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Taking Time off from Naxx

I’m putting Xata (my Shaman alt) on hiatus for a month or so. When I was leveling her I said to Lath that I just wanted her to reach the stage where I could jump into a PuG on the weekends for a change of pace. I think I’ve reached that point.

Of course, I’m just trying to justify my decision now that I’ve made it. Yes, Xata has reached that point. But honestly I’d need to put up with a lot more awful Naxx runs if I want to improve her gear further. And I need a break before revisiting Naxxramas.

If you recognise this loading screen, you spent too much time in Karazhan

In the Burning Crusade I over-stretched myself when I was running a Karazhan each week on Chriara (my main at the time) and also to gear up Cassandri. In BC Karazhan was the best place to gather Badges of Justice (the precursor to Emblems) and it didn’t matter how far you progressed, Badges of Justice never seemed to lose their worth. Like Naxxramas, Karazhan was a long instance and clearing it in one night took time and dedication. I think someone tried to call them Kar-a-thons. As much as I loved Karazhan, I got overwhelmed trying to complete it twice each week.

Fortunately with Wrath of the Lich King Blizzard have stated that at each raiding tier guilds should be able to leave the previous raiding tier instances behind. This is why you have different level Emblems each with appropriate gear rewards for that raiding level.

Cassandri has almost moved completely beyond the Tier 7 raids (Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity) and I take comfort in the knowledge that I will not need to go back. So starting Monday I’m taking a one month break from Naxxramas. Cassandri is not going to get the Torch of Holy Fire or the Signet of Manifested Pain. I can deal with that.

Lets just hope people still PuG Naxx on Caelestraez in one month’s time. Xata still needs the rest of her Valorous Earthshatter Spaulders and Valorous Earthshatter Headpiece!

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