HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Lath Loves the Big Freaky Brain!

Ok I really really really like the Yogg Saron fight.  It is so cool it has toppled raid boss Leotheras the Blind off his long held number 1 position of Lath’s  favourite boss fight. Well we can’t actually kill Yoggy yet…. we are still struggling with phase 3, but thats ok I know we’ll get [...]

A Quick Guide to Scholomance

This guide is intended to graphically show you a clear path through the dungeon and tell you where to find each boss. You won’t miss any (I’ve left out the one optional summoned boss, I figure if you are completing the quests you’ll be able to find him on subsequent runs). You’ll do minimal backtracking. You won’t run in circles looking for a door. You’ll know when you have finished.

Resto Druid 4 Piece Bonus = YUM!

I splurged out with my conquest badges last Wednesday to purchase the tier 8 chest piece – Conqueror’s Nightsong Robes meaning I was finally getting to try out the resto druid 4 piece bonus that I’ve been drooling over ever since I saw it posted on MMO Champion. Thursday night saw us in front of the lovely Freya and lucky for me I was assigned to raid healing! Rejuvenation now does an instant tick of approximately 1500 plus its regular ticks. I’m finding when assigned to raid, Rejuvenation is now contributing to approximately 50% of my healing, followed by Wild Growth and then Lifebloom.

Taking Time off from Naxx

I’d need to put up with a lot more awful Naxx runs if I want to improve Xata’s gear further. And I need a break before revisiting Naxxramas.

The Art of PUGing 25 Mans: Part 2

Part Two: Finding the PUG Holy Grail

As promised here is the 2nd part of my advice on finding PUG 25 mans – enjoy!

The Art of PUGing 25 Mans: Part 1

I’ve been trying to make a real effort with Restori’s gear the last couple of weeks. With a mix of dungeon blues and crafted epics, I felt the gear and stats were good enough to be successful in PUG raids. Unfortunately according to the raid leaders of Nagrand, I was horribly under geared and just not worth the risk .

After 3 week of intensive PUG analysis and many catch ups with Cass I decided to split up my advice into 2 posts. This post will focus on you the player, the raider.

Deep Fried Plantains and Pumpkins

Not content with my new Guardian of Cenarius title I wandered over to Felwood to sweet talk the Timbermaw into granting me Exalted reputation. Unfortunately I couldn’t just talk them into it. They wanted proof that I was slaughtering their enemies by bringing back Deadwood Headdress Feather.

The One that Got Away

Everyone has one. The one item that never dropped for you. The one item you could never get. Everywhere you looked you saw other players with worse gear than you but with the item you deserved.

Twilight Run

Lathere and I have been working on completing the requirements for the Guardian of Cenarion title achievement. One of the achievement requirements is to earn Exalted status with a classic World of Warcraft faction, the Cenarion Circle.

Do I Stay or Go?

I recently joined a guild who regularly run 10 man Naxxramas and Ulduar. The guild is trying to expand to 25 mans and a hunter on my friends list invited me to the guild. I have a dilemma.