HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

An Arathi Basin Bedside Story

If you've ever been left to defend on your own... this story is for you.

If you've ever been left to defend on your own... this story is for you.

For the last several of weeks I’ve been trying to do at least one Wintergrasp per day to save up for the PVP trinkets purchasable with Wintergrasp Tokens. If the timer is on less than 45 minutes I’ll do a battleground or two to fill in time. I’ve participated in some good and bad battlegrounds and I think I have the general strategy down, but I still have a hell of a long way to go and a lot to learn.

This story takes place in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Wintergrasp. And it all started with a 30 minute Wintergrasp Timer.

The Warsong Gulch Debacle

I started this block out in Warsong Gulch and about 10 minutes in realised that nobody else on the team seemed to be interested in capturing the Horde Flag whatsoever. I was standing above the Horde Flag room (losing 2-0) when I realised no other allies were coming to help me beat the Resto Druid and Warrior on defence. A minute or so passed and a Warlock came in, somehow we got the flag, made them drop theirs and brought it home (score 2-1). Well I tried to stick to the Warlock like glue but somehow near the Horde graveyard I ended up on my own with the Horde flag stuck in the ground just waiting for a carrier.

I picked it up. And immediately regretted it. I have never carried a flag before. Swamped by enemy players I tried to move towards my allies desperately looking over my interface for some button to drop the flag before death. Could Horde pick it up if I dropped it? Would it despawn? Those were some bad moments. Then I died.

We lost that battle less than 1 minute later. I felt like such a noob.

Wintergrasp is about 15 minutes off. Time for 1 more. I queue up Arathi Basin, not ready to face Warsong Gulch again for some time.

Hello Arathi Basin

I go right into Arathi Basin, a few seconds behind the start of the match, no time to buff up. Soon enough I find myself alone, a Discipline Priest, at the Gold Mine while my team mates ride off into the distance to capture another resource (or whatever you call them). I cannot tell you how often this happens to me.

[Battleground] [Cassandri] WTB partner to defend GM

No reply. A skinny Mage (Undead/Blood Elf or something) comes walking down from the cliffs to wipe the floor with me. Where’s my defence?, I’m thinking! Well my comment in Battleground chat must have made some impression because before the Mage got the better of me I had 4 Alliance come and rescue me.

[Battleground] [Cassandri] Ok… so what do I owe you guys for that?
[Battleground] [Arviel] 38 copper
[Battleground] [Arviel] defence is cheap

This time when everyone rides off into the sunset, the Death Knight sticks around. And suddenly there is that red, bloody mess underneath the Alliance Flag (try and ambush me now Mr Rogue!).

Now this is the type of Arathi Basin I like to play.

For the next 15 minutes we successfully fend off very persistent Death Knights, a Mage, a healy Priest even some flavor of Druid (I’m happy to say he died in Tauren form with green swirls around his massive body so I’m not quite sure what beast form was his best). I was polymorphed long enough, and often enough, that I could actually see the benefit in diminishing returns.

The Human Death Knight on defence with me just wouldn’t die! I barely even healed him, just kept myself up and annoyed the enemy with the occasional DoT or Shadowfiend. As you can imagine, I’m having a great time. We’re not 5 capping here, we’re barely holding 3 bases – a solid, steady win in my book.

With only a couple minutes left a Tauren Death Knight approaches on his Kodo for what feels like the 10th time.

[Arviel] says: he really hates you

We kill the Tauren. Unfortunately 4 or 5 other enemies drop down from the Blacksmith and eventually I go down. My Death Knight buddy doesn’t last the 28 seconds I need to resurrect. We resurrect together, but the battle is over. I thank everyone in /bg chat and whisper my new DK buddy to say goodbye before we leave the Battlegroup.

[Battleground] [Cassandri] Thx nice job
To [Arviel]: Ciao!

Then I’m back on my own server, Barthilas, and I run straight down the stairs from the BG portals to the Battle-Mage to queue Wintergrasp.

Oh No. Wintergrasp

I hate Wintergrasp. I hate the lag. I don’t get the strategy. I don’t get the vehicles. And we always lose on my server (at least when I’m involved).

So I’m making my way to the south half of Wintergrasp to try and find some small-scale PVP activity when a Priesty friend of mine logs in and whispers me:

[Tand] has come online.
[Tand] whispers: You’re very annoying to kill, you know
[Tand] whispers: I was in that AB on my horde
[Tand] whispers: You should have heard the whinging in chat

Well it turns out that the Horde Death Knight who was so persistent in attacking me was actually a friend. I couldn’t believe it!

I don’t think I could have asked for a nicer compliment. Even if I think I suck at PVP I must be doing something right to annoy the enemy that much.

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  1. That is an awesome compliment. Well done!
    .-= Cynwise of Stormwind’s last blog … More Realistic Training Dummies =-.

  2. PsynisterNo Gravatar says

    I love facing friends on other servers in PvP. A lot of what I learned about how to play was taught to me by a person who had toons on every server in our battlegroup, both horde and alliance, and she likes to challenge me when we end up in the same one.

    We’re both rogues, and we both know each others’ strategies so it turns out to be great fun. She eventually logs back over to my server (since I’m only on 1 in the battlegroup) and we team up while sharing what comments we heard about eachother in during the BG’s. I love it.

    Even if you feel like you suck at PvP, the fact that you’re a healer means you’re doing your part. Not necessarily from a healing perspective, but because healers are often first priority so while you’re keeping yourself alive you’re also drawing fire off of other people which allows the group to be more successful overall. That’s a part of BG’s that people always miss. It’s like having a level 10 step into the 19 bracket. People often cry and complain asking them to leave, but they don’t realize that 90% of the opposing team is going to single out the low level character for easy honor kills which will eventually lead to your team winning.

    Generally speaking, the people who think they suck at PvP actually perform pretty good considering they aren’t devoted to it.
    .-= Psynister’s last blog … Racial Analysis: Draenei =-.

  3. TandNo Gravatar says

    Ooooh, I got a mention!

    I just can’t stand Warsong Gulch since they put in that blasted timer, I can see where they were coming from but somehow it has encouraged HK farmers. The problem with battlegrounds is it’s all about the honor return, and the recent patch changes just don’t do enough to encourage the people who care about the numbers rather than the match to do the intuitive team thing.

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