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More Fun than a Game of Snake

Who set the tree on fire?

Who set the tree on fire?

On Wednesday night me and the guild got to play Snake … er … kill Lord Jaraxxus, the second boss in Trial of the Crusader (video capture at the end of this post).

Lord J was a super fun fight – once you’ve got everyone in position it’s pretty much easy peesy as a ranged DPS caster. I think perhaps healers might struggle with this fight the most – lots of raid damage going around with one or two players requiring tons of heals at any given moment. We tried it with 7 healers, all marked and carefully distributed in a circle around the boss. The way to win is to pretty much to kill the boss, kill the stuff that appears (crazy knife ladies and infernals) and, if you’re lucky, play Snake around the edge of the room.  I liked him better than those Northrend Beasts I think.

Snake - on a phone near you

Snake - on a phone near you

Do you remember Snake? It must have shipped with every mobile/cell phone in the 90s. It’s the game where you control the head of the snake and you have to move around an empty room, making sure not to run into your own tail.

Actually now that I think about it, Lord J would have been more fun if the trail of fire you leave in your wake kept growing longer.

Anyway! Heaps and heaps of mistakes in my video – it’s our absolutely first go at the boss and, even though we got him first time, that means lots of hesitations and mistakes (what? these infernals don’t just despawn?). But lets not dwell on all that – we killed him right?

So what dropped in Trial of the Crusader on Wed night? Plate, plate, mail, a shield and a LW receipe. Must have been a trophy or two aswell.

Video – Vitare vs Lord Jaraxxus

[youtubehq 4VTxApmwciI Vitare vs Lord Jaraxxus - click through to YouTube to view in full size]

I apologise for taking so long to post this! Unfortunately the Lord J video soundtrack was all messed up everytime I played it back after upload and I’ve been trialing different export settings to see if it fixes it. Makes for a lot of 150mb uploads, therefore, delayed post. Seems to work on YouTube, so no more video hosting, I think.

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