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Improving the Interface Using Addons 8 – Elkanos Buff Bars

Cass’s major UI overhaul inspired me to do the same.  I will admit I kinda cheated and copied many of her ideas – just set them up with a healer flavour.  One standard UI feature she didn’t make any changes to, but I felt needed improvement was a new way to layout any buffs and debuffs my character was experiencing.

Why a Buff Bar?

The first time I decided this was a critical requirement in the success (or failure) of my interface was when we were wiping on General Vezaxx and Yogg-Saron. For some strange reason other elements on my standard UI would sometimes cover up my Saronite Vapor (Green Goo) ticks/debuff and it was also covering up my Sanity debuff. This was incredibly stressful mid-fight and there were several occasions when I cautiously left the green pools too early and missed out on precious mana. I was also running to the Sanity Wells in Yogg more often then necessary which meant I wasn’t in position and potentially missed out on cleansing/healing a raider right when it was needed.

Elkanos Buff Bars

Elkano Buff Bars Out of the Box

Elkano Buff Bars Out of the Box

There are probably a number of mods that alter the display of your buffs & debuffs.  I found Elkanos Buff Bars after reading a post by Matticus on NoStockUI and downloaded it immediately.

The great thing about this mod is that it does it’s job straight out of the box, no changes or customisation required.

Customising Elkano Buff Bars

This is thankfully a fairly straightforward mod to make changes with.  To bring up the main configuration window you simply type /ebb config however you can do most of the modifications by simply right clicking on the header (Anchor) for each group.

Customising the Look & Feel using Elkano Buff Bars

Right click on a group heading (anchor) to access the configuration options


The standard out of the box set up for this mod is 3 groupings – Buffs & Tracking, Debuffs & Tench.  I have no idea what Tench means but to give you an idea things that show up in this section include fishing lures & old fashion wizard oil for your weapon.

I didn’t want to go too crazy with the groupings, however I did customise this a little bit, and changed the groups to: Buffs, Debuffs & Tracking. This is done by editing the Name option when right clicking on the header.

Look & Feel

The first thing I did was drag my buff bar to the left side of my screen under my character portrait. This suits my UI layout because I do not use the standard party interface which places party portraits down the left side of your screen. Cass has her Buff Bars on the right side of the screen under her mini map, so the positioning is pure personal choice.

I also changed to scale of the groups to 70% which takes up less space, but is still easy to read.

I really didn’t like the bright blue, red and purple colours of the bars.  I changed these by going into the Bar Layout -> Bar section and changing the colour for Buffs to Black and then lowering opacity so it comes of as a pale clear gray.  I also dulled down the Debuff and Tracking groups to a dark red and purple and also lowered the opacity.

The final thing I did was remove the headings for each section, purely a cosmetic change but I thought it was more effective looking in conjunction with my overall UI.

Final Result

Elkano Buff Bars with Customisation

Lathere's Elkanos Buff Bars with Customisation

Cassandri's Buff/Debuff Bars

Cassandri's Elkanos Buff Bars with Customisation

The Verdict

I absolutely love this mod.  I can simply see a listing of all buffs my character has, and clearly tell if I’m missing something important.  Most importantly however, is how easy it is to see any debuff my character is experiencing and react accordingly.   I don’t know how I managed without this!

What’s next?

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