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Tier 8 vs Tier 9 Gear Comparison

Patch 3.2 fun: new raid and new druid forms!

Patch 3.2 fun: new raid and new druid forms!

Last night my guild ventured into the new raid – Trial of the Crusader keen to see how we matched up against the first encounter released – Northrend Beasts.  This fight was surprisingly fun and we got the beasties down on the 4th (I think) attempt.  With this dropped the first Trophy of the Crusade and the bidding war began!  Cass & I are in a guild with an open bidding system where you can bid until you run out of DKP.  This first Trophy went for 6.5k which is pretty high for what is effectively a tier token (You also need 45 Emblems of Triumph).  Generally only weapons/trinkets make it above the 5k mark.

I’m just not sure that this new gear is worth spending that much DKP.  As the Trophy of the Crusade is universal between all classes, I just know that the pricing will be pretty steep for a while.  I really love the 4 piece bonus of my Tier 8 so much I wanted to see the actual stat increases I would gain replacing my pieces with the new Tier 9 set.  I’m still a bit skeptical on the new 2 & 4 set bonuses of Tier 9 which also makes me less inclined to spend big.  Lets have a look at the stats on 5 pieces Tier 8 vs 5 pieces of Tier 9 (Triumphant version dropped in Normal 25 Man Raid).

Tier 8

Conqueror’s Nightsong Regalia
Item Level 226, Found in 25 Man Ulduar

Set Bonus:
(2) Set: Increases the healing done by your Swiftmend spell by 10%.
(4) Set: Your Rejuvenation spell also provides an instant heal for your target.

Stamina: 381
Intellect: 386
Spirit: 318
Armor: 2400
Critical strike rating: 174
Haste rating: 107
Spell power: 525
Sockets: 1 x Meta 4 x Red 1 x Yellow 2 x Blue

Tier 9

Triumphant Malfurion’s Garb
Item Level 245, Found in 10 Man Heroic/25 Man Trial of the Crusader

Set Bonus:
(2) Set: Increases the critical strike chance of your Nourish spell by 5%.
(4) Set: Your Rejuvenation ability now has a chance for its healing to be critical strikes.

Stamina: 463
Intellect: 463
Spirit: 364
Armor: 2530
Critical strike rating: 223
Haste rating: 149
Spell power: 629
Sockets: 1 x Meta 3 x Red 1 x Yellow 3 x Blue

What Stats do We Gain?

There is actually a quite significant gain on all stats across the board.  I also feel that Blizzard are adding more crit gear on leather gear.  I’m not sure if this is to align us to the new set bonuses, but I’m definitely not complaining as it makes it easier to change into a Balance spec for the odd fight here and there and still pull competitive DPS figures.

Stamina: 82
Intellect: 77
Spirit: 46
Armor: 130
Critical strike rating: 49
Haste rating: 42
Spell power: 104
Sockets:  0x Meta -1 x Red 0x Yellow 1 x Blue

Set Bonuses & Talents

I’m not a theorycrafter and never will be.  I look at gear and make educated guesses on its usefulness and then look for hard evidence to support it.  So far I haven’t had much luck finding any number crunching on the 4 piece set bonus but it is early days!

From a talent perspective I know many resto druids that don’t bother spending a full 3 points on Nature’s Grace.  I think the 4 piece talent is a perfect compliment to this talent and makes it a no brainer.

Lath’s Plan of Attack

My current plan is to keep wearing 4 pieces of Tier 8 until I have collected 4 pieces of Tier 9.  The 2 piece set bonus is just not worth giving up the instant Rejuvenation heal.  My guild has much better tank healers in the form of Paladins, Shamans & Disc Priests and those rare times I need to solo heal the tank I can make do with the gear and talents I have.

I’ve also decided that I’m not spending gallons of DKP on Tier 9 until I’ve finally replaced my trinkets.  Currently my 2 trinkets are by far my most out of date, lacklustre items.  Once I have these replaced then all bets are off!

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