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The Evolution of My UI: Final

Thank you to everyone who commented on my recent UI Evolution post! As promised, here is a screenshot and breakdown of my final UI.  Along with the visual display, I’ve also listed and linked each mod I use so anyone who sees something they like, can download and give it a try.

My UI During Raid

My UI during raid, out of combat

My UI, with mods labeled

My UI, with mods labeled

Mods Visible on the Screen

Dominos is used to modify & move my spell action bars, XP bar and bags. To lessen the clutter on my screen I have Bars on both the left and the right at 10% opacity, so you only see the buttons when you hover over them.

Vuhdo is a raid frame replacement and click casting addon. As a healer this is the most prominent part of my interface.

Elkano BuffBars replaces the default icons representing the buffs applied to your character. I have mine listed vertically under my portrait.

SexyMap hides all your mini map buttons and makes your mini map look good! Also includes map/location coordinates, if you’d like them.

Decursive makes cleansing a simple matter of clicking the highlighted squares, with Lath I can left-click to remove curses and right-click to abolish poison.

Recount is an in-game damage meter that allows you to keep track of your DPS and healing output during boss fights.

Omen allows you to keep track of your threat in comparison to your tanks and other party/raid members.

eePanels2/Sunn Art Viewport The screenshot above was taken using eePanels2, however after overwhelming comments pointing me to Sunn Art Viewpoint, this is now installed and has been configured. My interface with Sunn Art Viewport looks similar, however, the video display ends just above the Vuhdo/Omen/Recount section leaving a solid black empty background behind all those mods.

What you Dont See, But I Do Use!

Quartz to replace the default cast bar.  As an Oceanic player this is a must! It shows you visually how much latency is affecting your spell cast time so you can compensate.

Mikes Scrolling Battle Text to replace the default combat text options and separate my incoming heals (from myself/other players – left side of my character) and my outgoing heals (right side of my character). I love this mod because it plays a sound and notifies me on screen when Wild Growth is off cool down.

Deadly Boss Mods to keep me aware of important boss encounter stuff – light bombs to enrages.

Additional Mods I use, and Recommend

Combuctor to combine all my bags into one.

Atlasloot lets me know what loot drops are available in each raid & dungeon boss.

RatingsBuster helps me compare item stats in a matter of seconds without leaving the game.

RandomMount because I don’t want any of my handsome mounts feeling missed out! This mod intelligently selects the most suitable mount type for me to fly/ride.

RandomPet because I have a number of pets under my care, this mod randomly brings one out so they all get the love and attention they deserve.

Where to Start

If reading this blog post has inspired you to start tinkering with your own UI then I suggest you have a read through some of the articles Cass wrote when she first started her journey.  Cass has done a series of mod guides which should help you feel comfortable customizing the mods to better blend into your UI design.  You can find these articles here.

Changing your raid frames is always a big step if your new to mods and add ons.  If you are keen to use Vuhdo and need some help setting it up, your in luck because the add on authors are very responsive.  The best place to start after downloading the mod, is the Vuhdo Wiki.

I want to finish this with a final piece of advice for anyone who uses mods while playing WoW.  Download WoW Matrix and create a shortcut to the application on your Desktop.  Every time a patch comes out mods cause widespread chaos in a raid.  Having WoW Matrix lets you update any out of date mods to the latest version with minimal effort required.

UI Final In Action

Action Shot!

13 Responses to “The Evolution of My UI: Final”

  1. StukkaNo Gravatar says

    Correct me if i am wrong but isn’t wowmatrix kind of useless now? I thought it got killed?

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I thought it had as well, however its definitely working again and updating my mods. I think they came to an agreement with places like Curse to share bandwidth costs.

  2. StukkaNo Gravatar says

    interesting thanks for this info!

  3. GrathaxNo Gravatar says

    I’m thinking of using the ideas u present here – However because of a slightly older comp – I wanted to know how big a moniter/screen do you play on and How much Addon Memory does this take up

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      @Grathax, currently I’m using a 22″ monitor & i’m finding it uses up 20MB of add on memory. When I load Quest Helper (I generally play with this off now!) it goes up to about 50MB. Hope this helps!

  4. GrathaxNo Gravatar says

    ok thanks – that helps alot as your screenshots look a lot more spacious than mine does

    thanks again


    here is a link to my setup – outside of a raid (based on your above posts)

  5. CojinemNo Gravatar says

    First off, I would like to say that I just recently found this blog while trying to find some good readings for my up and coming priest. And now I have you added to my RSS and anxiously wait for a new post. Keep up the great work!

    I have a question for you tho… You had said that you set dominos to 10% opacity. In your action screenshot, you have your bars to the right half faded. Looks that all the items that are important for combat aren’t faded while the other ones are. Is that a specific setup for the addon or does it do that automatically?

    Thank you in advance! :-)

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      @Conjinem I’m glad you like the blog :) With the Opacity, Dominos allows you to set different scales & opacities for each individual bar. The important bars that include my spells & keybinds are always at the bottom with 100% opacity. The bars on each side are set to 10% opacity with a hover over of 100% opacity.

      @Grathax another way to make things a bit more spacious is to scale down the size of your bars in Dominos. I think most of my bars are set to about 70% of their original size. This will create more space for you! Also I notice with Vuhdo you have the Buff Watch & Main Tank window displaying. I decided they took up too much room and switched them off, but thats definitely just a preference thing. As a pally you probably do a lot of Main Tank healing so I can imagine that window is great for you! You can also scale down the bars in Vuhdo a little bit so they fit your screen better – I still have pretty big squares so I can easily see who is being healed, but I have scaled the height & width down which may also help you out.

  6. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    @Garthax Alternatively you can scale down the size of your whole UI – this works whether you use Addons or just the default WoW interface:

    Video Settings -> Use UI Scale -> Drop the slider down towards the left to make your UI elements smaller.

  7. bolNo Gravatar says

    i loved your ui.. possible for you to upload it so we can dl it and jsut extract and its finish :D ???

  8. NantosueltaNo Gravatar says

    Love the UI, but one thing you need to know. WowMatrix is probably why the one of you got hacked – it is now a KNOWN keylogger. If you still have it, get rid of it immediately!

    Other than that, love the blog. :)

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