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The Art of PUGing 25 Mans: Part 1

I’ve been trying to make a real effort with Restori’s gear the last couple of weeks.  With a mix of dungeon blues and crafted epics, I felt the gear and stats were good enough to be successful in PUG raids. Unfortunately according to the raid leaders of Nagrand, I was horribly under geared and just not worth the risk  I had to admit after the first rejection I felt fairly outraged… My gear while not best in slot was more than capable for Naxx, OS and VOA! In fact Restori’s stats far surpassed the gear Lath had when she entered Naxx 10 last November.

After venting about my predicament to  Cass who was experiencing the same rejections on her shammy healer Xata, I decided it was time for some strategic planning!  Both of us decided to scout out the PUG scene on our respective servers and meet back up with our different experiences so I could put together a game plan.

After 3 week of intensive PUG analysis and many catch ups with Cass I decided to split up my advice into 2 posts.  This post will focus on you the player, the raider.  Part 2 will focus on tips to finding the best PUGs around.

Part One: Its All About You

1. Play your class well

Seriously I don’t care how casually you play this game; if you want to be part of a raiding world of WoW have the decency to learn your class.  The internet is an amazing place, there are millions of websites and blogs which will help you with the best PVE talent build, gems, enchants, boss strategies available to your character.  While you’re sitting in Dalaran in LFG, put WoW in windowed mode, and do your research.

2. Only roll on decent items for your class/build

This point really links back into point 1.  Do your research – there are wonderful sites out there like Loot Rank that will list the best gear out there for you.  This is one of the most basic and simple raiding principles which manages to go so horribly wrong when you’re in a group with 24 other randoms. Create a good reputation for yourself and only roll on items with the right stat weighting for your character. Most PUG raid leaders don’t remember who’s dpsing and who’s healing, as a healer it makes my blood boil when that random mage needs on a cloth item with MP5.

3. Don’t be that guy

You know the one I’m talking about…. the one who sits there clocking less than 1k dps, the resto shammy gemming for spirit, the healer that just can’t move out of the fire.  Every raid has one of these and trust me you don’t want to be the one.  If you’ve never done the boss before, make sure you type this in raid chat and if instructions are given listen to them.  Rule 101 of raiding is that if something falls on your head or lights up on the ground below you -  MOVE!

4. Treat the PUG like it’s a guild run

Every PUG you run is an opportunity to network and add good players/raid leaders/guilds to your friends list! This seems so simple to me yet I have been amazed at the poor form of the majority of players who PUG.  Use a flask, don’t AFK, follow instructions and don’t whinge about loot when you lose a roll. Any players in a PUG who play well and you get along with add to your friends list -  you never know when you’ll need that tank or dps to fill your next heroic run!

The thing I find most sad when rereading back my pieces of advice is how stupidly simple it seems.  Sadly the majority of WoW players don’t seem to understand the meaning of word “etiquette” imo this has to do with the large percentage of male teenagers there are playing this game /sigh.

For further reading I suggest you look at this forum topic titled, Basic Assumption and Discernment System:

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