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Why Mages love Mp5

I named the topic of this post Why Mages Love Mp5 because I’m looking for some answers.

** Update **
If you’ve come across this article because you are a Mage and genuinely want to know the value of Mp5 to your class the answer is zero. Mages receive no true benefit – you will not see an increase in damage done and if you are running out of mana this problem is not best solved by choosing gear with Mp5. Mp5 is not Spirit (which does have value for Mages because it converts to Critical Strike, therefore increasing damage).

Zaldinar, a respected theorycrafter in the Mage community, values armor statistics for Mages like so (Fire Mages, PVE, not hit capped):

  1. Hit: 29
  2. Spell Power: 27
  3. Haste: 23
  4. Critical Strike: 18
  5. Intellect: 6
  6. Spirit: ?*

For example, compare [Cassandri's Cap of Intelligence] +20 Intellect to [Lathere's Mask of Striking Blows]  +10 Critical Strike. According to Zaldinar, each point of Intellect is worth 6 and each point of Critical Strike is worth 18:

Cassandri’s Cap of Intelligence = 20 Intellect x 6 = 120
Lathere’s Mask of Striking Blows = 10 Critical Strike x 18 = 180

A Mage would benefit more by equipping [Lathere's Mask of Striking Blows].

No other stat on your armor will increase your damage. Armor, Mp5, Attack Power, you can ignore these stats because you gain nothing by increasing them.

* Zaldinar does not include a weighting for Spirit on his Loot Rank template most likely because the Template was created prior to Patch 3.1 and Spirit had no value to Mages at the time. Spirit is quite important for Mages now, but I’ll need to do some further research to find out how it compares to the other stats.

*** End Update ***

Since reaching level 80 on my Shaman I have pugged Naxx 25 each week and lost more than (yes, I’m counting) eight MP5 items to Mages and other DPSers.

This weekend I lost Chains of Adoration and Seized Beauty to the same Mage in the run.

Upon inspection the Mage’s gear really isn’t that bad. A mix of item level 200 and 213 epics, all with suitable stats – hit, spell power, crit etc and sensible gemming.

So I’m convinced the mage in question does know what gear benefits their class otherwise I’d be seeing blue gem sockets filled with Spell Power + Mp5 or something right?

Honestly when an Mp5 item drops I really don’t expect anyone except the Holy Paladins and Restoration Shamans to roll for it.

And just the other day I was reading a thread (I think via blue.mmo-champion) when Blizzard voiced their concern that Paladins could ignore the need for Mp5 significantly, whilst Shamans cannot ignore Mp5 just as healing Priests and Druids cannot afford to ignore Spirit.

Yet in my pugs an Mp5 item drops and all the healers roll as do many of the dps. Pure greed? A misunderstanding in the Mage community regarding the benefit of Mp5 versus other stats? People desperate to achieve the [Epic] achievement?

I’m seeing this trend each week on Caelstraez. Is it happening on all servers and in all pugs? What are your experiences on other realms?

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