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My Secret Healing Shame

I have identified a terrible healing problem within myself…. At some point over the last few weeks I’ve begun to mourn silently whenever I’m assigned to heal a tank.  I don’t quite know when I made this transition; back in BC I was always happy to be in charge of our tanks. How did this internal tantrum come about? I have my suspicions that a number of incidents have occurred making me a raid healing addict.

Incident No #1 – Patch 3.1

Patch 3.1 was released and with this came Ulduar, new glyphs and class changes.  I struggled for a long time moving Regrowth to the back burner and making better use of new cost effective spells – Rejuvenation and Nourish.

I remember looking up the WWS reports for some of the top Barthilas raiding guilds and being utterly amazed that their predominant healing spells were Rejuvenation, Wild Growth & Nourish.  I wanted to see what the fuss was about and started to tinker around using these new spells.

Incident No #2 – New Guild

I joined a new raiding guild. These guys are metre watchers; they say they aren’t, yet after every boss fight the GM posts the DPS and healing metres for everyone to see.  I’ve never raided in a guild where the healing metres were watched.  In my previous guilds the important thing was that everyone did the job they were given and no tanks (or DPS) went down.  When I was still a trial raider I caught myself often sneakily spamming HoTs on targets that didn’t really need healing to make sure my HPS was high and I was prominently located up the top of the metres.

Incident No #3 – The Competition

I’ve never raided in a guild where I was the only tree however I’ve never come across a fellow tree who researched gear, thought about their gem choices or put in that extra effort.

Moving to a more serious guild I have for the first time found another tree that seems to want the exact same gear I want.  They gem the way I do and in virtually every fight out perform me.  I like and respect them but it has brought in an element of competition that I haven’t previously experienced as a healer.  The competition is healthy and I believe the guild is benefitting tremendously because both of us want to come out on top.

Incident No #4 – Iron Council

I think it was the second or third time I stepped into Iron Council I was assigned to raid heals.  I knew most druid healers were using predominantly rejuvenation and that raid damage for this fight was high until Steelbreaker went down.  I decided to have a competition with myself, could I spam rejuvenation on every raid member before the first one wore off?  Ok so this might sound a little silly and irresponsible, but I knew we could do this fight easily and I wanted to test how mana effective Rejuvenation was.

The fight began and I was off!  And I was having FUN! And I was doing over 6k HPS and loving it!!!!!  And then I ran out of mana, but luckily innervate was off cool down and Steelbreaker was down so I lasted the rest of the fight without any embarrassing incidents.

So where do I go from here?

I’m no longer a raider trial and I feel I’ve truly proven myself and I’m always one of the first to get invited on raid nights.  With this trust, I’m also getting more and more tank assignments especially when we are low on Paladin & Shaman healers.  I guess I’m just going to suck it up and do what I’m told even though going back to a multiple tank hotting rotation feels a little dull.

Raid Healing FTW!

Raid Healing FTW!

Are there other trees out there in the same boat? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Lath xoxoxo

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  1. ThundercleseNo Gravatar says

    I too preferred Raid Healing over Tank Healing. There is a lot of stress when you are assigned to heal a Tank and if they die you usually get blamed.

    However when one of the raid dies… it’s probably because they pulled too much aggro. Their own fault.

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