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Girls Have a Sense of Humor Too!

See it's all hugs and laughter!

See it's all hugs and laughter!

I had an epiphany last night after we finished Ulduar (and scored Bunkiie our holy pally the guild’s first legendary mace!). The guys in my guild just don’t get my sense of humour OR they don’t think I have a sense of humour… I’m not sure which one it is but both are equally /sigh worthy.

I came to this realisation when a group of us with nothing to do after clearing Ulduar yesterday decided to run OS25 + 3 Drakes. Because a few of our raiders were already saved, we got in some PUGs one of whom was an old BC guild mate of mine Hoku. Now I hadn’t seen Hoku in ages so I was really excited to see him and he seemed really happy too when he realised Cass and I were both in the run.

He was so excited that he started gushing on vent which prompted some very blokey teasing from the other guys in our channel. Hoku (the sweetheart) then went on to tell them he didn’t care because he was so excited to catch up with, his words not mine:

“2 of the most beautiful lovely ladies on the server”

Because I was in a pretty good mood I responded back on vent:

“Oh Hoku, that’s so sweet, the Vitare guys could learn a thing or 2 from you, they never say anything that nice!”

Now to me that’s pretty obvious that I’m being silly and am just involved in some lighthearted banter but what baffled and horrified me is that the response I got from one of the guys (he’s lucky I’m not 100% sure who it was who spoke… otherwise NO HEALING FOR HIM!) which was:

“Well we wouldn’t say that because we don’t know what you look like?”

Woah! The gloves are off! Now if there was laughter or teasing in his voice I could be okay with that but he was definitely on the defensive. How could such a fun conversation turn so serious?  The light bulb went off – they didn’t realise I was joking!

Even though the conversation was sinking as fast as the Titanic I couldn’t help myself I was now pretty shitty and had to jab:

“OMG I can’t believe that you seriously think a person has to be physically attractive to tell them they’re lovely – that’s terrible!”

Perhaps luckily for me this didn’t turn into all out warfare, Lath vs Vitare Males, and we started the boss so it was all quickly forgotten, but still in a state of shock I had to whisper Cass:

“The just don’t get my sense of humour do they?

“No Lath, they really don’t it’s sad”

Let me give you another example which happened at the beginning of raid last night.  The guys were joking around being very sarcastic. In my normal deadpan sarcastic voice I joined in with (what I thought was) a witty sarcastic response.  One of our mages very kindly said to me,

“Lath, they were being sarcastic, it’s ok it wasn’t serious”

… I swear I died a little bit inside.

I started to think of some of the other usual silly comments I make, like when I do something stupid I tell people it was a blonde moment. Most people get that I’m just being silly or sarcastic (my 2 favourite brands of humour) but I thought back through all the comments since March when I joined and now I think these guys just think I’m a serious, boring person. In fact they probably think I’m a complete bitch *cringe* mentally flicking through some of the teasing things that were meant in jest but have probably been taken quite seriously.

So is this a male vs female thing? Am I just not funny? Am I playing with a bunch of dopes? What do you guys think?

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  1. IhraNo Gravatar says

    Just unperceived, I think. We’ve pretty well caught onto realising that the written word can be massively misinterpreted (in emails, etc) b/c it lacks so many of the critical components of FtF interaction. But people are a little slower to notice that voice chat without any facial expressions or body language can still have a wide possibility of misinterpretation.

    So they don’t get silly, OR sarcastic? What are they, more like…slapstick guildies? I have a hard time seeing how that kind of humour could be executed in gchat / vent :-P .

  2. TamNo Gravatar says

    Ye gods. First of all, it’s not you, and it’s not that you’re not funny.

    The thing about not being able to say you’re lovely because he didn’t know what you looked like is a textbook example of male WoW player being utterly crap to a female WoW player. This doesn’t in any way make it okay, and yes, you’re right, it’s a terrible terrible thing to say, and you were right to call him on it. Obviously he’s just crass sand clueless but still. I can only guess he himself failed to understand the nature of the banter (I call our healer ‘lovely’ all the time, and he’s a zombie). All the same, definitely no HEALZ for him, not until he gets a fecking clue.

    I hope you’re not too demoralised. I’m less forgiving than the poster above – I think they’re a bunch of dopes :)
    .-= Tam’s last blog … So I Think I’ve Mentioned This Before… =-.

  3. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Personally I think all the guys in the guild are too worried they might offend us to actually relax and listen to the tone of voice. Doesn’t help that the other two girls in the guild are kinda scary. (Well they scare me)

  4. ZahrahNo Gravatar says

    He was being a bit of an Twit…

  5. KristineNo Gravatar says

    I try not to let gender become an issue when I play. Like most other girl gamers I want to be respected for my game and social skills, not for having a vagina.

    So, it makes me sad when those around me think I need protecting from rude jokes, or that I dont know how sarcasm work. Like someone doing a joke about young girls “if its grass on the field lets play, if not roll around and play in the mud” (admittedly not the best of jokes, but thats beside the point). And then having someone go “Its ok Kris, they dont really mean it. They wouldnt really do it”.

    Like somehow being female means I dont understand what a joke is, or that I am unable to deal with it on my own if I find it offensive.
    .-= Kristine’s last blog … Skill and gear: Who’s myth is really being debunked? =-.

  6. PapaNastyNo Gravatar says

    haha don’t worry about it, that was Buff I think, his sarcasm comes out sounding sorta serious a lot of the time (Same with Jugg / Solo aswell).

    Everyone gets your sarcasm I think :) We don’t really think you’re a ditzy blonde

    Although in saying that, I’m NOT going to mark you for everyone to follow during firefighter again!!

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Lol thats fair enough – I was a deer caught in the headlights!!!! I couldn’t move :P It’s just a pity others also didn’t move lol.

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