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The Cutest Thing

Warsong Gulch map

Welcome to Warsong Gulch

I ventured into Warsong Gulch the other day and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Why? Well it wasn’t because we won, although we did. And it wasn’t the 11 minute battle duration timer either, although that was something of a relief.

I tend to pick a Paladin or Death Knight at the start of the small battlegrounds and latch onto them. If the partnership works they’ll give me some protection when I’m attacked, survive while I’m chain CCed and between the two of us we’re pretty much unstoppable (ok, so like 4 or 5 could probably take us). Pallies and DKs also tend to operate as 1 man fighting machines in battlegrounds and tend to wander away from the pack and need heals.

So somehow I picked this Death Knight who seemed to be proceeding at a swift pace towards the Horde keep the other night. It wasn’t until the two of us were alone, rushing through the tunnel to the Horde flag room, that I looked down and realised… he was a Gnome Death Knight.

And he was soooooo cute! His head was covered in miniature plate armor with a couple little spikes sticking out of it. And he could run really fast. Then he popped some Baby Spice and we danced.

Awwwwwww so cute!

Awwwwwww so cute!

Sure sure, strategically it’s great to be a really really small target when you’re holding the flag. Perhaps the player behind the character is some tough guy who’s just really dedicated to PVP flag carrying.

I hope I come across this guy again.

We won with 3 flags by the 11 minute mark, did I mention that?

Is that the tiniest flag you've ever seen, or what?

Is that the tiniest flag you've ever seen, or what?

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