HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Improving the Interface using Addons 5 – Debuff Filter (DoT Monitor)

Debuff Filter lets you watch just the Debuffs/DoTs that you’re interested in. You are also given the option for each spell/debuff to only show the Debuff if you were the player to apply it (thank you! I’m not interested in anyone else’s Shadow Word: Pain).

Of Hard Modes & Guilds

It’s been 7 months since I lead a guild & approximately 1 year since leading a 25 man raiding guild back in BC. To me, one of the most important aspects of guild leadership was defining your guild in terms of game style and progression goals. How can people understand what they’re signing up for if you haven’t made this incredibly clear?

Improving the Interface using Addons 4 – Quartz (Cast Bar)

As a DPS caster I cannot stress how important it is to have a good cast bar. I love Quartz and I have no intentions of changing when Quartz does everything I want my cast bar to do. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some customisation.

Why does Heroic MGT Hate Me So?

Me…. the pet collector, the achievement whore & the recent rep addict has been running H MGT at least twice a week to (embarrasingly) hit exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive and have a chance at the adorable Phoenix Hatchling.  And in the last 2 runs has now lost both the vanity pet AND the [...]

Improving the Interface using Addons 3 – Dominos (Action Bars)

The bottom section of your screen (hotkeys/spell keys, bags, menu) are referred to as Action Bars. I considered both Bartender and Dominos and downloaded both. However, it was Dominos that I chose to install and tweak.

Improving the Interface using Addons 2 – Resources

My interface needs a complete overhaul. In this issue (part two) I will share the resources and some terminology that I learnt along the way and perhaps save you some time on your own journey to a better interface.

Improving the Interface using Addons 1

My interface needs a complete overhaul. In this issue (Part One) I will explain my history using interface addons and what I’m trying to achieve.


Blizzard are talking about the next patch which contains a new raid. And a whole new Tier set. It just feels way too soon for me. Before I stick my head in the sand about this new raid I just had to look once at the Shadow Priest Tier 9. Just once to see what it looks like.