HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

The One that Got Away

Chriara and her Sun Eater in Shattrath

Chriara and The Sun Eater in Shattrath

At the start of The Burning Crusade I made a gear list for my then main, a rogue named Chriara. A nice little neckpiece dropped from the very first boss, Attumen the Huntsman, of the entry level raid, Karazhan, and it was called the Worgen Claw Necklace. It had a nice amount of agility and attack power. It was epic. And it was beautiful.

I never got that necklace. And I ran Karazhan every single week. It shouldn’t have been hard to get, it certainly wasn’t an extremely rare drop. I eventually gave in and purchased an equivalent neck piece using Badges of Justice but by then I was bitter.

Everyone has one. The one item that never dropped for you. The one item you could never get. Everywhere you looked you saw other players with worse gear than you but with the item you deserved.

Fast-forward to today. I still want Illustration of the Dragon Soul. I want it. Even with the release of Ulduar, Illustration of the Dragon Soul holds its own and is still best-in-slot for Shadow Priests.

A friend of mine who doesn’t raid regularly and collects gear mostly in PuGs has the Illustration of the Dragon Soul on both their Mage and their Priest. Without trying.

I thought I had given up on Illustration of the Dragon Soul but it’s been almost two months since I last visited Obsidian Sanctum and I find that trinket is pulling me back.

LF24M H OS anyone?

ps. As flipside to my rogue tale, I did manage to acquire The Sun Eater which had eluded many tanks and for a time I would wander Shattrath, The Sun Eater equipped, contemplating the randomness of loot.

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