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Missing my Frozen Shadoweave Armor

Shadow's Embrace AKA Frozen Shadoweave armor

Shadow's Embrace AKA Frozen Shadoweave armor

Tier 7 is the first tier set that I have collected in World of Warcraft… and I’m getting hooked on the whole matching set thing.

The other day a Paladin in Stormwind was walking around (yes walking, not running) wearing one of the classic armor sets. At first I thought a strange NPC had somehow broken loose from the throne room to visit the Trade District. I’m sorry I can’t be specific about which armor set they had equipped as I saw them on my brother’s screen while he was playing.

It made me miss my first armor set: the Frozen Shadoweave tailoring set. To this day I think it’s one of the most beautiful armor sets in the game (followed closely by the Tier 5 Priest set) and it’s doesn’t even require you to raid to acquire it.

The Frozen Shadoweave set lasted me all the way through the Burning Crusade and I never took a piece of Tier 4 or 5 gear as a result. Unfortunately I wasn’t raiding far enough into Mount Hyjal or Black Temple to collect the Tier 6 set.

With the release of Wrath I took a couple of screen captures of Cassandri’s gear and disenchanted my items as I replaced them in Northrend. Oh how I regret that now. Bag space be damned!

Here is a brief gallery/history of the Priest Armor sets, mostly Tier raiding sets, in World of Warcraft for your reference (and mine). I love them all.

Priest Armor Sets (Tiers 1-8, Dungeons 1 & 2, Frozen Shadoweave)

Priest Armor Sets (Tiers 1-8, Dungeons 1 & 2, Frozen Shadoweave)

Please note that the links below are to the damage (Shadow) versions of the armor sets from Tier 4-Tier 8. Healing equivalents exist and you can find them all listed here on the one page.

Dungeon Set 1: Devout (Scholomance, Stratholm, Blackrock instances)
Dungeon Set 2: Virtuous (upgrade from set 1)
Tier 1: Prophecy (Molten Core)
Tier 2: Transcendence (Blackwing Lair/Onyxia/Molten Core)
Tier 3: Faith (Naxxramas in Classic)

Burning Crusade
Frozen Shadoweave (tailoring)
Tier 4: Incarnate (Karazhan/Gruuls/Magtheridon)
Tier 5: Avatar (Serpentshrine/Tempest Keep)
Tier 6: Absolution (Black Temple/Mount Hyjal/Sunwell)

Wrath of the Lich King
Tier 7: Faith (Naxxramas in Wrath/Obsidian Sanctum)
Tier 8: Santification (Ulduar)

I’m contemplating crafting the Frozen Shadoweave Robe, Shoulders, Boots and the Battlecast Hood all over again. The Primal Mights and Ebonweave cooldowns might dissuade me though.

4 Responses to “Missing my Frozen Shadoweave Armor”

  1. thelyseNo Gravatar says

    i still keep all my tier sets (though i haven’t collected the full set for most of them). they’re occupying so much space i’m so tempted to de them!

    priest sets look very nice, until T7. T8 is turning priests into rogues! i have yet found a pretty fashion piece from wotlk.

    • CassandriNo Gravatar says

      Tier 7 must be based on the original Tier 3 Naxx set – so, yeah, it’s not as beautiful as some of the new stuff in my opinion. I envy your bank full of armor – don’t DE any of it if you can help it!
      I also like to make fun of the DKs in my guild. Yellow is so much cooler than blue eyes don’t you know?

  2. CymreNo Gravatar says

    I’d like to collect the ULD set again. Back then I DE’ed the sets as I upgraded sadly. If only we had Void Storage and such before then :)
    Cymre’s last post: Collector’s Edition or Deluxe Digital

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