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The Art of PUGing 25 Mans: Part 2

As promised here is the 2nd part of my advice on finding PUG 25 mans – enjoy!

Part Two: Finding the PUG Holy Grail

1. Take an invite to anything you can get!

When you start out pugging be available for anything and everything.  You’ll get rejected heaps but if you getting lucky with an invite accept it first, question your sanity later.  Yes the majority of PUGs are horrifying but you need to shut up and stick with it – any boss downings is at minimum a badge and leading you one step closer to achievements which future proof you from more rejections.

2. Scout out Reoccurring PUG Raids

In the 3 weeks I’ve been checking out the Nagrand pug world I’ve learnt that:

  • 2 players run an “elitist” PUG every Friday night advertising around 7pm.
  • Saturday night one Ulduar guild advertises a PUG Naxx 25 that generally has a 50/50 split between guildies and PUGs.
  • Sunday daytime is great for VOAs & EOE runs
  • Mysteriously no one runs OS 25… very weird and creepy if you ask me!

To me getting in on a guild lead Naxx run means a much better chance of completing the entire instance because half the players are used to raiding together and will generally have set assignments and strategies.  If you are really lucky you’ll get into a run with people who are just after one or 2 KT drops and all other drops are yours for the taking.

3. If you get rejected – don’t rage

Raging will get you on ignore lists, you know your worth don’t stress out, there are always more PUGs in the sea.  Politely respond saying “no worries, I’ll keep looking” and leave it be!

4. Keep a note of any disreputable PUG Raid Leaders

There is nothing worse than being fleeced.  If your server has a couple of well publicised bad raid leaders who kick PUGs for guildies, ninja loot etc etc know about them in advance and no matter how tempted – don’t go.

5. If a PUG run wants achievements still apply!

You never know they may have been hanging around for the “right” raiders for an hour, raiders are getting antsy and they’ll be willing to give you a shot.  Be warned – if they’re asking you to link the “Epic” achievement and you don’t even have “Superior” you may be in for a rejection whammy.  I would link any achievements you can proving you know the bosses – if you’ve done 2 wings of Naxx link the proof of this as an example.

The Results

So after taking my own advice last weekend I managed to get into guild run PUGs of Naxx 25, VOA 25 and a complete EOE 10 PUG.  The Naxx 25 wasn’t a full run but we cleared 3 wings in 4 hours.  In the PUG scene that’s considered a dream run.  For my troubles I picked up a new belt, shoulders, ring & chest.  I also had enough badges that I could then buy the 40 badge trinket & 15 badge idol after converting all my shiny new emblems of valor to emblems of heroism.  I still haven’t got the achievement proving I have completed Naxx but I did gain the Superior achievement and am well on the way to the highly coveted Epic achievement.

Please note – I spent a LOT of time this weekend levelling my herbing & hanging around Dalaran looking for invites.  It may sound easy but I did invest time making myself available in LFG hoping the right PUG would come along.  Last weekend I got lucky…. who knows what this week will bring!



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