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The Seeker

Cassandri the Seeker

Cassandri the Seeker

For some time now I have been questing in my spare time working on Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor. At some point, with about 200 quests still to go for each, I realised that I was going to achieve 3000 Quest Completed first.

Having completed 3000 quests I now can be known as Cassandri the Seeker.

The title, “the Seeker” is really quite appropriate. Completing this many quests isn’t really about questing. It’s about finding all the quests that you abandoned while leveling and, if you’re lucky, finding quest givers and quest hubs you may not have known about.

The other reason I believe I hit 3000 quests first is because I have already completed the Outlands and Northrend Loremaster achievements and all the new quests that get added to the game with patches, like the Argent Tournament quests, count towards The Seeker, but not towards the Loremaster titles.

On a side note, I was quite surprised to discover that some guild members were impressed by my new title. Unlike Dungeon & Raid or PVP achievements, Quests and Exploration achievements tend not to generate much interest.

2999th Quest: Cleansing the Eye

2999th Quest: Cleansing the Eye

My #2999th quest to complete was Cleansing the Eye. A simple quest, the end of a chain, to travel from Menethil Harbor to visit Archbishop Benedictus in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. This is at least the second time I attempted this quest however. I have a bad habit of deleting items in my inventory when I think they are quest remnants, quest items that didn’t go away automatically when you abandon or complete a quest. So yes, when I made some effort to travel to Stormwind and hand this in a few days back, only to discover I had deleted the quest item, I was quite annoyed at myself :)

The Loremaster achievements are my next goals. And finishing my Dungeon Upgrade set. More about those later!

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  1. ArrwenNo Gravatar says

    Gratz on the title. I remember getting it too while working on the Loremaster achievements. It takes quite some time to get it, but still people notice it which is very nice. Since I got the title I switched titles once, when we did some old content (MH & Sunwell) to Hand of A’dal, but quickly changed it back after that :)

    btw, great blog. Just discovered it through, but it’s already added to my reader and I will look through your older posts for sure :) Keep up the good work

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