HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

From Conqueror to Gladiator in an Hour

Lath and I PVP very little (I’m sure this comes as no surprise if you frequently read our posts!). I’ve been known to do an Alterac Valley late at night as Discipline but that’s pretty much it.

Lath has been very brave and taken up Arena in her spare time and does 2v2 side by side with her RL partner, Mardinas, as well as a bit of 3v3 and 5v5. But she’s got a bit of a problem – 0 resilience.

Wearing my new PVP gear

Wearing my new PVP gear

We (Lathere, Mardinas and I) got to chatting and I mentioned that I had a couple pieces of PVP stuff in the bank. You know, VoA drops that were going to be disenchanted anyway. Mardinas, a PVPer, was suitably impressed when I dug up out of the depths of my bank three pieces: Furious Gladiator’s Mooncloth Gloves, Furious Gladiator’s Mooncloth Leggings and Deadly Gladiator’s Cloak of Dominance. No enchants, no gems, nothing, since I’d dumped them in my bank to clear out my bags after a raid.

It turns out that you can just buy a bunch of PVP gear with Emblems so (after checking out, and approving, how the whole set actually looks) Lath took me shopping and we bought Hateful Gladiator’s Satin Hood, Hateful Gladiator’s Satin Mantle, Hateful Gladiator’s Satin Robe with some Emblems of Valor.

There was a small hiccup when I realised there was a choice – 2 sets of cloth gear (Satin or Mooncloth), essentially forcing you to choose between +Crit or +Spirit. Now in my mind +Crit is definitely the better of the two for Discipline in PVP or PVE. Yet we armory’ed a bunch of priests on our server and some had picked the Mooncloth, some had picked the Satin and most had a mixture of the two. Perhaps these folks were like me and were using items they’d won by chance in a VoA run? Or is, say, the Mooncloth shoulders significantly better in some way to the Satin shoulders? I feel like I’m missing out on something here.

I’m slightly disturbed by the ease at which I’d acquired a full Hateful/Deadly/Furious PVP set since I’m told you usually have to do well in Arenas to qualify for some of it. But I’m also happy that I found something to spend my Emblems of Valor on. It’s very nice not having to compare my raiding epics with PVP starting gear to try and find a balance of defensive stats without shedding too much spellpower.

Anyway, with gems and enchants these are my PVP stats (self buffed with Inner Fire/Fort):

  • Spell Power: 2253
  • Resilience: 489
  • Health: 20,800
  • Crit: 513 (20.18%)
  • Haste: 108 (3.29%)
  • Spell Penetration: 0
  • Hit: 68

I’m focusing on Resilience and, to a lesser degree, Stamina with gems because I think that’s where I’m lacking at the moment. Perhaps some readers with PVP knowledge can point me in the right direction for a Discipline Priest at my level?

PS. did a Wintergrasp with a couple friends this morning and it was actually quite fun!
PPS. do you think if I do all my dailies in my PVP gear people will be less likely to attack me?

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  1. MinitonkaNo Gravatar says

    Whenever I’m not in an instance or city, I’m in my PvP gear because of getting (or attempting to) ganked and subsequently corpse camped.

  2. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    It is actually quite easy indeed to get a good, basic PvP set if you are willing to invest the badges for it. Even better (or worse, depending on your view), the conqueror’s badges can be used to purchase Deadly Gladiator gear. This does mean that since these can be easily farmed now, that Deadly Gladiator is “totally the new base PvP set”.

    I think the haste/crit thing is a matter of preference and DR, personally. In PvP, you are always at risk of being locked out of spellcasting, so haste means faster casting and more mobility. Crit, however, means bigger burst and bigger heals. In order to prevent being too much burdened by Diminishing Returns on your stats, I guess a healthy mix of Haste and Crit would be the answer.

    By the way, I also just found your blog via wowinsider, and I must say it looks awesome. ^_^
    My two main toons are a Shadowpriest and a Resto Druid, and I think the combo stuck. HoTs and DoTs are not much different after all, except on the target they are put on.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Thanks for the feedback Natarumah (especially about the site design – Lath & I take it pretty seriously).

    I rely so heavily on my instant casts when I battleground that I can’t see me getting much benefit from Haste. Sure I Flash Heal but usually other players (especially when I don’t want spell animations like Prayer of Mending or Penance to give me away). If I’m under fire I usually rely on my instants to keep me alive – as soon as I can get out of whatever CC i’m trapped in.

    Had no idea that Crit/Haste suffered from diminishing returns in PVP.

    Kinda sucky to realise my set is already one step behind now. Ah well, nothing else I could have bought with Emblems of Valor anyway.

  4. NatarumahNo Gravatar says

    Well, it’s not PvP diminishing returns, just the regular one. As your stats rise (Crit, Haste, Parry, Dodge, whatnot) they start contributing less to their overall effect. This is what I mean with Diminshing Returns, not the one that is on CC in PvP. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. IgossNo Gravatar says

    Hiya, was just wandering thru blogs and all, and im quite the pvp geek ;p

    So just to bring some light about choosing satin or mooncloth, you were right, you were missing something. PvP priests usually use 2 pieces of one and 2 pieces of the other ( or 3 of the +crit) so they get the 2 piece set bonus on both, and guess what, the bonus is 100 resilience! So from 4 pieces, you get 2X100 resi, thats just awesome for clothies.

    Hope that helped.

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