HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Healing Heartbreak

Our guild finally got the Heartbreaker achievement from XT-002 Deconstructor on Thursday night after only a couple of wipes. I think the reason we were so successful tonight compared to our Wednesday night attempts was the healing team composition we put together. The healing team we used for success was:

  • 2 Restoration Druids
  • 2 Holy Priests
  • 2 Restoration Shamans

In a perfect world I would have preferred to have 1 Shaman & 1 Holy Paladin, but unfortunately Bunkiie, our main holy pally, is on holidays so we missed out on his great tank healing.

The difference between XT Hard Mode and the normal encounter is when the Heart is open and exposed to the raid, you smash it to pieces the first time it appears. This is a DPS breakthrough for a guild. If you don’t have the DPS to kill his heart, you aren’t really prepared to try any further hard modes in Ulduar. Light Bombs & Gravity Bombs also change and it becomes important for your raid to have a good strategy with how to handle these. Our raid had people run to the left if you had a Gravity Bomb, and run to a smoke flare placed to the right if you had Light Bomb. The DPS team we had on Thursday was so good, we had both a Moonkin & Elemental Shaman which made the casters happy, I didn’t even bother getting out of tree form during the heart phase and instead used this time to recoup my mana bar back up to full.

After your guild has successfully killed his heart, XT does his major raid damage move Tympanic Tantrum every minute, and Light Bombs now spawn a Life Spark which causes 2000 damage every 3 seconds to the entire raid. These 2 moves means your healing team needs to have strong AOE healers, bring at least 4!

Our Healing Strategy

Main Tank Healing
Both Shamans were on MT duty for the entirety of this fight. We also had the 2 resto druids use Rejuvenation constantly and also used Wild Growth off the tank to help out with the spike damage. The MT was also in the same group as one of our Holy Priests so during Tympanic Tantrum they benefit from Prayer of Healing as the Priest kept their group up.

Gravity Bomb/Light Bomb Healing
Unless a player was bombed during Tympanic Tantrum this was fairly easy healing. I was in charge of placing a Rejuvenation & 1 Lifebloom on each player who was targeted. If Tantrum occurred, all raid healers focused on keeping the targeted player alive as the damage caused when you have both will bring a clothie down in a matter of seconds.

Tympanic Tantrum
We set up our raid groups to best cater for Tantrum Damage

Group 1: Melee + Off Tank (DK DPS in Tanking Gear)
Group 2: Melee
Group 3: Ranged + 1 Holy Priest
Group 4: Ranged, Main Tank + 1 Holy Priest
Group 5: Healers + 1 Ranged

During Tantrum the 2 Resto Druids focused predominantly on Groups 1, 2 & 5 and let the Priests handle the damage to Groups 3 & 4 with Prayer of Healing. The priests also used Circle of Healing whenever it was off cool down which also helped with general raid healing of Groups 1, 2 & 5.

If you have a Retribution Paladin and some Shadow Priests make sure you take advantage of their passive healing abilities. Every little bit of raid healing helps.


This is a long fight and it will push your healers mana to the limits. My advice:

  • Be conservative when healing prior to his heart dying. Raid damage really only steps up after the heart death, so don’t OOM yourself in the easy part.
  • If your DPS is good, don’t help kill the heart. He does a Tympanic Tantrum straight after the heart goes down, so if possible sit there doing nothing until your mana bar is back at full, and then start placing Rejuvenation on the raid in preparation of his tantrum.
  • Use innervate as soon as your mana bar is at 1/4 full. If you use it early enough you may be lucky and have it off cool down before the fight ends.
  • Have mana pots ready. While mana even with the nerfs still hasn’t caused most Resto Druids problems, you will still need it during this fight! Its worthwhile having it there just in case as far as I’m concerned.

Even with innervate and a mana potion, I still started worrying I was going to OOM right at the end and we weren’t going to make it. This fight affects all healers with mana – one of our Shamans used both the Feral Kitty and Boomkin’s innervates in the 1 fight! I don’t know if he just wasn’t conservative or if he was doing something wrong however, the other shaman managed without a single innervate ok.

Further Reading

For a really good strategy I recommend reading the Ensidia Guide

For healing advice check out this Plus Heal Thread

Laths Musings

This fight is great for trees. On Wednesday night we tried this same fight with a different healing group, I was the only tree, and we simply couldn’t keep the raid alive through Tympanic Tantrum. We had other issues with our healing composition, however bringing a second resto druid the second night was the most major change. The resto druid 4 piece bonus makes us even stronger for this fight and trees will most likely come out on top of the healing meters for those who are into that type of thing!

Overall the strategy for this fight is fairly simple, its just important that your raiders know where to move when they’re targeted with a bomb. To me this is a ready check to make sure your raid is geared enough to keep trying other Ulduar hard modes.

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  1. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Remind your spriests to use Hymn of Hope too :)
    Unless a fight has a short break where I’m not dpsing anyway (like between phases in Mimiron), I tend not to use it. But when your healers are struggling I think it’s worth dropping Shadowform for a few seconds to channel your Hymn.

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