HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

The Druid Princess: A Tree Fairytale
(Chapter One)

A fairytale set in the magical kingdom of Dalaran (and other assorted raid instances)

A fairytale set in the magical kingdom of Dalaran (and other assorted raid instances)

Once Upon A Time Patch 3.1 was released, the shiny new raid Ulduar came out and Lath was a happy healer.  She had joined a new guild, made some new friends and even got to pewpew occasionally (alright generally only ever on Archavon but still better than nothing!).

In fact Lath was so busy socialising with all her new guildies and keeping in touch with old friends in other guilds that she couldn’t keep up with all the off night raid invites, dungeon runs and enchanting requests that came her way.  To keep her very patient paladin boyfriend Mardinas from getting cranky at her she made the decision to not go to any weekend Ulduar 10 runs and instead earn some brownie points by curling up on the couch and being a good girlfriend.

Now Lath knew that some non-guildy healer had taken her place on the Friday night Ulduar but she didn’t really mind or think about it much. Her guildies were successfully getting through the 10 man hard modes and she was happy just logging in for the 25 mans.

About 2 weeks ago her usual tree buddy for raids was demoted to casual because his internet connection had been dodgy of late and Lath was very sad that they would never again have Rejuvenation spam competitions during Iron Council fights.  She whispered him her commiserations, and knew that while they may not raid together they could always chat and do the odd dungeon when they had some spare time. The very next day Lath logged in and was fishing in the sewers for corroded jewellery, when out of the blue a new druid is invited to the guild.  Lath is suspicious; people seem to know this oddly named druid and guild chat conversations are implying he’s a tree….., then YAY the jewellery drops, she finishes the quest and forgets all about it.

For one reason or another Lath doesn’t raid much in the next week, so is a bit surprised after missing a couple of raids when her favourite warrior tank Caco (who is also an officer) whispers her to see how she’s doing.

See Caco was worried that Lath might be feeling a bit put out that there is another resto druid in the guild and he wanted to make sure she knew that there was nothing to worry about and that everyone thought she was awesome and all was good.  You see the officers (who are all male tanks) actually do take notice of healing (yes, my jaw dropped too) and had decided with a couple of shuffles (my old druid buddy being made casual and a resto shaman turning his main spec to enhance which the guild sorely needed) that we now finally had a super awesome core healing team of 5 – 2 priests, 2 druids and 1 pally.

While Lath had not yet raided or spoken to this other tree, her expectations were pretty high.

To be continued…

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(Chapter One)”

  1. FangaelNo Gravatar says

    Great story! I want to read part 2.

  2. requiemmNo Gravatar says

    hehe thats cool :)

  3. ObyaviNo Gravatar says

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