because they weren’t ganked “from birth” and still believe in “honourable” kills. Plus Keeva lives there so how bad can it be?

Proudmoore: Tend to be the ones to declare the winning battleground strategy and anyone who thinks otherwise is, of course, an idiot. I think these guys have been around the block a few times. Not a very polite attitude to have considering your server is named after a girl.

If, like me, you get easily confused by many many different conversations going on at once you might not want to attempt to follow the conversation/s in my screen capture above.

Who would have thought there’s a crazy flag-capping, PVP junkie, achievement-mad Cassandri wandering around the Bloodlust battlegrounds? Not me!

Note: The stuff at the start about intentionally trying to bring down the instance servers is meant in jest. Although I do believe in experiencing all this game has to offer!

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Instance Servers”

  1. AmberNo Gravatar says

    BLOODLUST. And you don’t even *mention* Tichondrius — “Tich Is Not For You” — legendary for making even the toughest PvP nuts break Horde-side with their massive, steaming piles of Gankfest as you futilely struggle to level. *grin*

  2. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Ah… you would be referring to the crazy American PVPers:

    # Tichondrius is considered to be one of the most hardcore PvP servers in the world.

    Now that I know that… (runs away)

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